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remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the special feature of handmade crafts. This product is made of more than 99.95% “Pure copper”. You can enjoy change colors over the years. When you open the box, the products are coated with clear coating. However, the coating is just a temporary finish. As you use the product, the coating will come out. (The clear coating is harmless to human body.) Before you use the product, wash it with soft sponge and neutral detergent gently. Rinse the cups with lukewarm water. NOT microwave safe. Do not leave the products near heat source such as gas oven or induction cook top. Please avoid carrying the products with hot drink. After using pure copper tumblers or drinking cups, wash them with soft sponge or cloth soon, and wipe water well. Do not leave the product with salty or acid stain, or water. Also, do not store the product on humid place.
Short Description 【[Set] Pair pure copper tumbler / Mat & Brown】This is a pair of “Pure copper tumbler” Mat & Brown from WDH. Skilled craftsmen in Tsubame city of Niigata prefecture carefully polish pure copper. It has the pure beauty of copper. You can enjoy beer, iced coffee, iced tea, shochu or whiskey. Since copper has great thermal conductivity, the tumbler keeps cold drink cold. Please enjoy the change of colors over the years. It is great presents for a couple. Two reversible linen coasters are set with tumbler.



WDH suggests a high-quality lifestyle generated by the manufacture with Japanese traditional skills. You can enjoy the change of their original items over the years. Beautiful items deepen the depth of your life.