Unique drinking glasses, Modern tumbler collection

Various unique drinking glasses of Japan Design Store

What materials do you like? Unique drinking glasses

Modern drinking glasses have been popular from those who like beer, coffee, or juice.
How about choosing your best dinking cups by materials?
Japan Design Store introduces unique drinking glasses made by Japanese craftsmen.
Tin, copper, glass, gold leaf, and wood.
What is your favorite drinking glass?

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Modern drinking glass for the best cup of beer!

Do you know unique drinking glasses made by Japanese craftsmen?
If you would like to enjoy more delicious beer, we would like you to recommend modern drinking glasses of Japanese handicrafts.
Cool design and high-class usability change the usual drink to a superior one.
For cold beer lover, or delicious iced coffee lover, you should check our modern tumbler collection.

Tin tumbler and beer cup from Nousaku

“This is Japanese traditional crafts!”
You will see the quality of unique drinking glasses soon.
Japanese craftsmen make the most use of materials. All the drinking glasses suit modern lifestyle.

Pair of Eternal Glass series and a woman has black mat glass

Unique Made-in-Japan drinking glasses would be great gifts for your important person. How about choosing pair glasses for wedding gifts or anniversary gifts?

Various unique drinking glasses in Japan Design Store and a woman has tin tumbler

Collection of Japan Design store! Unique drinking glasses

Drinking glasses should have stylish design as well as great usability.
Japan Design Store collects handicraft drinking glasses that have beauty of material.
Please find your favorite drinking glasses from our tumbler collection.

Various modern drinking glasses on the table
  1. Luxurious glitter and solid presence, Tin tumbler
    Nousaku tin tumbler

    Tin drinking glasses have been popular that makes alcohol and water delicious. Tin tumblers of Nousaku have been always popular in our store.
    Tin is the third expensive metal after gold and silver. You can feel the solid presence of 100% pure tin from this unique drinking glass.
    Tin tumblers are especially recommended for beer lovers or shochu lovers.

    2 cans of beer, a beer cup and tumbler on the table

    When you imagine a tumbler, a tall drinking glass may be come upon in your mind. However, tin tumbler of Nousaku is palm size.
    You can enjoy Japanese sake or shochu with this beautiful drinking glass.

    Beer cups and a bin of beer on the table

    “NAJIMI tumbler” is a little bigger than the tumbler of Nousaku. It is good for a rocks glass for whiskey.

    NAJIMI tumbler from Nousaku

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  2. Beautiful hairline finish by craftsmen in Tsubame city, Pure copper tumbler
    WDH Pure copper tumbler

    Stylish pure copper tumblers are popular items of WDH. Pure copper is characterized by great thermal conductivity and keeping warmth.

    Mat and Brown of copper tumbler from WDH

    You can enjoy cold drinks in colder and mellower. If you pour beer, the froth become creamy. The tumbler within paulownia box would be great gift item.

    Pair of Mat copper tumbler in paulownia box

    Also, you can enjoy the change of copper tumblers over the years. The more you use it, the darker the color of copper become. So, copper tumblers will be the only one item in the world. Pair modern drinking glasses would be great presents for a couple.

    Pair of copper tumblers from WDH and some snacks and beer

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  3. Can’t think it’s glass! Unique glass tumbler
    Wired Beans Eternal Glass

    Frosted and mat black drinking cups. In fact, these are made of glass!
    Thin glass tumblers have simple but polished design. These unique drinking glasses are incredibly light!

    It is only valid in Japan though; the Eternal Glasses have lifetime compensation. By any chance you break the glass, Wired Beans will exchange it to a new glass.

    Pair of Eternal Glasses from Wired Beans

    Mat glass tumbler is a unique drinking glass. You can enjoy beer, highball, iced coffee, iced tea, or juice. Please see translucent color of frosted glass, too.

    A woman has a frosted glass from Wired Beans

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  4. Humorous design, Ceramic tumbler
    Ceramic japan New crinkle tumbler

    You cannot help touching it to figure its texture out. New crinkle tumbler from “ceramic japan” is a unique drinking cup. They are like made of crinkled paper.
    Unique drinking glasses would be suitable for adults with playful mind.
    In addition to its special design, the modern drinking cups have comfortable texture.

    2 types of New crinkle tumblers from ceramic japan

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    The unique ceramic tumblers are designed by a designer Makoto Komatsu. He also designed CRUMPLE OLD whiskey glass from Kimura Glass.
    How about collecting two crumpled glasses?
    When you would like to drink whiskey, use CRUMPLE OLD.
    When you would like to drink hot wine or tea, use New crinkle tumbler.
    Enjoy unique crinkled drinking glasses!

    Pair of CRUMPLE OLD whiskey glasses from Kimura Glass

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  5. Drink with elegant sparkling! Gold leaf tumbler
    Hakuichi Tumbler from Kannyu series

    Gorgeous glitter of gold leaf with gloss of glass. This is modern drinking glasses of Kannyu series from Hakuichi. Kannyu series is a long-selling series of Hakuichi, a representative gold leaf products maker in Kanazawa city.
    Uneven form of glass makes drink look fresher.
    It is gorgeous, but gold leaf glasses suit any types of table setting.

    Pair of Gold leaf glasses of Kannyu series from Hakuichi

    Pair of gold leaf glasses change Japanese sake, shochu, or highball into more elegant drink. Glitter of gold leaf reflects in the drink.
    Auspicious and modern drinking glasses set have been selected as wedding gifts or wedding anniversary gifts.
    Also, Gold leaf sake set of Kannyu series has been popular item.

    Gold leaf glass and sake glass of Kannyu series from Hakuichi

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  6. Enjoy hot sake or shochu! Wooden tumbler
    Gato Mikio Store Wooden cup

    If you like hot sake or shochu, how about stylish wooden tumblers?
    Wooden cups of Gato Mikio has beautiful wooden grain. Yamanaka lacquerware is characterized by its attractive wooden grain.
    The simple and modern drinking glass has high class atmosphere. Whereas, you can use the wooden cups every day.

    Pair wooden cups would be great presents for couples.
    Since you can pour hot drink, you can enjoy hot coffee or tea, too.

    Plain wooden cup SAKURA Egg from Gato Mikio

    Yamanaka lacquerware is a top brand of wood turning. Please feel the craftsmanship from superb form of wooden tumblers.
    Smooth texture of wood attracts you anytime.

    A woman has Black wooden cup SAKURA Cylinder from Gato Mikio

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Recommendation from staff! Our favorite tumblers

Japan Design Store is a select shop of traditional crafts. What are the tumblers the staff of Japan Design Store selects and wants?
Our staff introduces the tumblers for themselves and their male friends.
We introduce our stylish tumblers from the viewpoint of staff.
Don’t you want to see the true feeling of “inside people of Japan Design Store”?

Send unique drinking glasses as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store!

Modern drinking glasses made by Japanese craftsmen are good for you and your important person.
There are all sorts of popular tumblers in the world such as tumblers of Thermos or Starbucks. However, unique drinking glasses made of Japanese craftsmen have great presence, too.
Masterpiece for daily life will make life of your important person richer.

Tin tumbler and beer cup on the table and a woman has NAJIMI tumbler from Nousaku

Pair drinking glasses would be great wedding gifts or wedding anniversary gifts. Modern drinking glasses sets are suitable for housewarming gifts, Mother’s Day gifts or Father’s Day gifts.
If your friends like beer, coffee or shochu, let’s celebrate their birthday with Japanese tumblers.

Various unique drinking glasses and gift wrapping on the table

Japan Design Store have rich variety in gift wrapping. You can choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping, too.
Elegant Tosa Japanese paper and Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki have been popular wrapping. Please use it!

Image of Japanese modern gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
* Exclusive boxes differs from item to item

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