Caffe hat pour over cone made of ceramics in Japan

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Paper-free coffee pour over cone

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Coffee time is special with hand-dripped slow coffee.
For those who have strong preference for coffee, you may already try paper filter, or flannel filter.
However, have you ever seen this pour over cone?
This pour over cone is made of ceramics, from 224 porcelain. 224 porcelain has got attention for its Japanese porcelain with unobtrusive playful mind and function.
You do not need paper filter to make coffee. Therefore, it is eco-friendly. Furthermore, the filter make the water delicious!
Try this unusual pour over cone Caffe hat.

What is 224 porcelain?

224 porcelain is a brand of porcelain. 224 porcelain has its studio in Ureshino, Saga prefecture, Japan. Ureshino is famous for hot spring and producing area of Japanese tea. Also, it is famous for a producing area of “Hizen Yoshida porcelain.” The products of 224 porcelain is based on this Hizen Yoshida porcelain. In fact, Hizen Yoshida porcelain has a long history as 400 years.

Ureshino is near Arita in Saga prefecture, or Hasami in Nagasaki prefecture. Both cities are famous for the producing area of Japanese traditional porcelain. The craftsmen in Ureshino have done a subcontract work of those cities. Therefore, the name of Hizen Yoshida porcelain has not been known so much. However, Hizen Yoshida porcelain have polished its skill for a long period.
224 porcelain is a new porcelain brand based on this Hizen Yoshida porcelain.
It does not have typical style like the drawing of Arita porcelain. It always tries to make new products.

The products of 224 porcelain is designed by Fumiaki Goto, Akira Mabuchi and Satoshi Tsuji. Mr. Tsuji is also a craftsman. All products are done within 224 porcelain, from design to producing. Their products are diverse from plate, vase, or pour over cone.
You can see all items are simple and useful.
The three designers keep their own originality, and producing what makes the users’ heart rich.

colorful cute ceramic coaster

Particular about equipment of brewing coffee?

To make a cup of coffee, spend time and effort as much as possible.
Are you particular about coffee beans like Guatemala, Kenia, or Columbia? Or the brewing way like hand drip, French press, or espresso machine? Even more, some people roast the coffee beans by themselves.
You can find your own way to enjoy brewing coffee.
Once you try various coffee beans or equipment, you may want to try other unique beans or equipment.
Today, we introduce you this unique ceramic pour over cone for coffee from Japan.

thin ceramic coffee filter

Ceramic pour over cone, paper-free!

This is a ceramic pour over cone “Caffe hat” from Japanese ceramic brand 224 porcelain.
The form is like a hat, and the color is black.
The most important feature of this pour over cone is paper-free.
You do not have to use paper filter when you use this ceramic dripper.
The secret of this magical ceramic coffee filter is its porosity.
Countless numbers of micro halls of this ceramic pour over cone remove impurities, and abstract delicious coffee. It is like an experimental instrument.

The secret of clover design

A coaster is set with this pour over cone.
You can check the amount of pouring coffee in your mug from the opening of ceramic coaster. The designers considered and tried again and again, then reached to this unique design.
By the grace of its unique design, you do not have to lift the filter up to check the amount of coffee.
The back of the clover coaster has a ditch, so that it can keep mugs and pour over cone stable. The designers pursued the usefulness of users.

set of ceramic coffee dripper and coaster

Pursuit for tasty and usefulness

  1. Pour over cone make the water delicious

    Caffe hat of 224 porcelain has a purification effect to make the water delicious.
    The secret of purification is the effect of far infrared ray and porosity. The countless halls are only 40 micro diameters. Also, the porous ceramic has far infrared ray effect.
    These two-unique effects remove the impurities and chlorine smell of water.
    In addition to coffee, you can enjoy green tea or black tea by the water abstracted by this pour over cone. Furthermore, Japanese sake can become delicious by this dripper.

  2. You can brew coffee as same speed as the speed by paper filter

    To realize this ceramic pour over cone, the designers produced trial productions again and again. At first, it was difficult for ceramic dripper to brew coffee at the same speed of paper filter. So, the designers tried to make as thinner pour over cone as possible. Usually, the porcelain made of porous ceramic is hard to make thin. However, the craftsmen and designers tried to make thinner filter. Their effort make it possible to brew coffee as same speed as paper filter. Japanese craftsmanship never give up the function.
    This pour over cone looks very simple, but it has certain reason to make delicious coffee.

How to brew coffee with Japanese ceramic pour over cone

You may worry about how to brew coffee with ceramic pour over cone only?
The way is simple. First, put a clover coaster on the mug or pot. Second, put a ceramic pour over cone on the clover coaster. Third, put coffee powder in the filter. And, pour hot water into the powder.
Due to the roughness of coffee powder, the filter may clog up. Once the clog up happens, roast the pour over cone by a toaster oven, or the direct flame. The stacked powders become ash and you can brush them off.
Please enjoy this ceramic pour over cone for a long time.

brewing coffee by ceramic Caffe hat

Use this ceramic pour over cone by ourselves

  1. Try abstract tap water

    First, let’s try abstracting tap water by this ceramic coffee filter.
    How does the smell become? Well, it seems that the unique smell of chlorine reduced than tap water.
    How about the taste? The taste becomes a little bit mellower.
    One staff’s feeling is not trust worthy enough. So, another staff also tries.

    A staff has confidence that “I can distinguish the difference of champagne and sparkling wine.” So, he compares the difference of two glasses of water.
    One cup with tap water, and another cup with abstracted water by the ceramic filter.
    How is the smell? He says, “this one is the tap water and that one is abstracted water, right?” Yes, he is right. But without telling truth, let him drink two glasses of water.
    “Yeah, that water has less miscellaneous taste than this water. So, that water is the abstracted water.” He is right, again.
    According to him, he can feel the difference of the taste after drink the water, rather than the moment of drink. The abstracted water by ceramic pour over cone leave a pleasant aftertaste.

    It is said that Japanese tap water is delicious in the world. In fact, we can drink tap water directly. That Japanese people can feel the difference of tap water and abstracted water by ceramic Caffe hat. How do you feel the change of the tap water in your country?
    Next, try to brew coffee.

    pleasant time to grind coffee beans by coffee mill
  2. Use medium-grind coffee beans

    We roasted and ground coffee beans.
    224 porcelain says that too fine coffee powder is easy to clung up the ceramic filter. So, we used medium-grind coffee powder.
    We selected Mandheling coffee beans as owner’s favorite.
    You can easily compare the difference by your daily drink coffee.

    put middle-grind coffee powder into the pour over cone
  3. You can brew coffee

    First, pour a little hot water to steam the coffee powder for about 30 seconds.
    When the powder swells, pour hot water again from the center. Then, the coffee comes from the ceramic pour over cone.
    Indifferent to our anxiety, the dripper does not clog and we can brew a cup of coffee.

    So, how is the taste?

    The taste of abstracted coffee from the pour over cone leaves good aftertaste like the water. We can feel the good aroma and taste of coffee.

    coffee can be brewed without paper filter
  4. After use, just wash with water

    When you finish using the pour over cone, remove the remaining coffee powder in the filter. Then, wash with water. That’s it!
    Please note that you cannot use detergent since the micro halls of the ceramics absorb the ingredients of detergent. Just wash the ceramic pour over cone with water or warm water.

Caring tips for the ceramic coffee pour over cone

When you feel the smell of stale coffee or the filter is clog up, please warm the ceramic pour over cone.
Please warm the dripper on open fire or toaster oven. Grill over the pour over cone until the smoke finish to come. The fire burns the small coffee powder and stale coffee oil.
You can grill the dripper many times. Therefore, you can use the filter semi permanently.
This is a paper free coffee pour over cone. It is eco-friendly coffee dripper.

Go to the sea or the mountain? Go outdoor with this ceramic pour over cone

Have a cup of delicious coffee with a beautiful scenery.
Drinking coffee outside is a wonderful time.
But, bring too much luggage is troublesome. Though, instant coffee is too insipid. What should we do?
Then, you just bring this Caffe hat instead of bring paper filter and dripper.
How about roast the coffee beans on a BBQ grill, grind the beans, and brew coffee by this ceramic coffee pour over cone. Make the most use of outdoor opportunity and Caffe hat.

In addition, you can care the filter after use on the grill.
Simple and eco-friendly ceramic pour over cone. This unique coffee dripper is a good gift for coffee lovers. Japanese ceramics opens new world of coffee filter.

red, white and navy. three colors of coasters

Limited sale in Japan Design Store! Original sets for coffee lovers

We make our original sets for all coffee lovers. The sets are ceramic pour over cone Caffe hat with Japanese handcrafts. Sophisticated sets would be suitable for those who like to spend slow time at home.
Stylish sets would be great presents for coffee lovers.

  1. For coffee-lover friends or boss!
    Set of pour over cone Caffe hat with a mug

    These are sets with pour over cone Caffe hat with a stylish mug.
    If you carefully brew coffee, you should drink it with stylish mug. In addition to use at home, people can use mugs at their office.
    So, these sets would be great gifts for coffee-lover friends or boss.

    Moderato series from ceramic japan has simple, natural, and modern design. It is popular as a stylish mug for easy café at home.
    Bloom series from Hakusan Toki is especially popular among women. Lapis lazuli flowers bloom on white porcelain.

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  2. For coffee-lover couples!
    Set of pour over cone Caffe hat with pair mugs

    These are sets with pour over cone Caffe hat with a pair of stylish mugs.
    Pair mugs sets would be great gifts for coffee-lover couples or those who invite many guests frequently.
    Have a peaceful time with carefully brewed coffee and stylish pair mugs.

    Eternal mugs from Wired Beans have lifetime compensation valid in Japan. Eternal gifts would be suitable as wedding gifts.
    Also, we make pair mugs set with Bloom series of Hakusan Toki.

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  3. For handmade lovers or cooking lovers!
    Drink for breakfast set

    This is a set with pour over cone Caffe hat with squeezer of Azmaya.
    Squeezer is one of the long-selling items of Azmaya. It is made of beautiful white porcelain of Hasami ware. You can squeeze fruits until the last drop of juice. It is useful to make fresh juice or dressing.

    With Caffe hat, people can make perfect drink for breakfast.
    For adults, make pour over coffee with Caffe hat.
    For children, make fresh juice with squeezer.
    This set is great presents for a perfect breakfast.

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