Cool Japanese whiskey cups, Lowball glasses

Lowball glasses from Kimura Glass

Cool whiskey cups for your luxurious time

Luxury time with the sound of ice.
Enjoy delicious whiskey with elegant whiskey cups.
Amber color and glitter of glass make rich time.
Whisky tumblers produced by Japanese craftsmen have comfortable texture.
Cool whiskey cups are also recommended for those who like shochu or Japanese sake.

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Whiskey cups for elegant time

Whiskey or shochu are rich in aroma. Alcohol drink change its taste by glasses.
How about cool whiskey cups for luxurious slow time of drinking?

Here, we would like to introduce whiskey cups. They are also called old fashioned glasses.
Please enjoy rich time with handmade glasses produced by Japanese craftsmen.

Designers’ whiskey glasses from Kimura Glass on the table

Stylish whiskey tumblers would be great gifts for drink lovers. Cool lowball glasses are good for shochu, too.

Choose best whiskey cups from the way to drink whiskey! How you drink?

  1. On the rocks

    “On the rocks” is popular way to drink whisky. Put big ice in the whisky glass and pour whiskey. Stir it lightly with muddler. That’s it!
    By “on the rocks”, whisky becomes mellower than straight. So, it is easier way to enjoy whiskey.

    CRUMPLE OLD and SLANT GLASS from Kimura Glass

    To make a delicious “on the rocks”, cool whiskey glass well. Before you drink, cool whiskey cup with water with ice.
    Discard the water and ice and make “on the rocks” with new ice.

    Best whiskey cup for “On the rocks” is this!

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  2. Neat (straight)

    To enjoy rich aroma of whisky, “neat” or “straight” is the best way. Just pour whiskey into the whiskey cup. Please take time to enjoy it.
    Since straight whiskey is strong in alcohol and smell, we recommend preparing chaser to refresh. Chaser can be coffee or citrus juice in addition to water. Please find your favorite one.

    MITATE shot glass from Kimura Glass

    Best whiskey cup for “Neat” is this!

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  3. Scotch mist

    If you would like to enjoy whiskey cool and fresh, “scotch mist” is suitable for you. The waterdrops on whiskey cups are likened to mist.

    You can make scotch mist easily. Crush ice and pour it into whiskey tumblers. Pour whiskey to the tumbler with ice and stir it. With some lemon juice, you can make fresher drink.
    For the glass for “Scotch mist”, rocks glasses are fine, but wine glasses are more stylish.

    Eternal lifetime wine glass from Wired Beans

    Best whiskey cup for “Scotch mist” is this!

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  4. Highball

    Highball is a popular way to drink whiskey lightheartedly. It has fresh taste and suits dishes well. Beer lovers like whiskey in highball.

    Put some ice into the whiskey cup and pour whiskey and soda in the ratio 1 to 4. Stir it lightly with muddler.
    If you do not need ice, cool soda well beforehand. With ginger ale instead of soda is also delicious. If you do not like carbonated drink, we recommend whiskey with water.

    Best whiskey cup for “Highball” is this!

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  5. Hot toddy

    You can enjoy great smell of whiskey with “Hot toddy” or hot whiskey. Hot toddy has various recipe, with citrus, cinnamon stick, basil or rose. Jam or dry fruits are also good. So, hot toddy is recommended for women, too.

    When you make hot toddy, warm whiskey cup with hot water beforehand. Discard the hot water and pour whisky and hot water in the ratio 1 to 3. Stir it lightly. Good drink for cold winter.
    To enjoy hot whiskey, heat-resistant whiskey cup or wooden cups are recommended.

    Beautiful gloss and wood grain of wooden cups from Gato Mikio Store

    Best whiskey cup for “Hot toddy” is this!

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Japan Deign Store selects! Best 5 whiskey cups

Whiskey cup should have great usability as well as stylish design. Among our whiskey tumblers, we introduce 5 rocks glasses. Please find your favorite one from high-quality tumblers.

  1. Lowball glass with playful mind
    Kimura Glass “Designers’ glass”

    Lowball glasses from Kimura Glass has been popular for stylish whiskey cups.
    One is crumpled, another stands in slant. Unique design makes the amber color of whiskey look more beautiful. Depends on angles, the lowball glasses change their faces.

    Lowball glasses CRUMPLE OLD from Kimura Glass

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  2. Whiskey glass with luxurious glitter of Edo Kiriko
    Hirota Glass “Karai”

    If you look for whiskey glasses with Edo kiriko cutting, we recommend “Karai” from Hirota Glass. Elegant and cute glasses have been popular among women. Modern cutwork provides glossy shine to the glass. On the rocks with traditional crafts is special.

    Red and purple Karai glasses from Hirota Glass

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  3. Fascinating whiskey tumblers that make whiskey delicious
    Nousaku “Tin NAJIMI tumbler”

    If you would like to enjoy whiskey in stylish way, how about tin tumblers? Tin tumblers of Nousaku have been always 5 most popular items in our store. Comfortable texture and solid glitter attracts men especially. Tin tumblers can make alcohol drink delicious.

    NAJIMI tumbler from Nousaku and orange juice

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  4. Beautiful hairline finishing! Metal whiskey cup
    WDH “Pure copper tumbler”

    To enjoy cold whiskey in stylish way, we recommend pure copper tumbler from WDH. Hairline finishing polished by craftsmen in Tsubame city of Niigata prefecture give off beautiful glitter. Pure copper tumbler has great thermal conductivity and effect of keeping warmth. You can enjoy its change of color and glitter over the years.

    Copper tumbler mat from WDH

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  5. Glitter of gold leaf scotch glass for ambler color of whisky
    Hakuichi “Kannyu glass”

    Ambler color of whiskey and glitter of gold leaf provide gorgeous atmosphere. Scotch glasses from Hakuichi are teacup, in fact. However, the elegant glasses suit very well with whiskey and shochu. Wet gloss of glass and sparkling of gold leaf make drinking time special.

    Gold leaf tea glasses of Kannyu series from Hakuichi

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Whiskey cups for only whiskey? Great gifts for everyone

“Whiskey cups are needed for only whiskey lovers.”
You may think so. In fact, whiskey cups are very useful tableware.

As for the cups for alcohol drink, shochu, awamori, or umeshu are good with whiskey cups. Also, whiskey glasses are good with Calvados.

Beautiful gloss of Kannyu glass from Hakuichi

If you would like to enjoy more with whiskey cups, we recommend frosted old fashioned glass from Wired Beans. Cool dessert such as ice cream is suitable for the frosted glass.
Whiskey cups are useful tableware. Stylish whiskey glasses would be great gifts as well.

Ice cream in frosted old fashioned glass from Wired Beans

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How to choose best whiskey cups?

Whiskey is an alcohol to enjoy its aroma and taste.
Professional critics or blenders need to grasp the taste correctly. Therefore, they use exclusive tasting glasses when they drink whiskey.

But for general people and whiskey lovers, what is the important thing?
That is “drink whiskey deliciously.” That’s all.

SLANT GLASS from Kimura Glass with whiskey

In addition to the taste of whisky, the texture of whisky glass and atmosphere are significant. Choose the whiskey cups that you feel “I can drink delicious whiskey with this.”

Maybe, that is a useful whiskey cup.
Maybe, that is a stylish whisky tumbler.
Maybe, that is a high-class scotch glass.

It is up to you that what whiskey glass is most comfortable.
Just start a whiskey cup catches you.

Various whiskey cups and tumblers on the table and a woman has tin tumbler from Nousaku

Send gifts for your precious person? Leave it to Japan Design Store

Stylish whiskey cups produced by Japanese craftsmen are good for your own use, and for presents. Crystal glass of Baccarat has been popular. However, Japanese glasses have enough presence as a high-class whiskey glass in the world.

Wet gloss of CRUMPLE OLD glass from Kimura Glass

Pair whiskey cups would be great wedding gifts or wedding anniversary gifts. Stylish scotch glasses have been loved from all generations. So, it is good gifts for housewarming, the Mother’s Day or the Father’s Day. For whiskey lovers, lowball glasses would be wonderful birthday presents.

Copper tumblers from WDH within exclusive paulownia box

Japan Design Store offers various gift wrappings. You can select Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping, too. Elegant Tosa Japanese paper and Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki have been popular gift wrapping.

Various whiskey tumblers of Japan Design Store and Ume-Mizuhiki wrapping on cedar box of Wired Beans
Boxes differ from item to item

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