Simple coffee cup of Arita porcelain

simple Arita porcelain coffee cup

Simple is luxury… simple and modern coffee cup of Arita porcelain

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[1616/arita japan]White coffee cups

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Café style at home with Arita porcelain simple cup

Have a café time at home!
You can enjoy stylish morning coffee with your partner. Or you can have a modern tea time with your friends.
With this white simple coffee cup of Japanese Arita porcelain, your dinner table turns to a café!
TY series form 16161/arita japan is characterized by simple and modern, but traditional craft.
Get this simple Arita porcelain cup, and your café time starts.

holding coffee cups

Your coffee time or tea time will be richer with this simple Arita porcelain cup.
Beautiful white color and simple form fit everything you can see when you have a coffee time. Do you want to have a relaxed time with coffee or tea? With sandwich or cookies? Anything become stylish with this Japanese Arita porcelain cup.
You can experience the all things you can feel at café at your home with this simple cup.

café style with simple Arita porcelain cup

Simple Arita porcelain cup fit everybody

Stylish and modern, and cute.
The simple cup of 1616/arita japan can be used by everybody regardless of age or sex.
Innocent and pure white.
Smooth surface, beautiful carve, the perfectly figured design.
This simple and modern cup is good with sophisticated businessperson.

pleasant coffee time with cookies and espresso cup

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When you read a book with this Arita porcelain cup, or have a tea time with favorite cookies and the tea cup, the simple cup become a cute mug.
Detailed form and simple presence.
This simple cup expresses the modernity of 1616/arita japan porcelain.
Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, everyone can use this coffee cup of 1616/arita japan porcelain.

relaxed time with simple white cup

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Simple and modern design to make the dish and coffee stand out

The Arita porcelain cup from 1616/arita japan makes the aroma and taste of coffee stand out.
The secret of this effect is the thinness of Arita porcelain.
The simple cup of 1616/arita japan is finished very thin. Therefore, you can enjoy the elegant aroma and full-bodied coffee to the full.

In addition to the pleasant coffee time, you can use this Arita porcelain cup when you have a dinner.

breakfast with Arita porcelain cup

When you have a happy dinner with your family or friends, stylish white cup of 1616/arita japan fits colorful dishes.
It is said that white tableware make the food look delicious.
This modern cup from 1616/arita japan has snow-white color. Other white tableware usually has yellowish white. If you compare the Arita porcelain cup with another white cup, you can obviously see the difference.
This beautiful white is the unique feature of Arita porcelain.
The simplicity of this Arita porcelain cup is designed for not only the coffee or tea, but also dishes.

white Arita porcelain cup makes colorful dishes stand out

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The beauty of white of Japanese Arita porcelain

This simple white cup is made of Arita porcelain a Japanese traditional craft.
Arita porcelain is characterized by the beautiful snow-white color.
You will realize the beauty of white when you pour coffee into the Arita ware cup.

have a break with sweets and beautiful Arita porcelain coffee cup

You may serve a cup of coffee to your guest.
Your guest will realize the white make the color of coffee stand out. You and your guest can see the different color of coffee from light roasted coffee to Italian roast. The unique color of coffee becomes more beautiful with snow-white cup of Japanese Arita porcelain.
Moreover, white has the effect to receive various color. Therefore, this white simple cup fit with wooden table or iron table.

a cup of coffee with Arita porcelain cup

The white color of this coffee cup of 1616/arita japan is designed for diverse contemporary lifestyle.
Enjoy your holiday with your family, friends, and this stylish white Arita porcelain cup!

have a party with Arita porcelain tableware

Multiple sizes and designs of Japanese Arita porcelain cup

Are you fed up with same design cups?
Here you are! This TY series offer several designs and sizes of white cups.
Four sizes ×with or without handle. In total, we offer you eight types of cups.

The sizes in ascending order,
・Espresso Cup: 60ml
・Tea cup: 90ml
・Coffee cup: 140ml
・Mug Cup: 220ml
If you like to gulp iced coffee in summer, we recommend you a mug cup instead of a coffee cup.
If you would like to have a set of some coffee cups for your guests, we recommend you a coffee cup.

We received some questions about handle. We recommend you to select the Japanese Arita porcelain cup depends on your way to use the cup.
If you use the cup for drinking only, the cup with handle is better for you.
If you use the cup for drinking and more, without handle cup is more useful.
For instance, you can put vegetable sticks, or fruits in the simple Arita porcelain cup.
When you put sugar, cutlery, or table napkin, your table become a café.

8 types of simple Arita porcelain cups

Even though all cups have the name of drink such as “coffee cup” or “tea cup,” you can put various things in Japanese Arita porcelain cup.
Furthermore, this white cups are beautiful even when they are stacked.

beautiful form even when it is stacked

This simple white cup is a recommended item for stylish table coordinator.
Even if you do not mean to make a stylish table, you would make a café table with this Arita porcelain cup.
Make a home café in your home. This white cup from 1616/arita japan will help you.

café style at home with Arita porcelain white cup

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