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Edo kiriko glass Karai like a jewel

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[Hirota Glass]Karai

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Let Edo kiriko glass shine with drink

“Karai” is a special traditional craft of “Hirota glass.” Hirota glass is a glass work atelier in Sumida ward of Tokyo. This long-established atelier has more than 110-years history.

“Karai” means “flowers’ buds” in Japanese. Like a flower bud, the Edo glass has cute rounded form.
On the glasses, Edo kiriko craftsmen shave cutting work one by one. The cut glasses shine like jewels.

You will be surprised to see the detailed handmade work on the Edo glass. To carve regular and detailed pattern, superb technology and a lot of experience are needed.
We are always surprised to the high-quality cutting of Edo kiriko glass.

Red Kamaboko Edo kiriko glass of Karai

Modern colors of Edo glass

Whenever you hear “Edo kiriko glass”, you may imagine traditional and artistic glasses. Contrary to the image, Karai kiriko glasses have modern colors.
The detailed patterns are traditional, but the colors and form have more modern atmosphere.

This Karai purple has the color of well-ripe grape.
Under the light near window, the Edo glass shows its beauty to us.

Beautiful purple color of Edo kiriko glass Karai

Dewiness of kiriko glass like a fresh strawberry

Beautiful red color of Karai Edo kiriko glass.
“How can I tell this beauty for my customers?”
Finally, a word came upon my mind.

“Dewiness like a fresh strawberry”

The red color of this Edo glass is not a usual one, nor the garnet.
The kiriko glass has both shining cuteness and elegant gloss.
Depends on the angles or light, the red color changes its appearance.

This magical attractiveness is like a fresh strawberry.
There are all sorts of colors in fresh strawberries. Some are scarlet, some are pink. Strawberries have both cuteness of girl, and elegance of lady.

Like strawberries, the red Edo glass of Karai has magical fascination.
The more you look, the more you become attracted by the Edo kiriko glass.

Red Arare Edo kiriko glass of Karai

11 items of Karai series

Karai series of Edo glass has been popular for modern and stylish Edo glass. This series was born with a collaboration of Hirota glass and a product designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi.

Edo kiriko glasses tend to be just an art object in a cupboard. However, Karai series is produced under the following concept: “Edo kiriko glass for daily use.”

Therefore, Hirota glass and Mr. Takeuchi produced various items in Karai series so that people can enjoy the Edo glasses every day. People can enjoy coordinating the kiriko glasses depends on the table setting of the day.

Karai series have 4 types. Each type has some colors. In total, we have 13 items. (Hokkaido milk type is end of sales.)
Please find your favorite one from various Edo glasses.

It takes some nerve to buy a few pairs of Edo kiriko glasses. Please start with simple one or your favorite colors. You can enjoy collecting the glasses little by little.

From left to right, Clear Edo glass, Red Edo glass, and red Kamaboko Edo kiriko glass of Karai series

What are the 4 types of Karai series?

Let us introduce the 4 types of Karai series. (Hokkaido milk type is end of sales.)

  1. Edo kiriko glasses

    Karai series have 4 items of Edo kiriko glasses. Edo kiriko is a Japanese traditional cut glass.
    There are 2 patterns ×2 colors. The patterns are “Arare” and “Kamaboko.” Each type has red and purple glasses.

    You can drink water, Japanese sake, wine, shochu or whiskey.

    * These glasses are only for cold drink. Please do not use the glasses for hot drink.

    Red Edo kiriko glass of Karai

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  2. Edo glasses

    These simple glasses are “Edo glasses.” Edo glasses are the original glasses for Edo kiriko glasses. There are 4 items, “red, purple, clear and gold leaf.”
    Simple glasses are produced by traditional craftsmen one by one.

    You can enjoy alcohol or any kinds of drink. If you would like to make a pair with an Edo kiriko glass, these simple Edo glasses are suitable.

    Unique red glasses give us power and passion. Chic purple glasses give us relaxing and luxury mood. You can feel the Japanese tradition and modern atmosphere.

    Would you like to coordinate with Edo kiriko glasses? Or would you like to make a simple pair with Edo glasses? Please enjoy glass coordinating.

    * These glasses are only for cold drink. Please do not use the glasses for hot drink.

    From left to right, clear, red, and purple of Edo glass

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  3. Taisho Roman glasses

    “Taisho Roman glasses” are one of the masterpiece of Hirota glass. There are 3 patterns, “Ichimatsu, Tokusa, and Mizutama.”

    This series is produced by a special skill. “Nyuuhaku-glass-aburidashi” is the specific name of the blowing skill. Skilled craftsmen blow glass which includes special material named kokkai (bone ash) to uneven patterned mold. When the hot glass touches to the mold, the sudden change of temperature develops the color of opal. Then, certain pattern will appear to the glass.

    As the name explains, this special skill was loved in Taisho era (about 100 years ago.) However, the patterns by “Nyuuhaku-glass-aburidashi” is hard to be reproduced. So, craftsmen stopped using the skill for a while.

    However, handmade glasses have unique individualities and warmth. Mr. Hirota of Hirata glass and craftsmen of Edo glasses would like to feel the unique texture to people. Therefore, they decided to revive this skill in 2012.

    No glasses have this opal color except for this Taisho Roman glasses. In fact, a high-class Japanese hotel “Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills,” a hotel by Hyatt uses these Edo glasses.

    The glasses with gentle color and form will relax you.

    * These glasses are only for cold drink. Please do not use the glasses for hot drink.

    Tokusa from Taisho Roman glass of Karai series

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Edo glasses within exclusive paulownia box

All the Edo glasses of Karai series are within exclusive paulownia boxes.
The glassware produced by skilled craftsmen would be great gifts for your father, mother or friends. Detailed work glasses will tell your appreciation.

Also, traditional but modern design Edo glasses are suitable for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or housewarming gifts.
How about choosing beautiful Edo glasses and kiriko glasses as gifts?

Exclusive paulownia box for Karai series Edo glasses from Hirota glass

Caring tips

  • * Wash with soft sponge with neutral detergent.
  • * The sudden change of temperature causes the damage on the glass. Please do not wash in hot water of dishwasher.
  • * The glass of Hirota glass is soda glass. It is not a tempered glass.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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