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Hand blown glass dishes kasumi

Beautiful hand blown glass dishes “kasumi”

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Finally, the glassware of fresco arrived!

Fresco is famous for its stylish glassware. People in the know, know its name.
When our buyer tried to get in stock their glassware, it was 4-months wait until their arrival!

And finally, we got the glassware of fresco.
The breathtaking beauty of the glassware is all hand blown by craftsmen.
Now is the chance to get it!

Glass dishes show us beautiful scenery

The light. The air.
The glass dishes “kasumi” from “fresco” show us what we cannot see around us.
Kasumi is a glass dish made by glassblowing.

Glass dishes kasumi on the ground

Craftsmen express the superb color of the glass dishes. The color gradation looks like haze.
The bowls and plates of kasumi gives gorgeous, as well as calm presence on the table.

One glass dish can color your life more beautifully.
In addition to the tableware, the glassware of fresco can be stylish interior, too.

Glassware of fresco on the dinner table
* The logo mark on the products is a seal. Please remove it before use.

The wavy outline and unique form has the mystery of creation. Each glass dish seems an artwork.
High-quality glass dishes can be great gift for design lovers.

Glass dishes kasumi with dry flower

The superb color only fresco can express

Kasumi means haze in Japanese. Haze is a situation that the far away scenery looks blurred because of fog.
Kasumi series of fresco has 5 colors. Calm “grey”, rosy “purple,” amber-like “yellow blown,” earth tone “brown green”, and milk white “ivory.”

Each color has different transparency or gradation.
The glass dishes kasumi have original beauty beyond words.

Unique form of the glass dishes of fresco

Color, transparency, texture… The glass dishes of fresco look like the nature. Just as the sky always changes, the hand blown glass shows us different faces.

This superb color was expressed with the skill of glassblowing. Craftsmen of fresco handmade kasumi one by one.
The beautiful, but natural color can make the dishes stand out.

Beautiful table setting with glass plates, bowls, and chopstick rests of fresco

Takeshi Tsujino, the representative of fresco says, “there are infinite stages in the transparency.”
When we see our hands through the glass dishes of kasumi, it looks that our hands are far away from the hand blown glass.

Each glass dish is beautiful and each glass has each individuality.
We cannot help collecting various colors!

A woman has a white glass plate of fresco

Feel the beauty of hand blown glass with your hands

The secret of the beauty of kasumi is the superb form created by glassblowing. Smooth and wavy surface draw sighs of admiration.
Gently wavy, but firm form is the greatest charm.

Glass bowls of fresco with dry flower on the table

The glass dishes kasumi of fresco are cool and beautiful.
To make a glass bowl, it needs a skill to create the best form of glass immediately. Therefore, a close teamwork of some skilled craftsmen is necessary. Please feel the beauty of hand blown glass by their skill with your hands.

A woman has a glass plate of kasumi

In addition to the use of glass dishes, you can use kasumi as flower vase.
The hand blown glass of fresco makes your life richer.

Various glassware of kasumi with dry flower on the table

You can enjoy glassware through the year!

“Glass dishes are for the use in summer.” Many people think so, but really?
In fact, you can use the glass dishes through the year, including winter.

Recently, the Scandinavian lifestyle has got attention. Winter is harsh and long in the Scandinavian area. So, their lifestyle is filled with idea to live brightly and happily in their home.

In the Scandinavian lifestyle, glass dishes work in the winter. Glassware can take the light in, and make the room bright. So, glassware is the symbol of warmth. Scandinavian people put glass items near the window.

Just like Scandinavian people enjoy glassware in their life, you can enjoy the glass dishes of fresco in your living room or near the window.

The hand blown glasses kasumi gently take the light in. Please enjoy a life with glassware through the year.

Beautiful glass plate kasumi with dry flower

What is fresco, a brand by glasswork craftsman Takeshi Tsujino?

The air is invisible. But there are things we can see over the air.
We can feel the air by seeing it.
We can notice the presence of light when it hit an object. The reflecting light leap to our eyes.
We can see colors. It is because the light is converted into colors.
By fresco

Fresco aims to create a glassware which shows light, brings air, and makes us realize the presence of invisible things.

Fresco was established by a popular glasswork craftsman Takeshi Tsujino. On the foundation of Mr. Tsujino’s record of glasswork, he started his own studio in Izumi city of Osaka prefecture. In 2005, he started his own brand.
The brand name “fresco” means fresh in Italian.

The theme of fresco is “to coexist the ‘reliability’ of brand and ‘originality’ as handmade crafts.” So, their glassware has superb beauty as handmade crafts, and usability to fit daily life.

Table setting with glasses, glass plates, and glass bowls of fresco

Fresco treasures the relationship of people through the glassware. By the daily use of users, the expression of craftsmen and that of users meet. That is the complete of expression. With this thought, fresco proposes a rich life with glass dishes.

Please enjoy every bit of the delicate glassware by fresco.

A woman has glass bowl L of kasumi
Bowl L of kasumi

Brief history of Mr. Takeshi Tsujino

  • 1964 Born in Osaka city
  • 1985 Graduated from Osaka Designers’ College
  • 1986 Stayed in the United States. Learned glassblowing at schools such as the Pilchuck Glass School and some studios
  • 2001 Established a glass studio “fresco” in Izumi city in Osaka
  • 2005 Established a glassware brand “fresco”

2 types of glass dishes kasumi

  1. fresco kasumi: Glass plate

    The glass plates of kasumi have 2 sizes, S(φ19cm) and M(φ24cm).
    Kasumi plates are shallow plates. Big surface reflects light beautifully.
    The line of edge gives cool accent to the glass plates.

    3 glass plates of kasumi

    S size of kasumi plate is good size for appetizer, cake, or bread.
    M size fits main dishes, or spaghetti. You can enjoy food presentation with a big plate. For example, put main dish at the center of the plate, and put some sauce around the blank space.

    Compare the size of glass plates of kasumi
    Left:S size/ Right:M size

    Please note that the glass dishes of fresco are not heat-resistant glass. You cannot put hot dishes on the glassware.

  2. fresco kasumi: Glass bowl

    The glass bowls of kasumi have 4 sizes, SS(φ13cm), S(φ18cm), M(φ24cm), and L(φ30cm).
    These stylish bowls have beautiful form like the flower of morning glory.

    5 glass bowls of kasumi

    SS size kasumi bowl can be a salad bowl for one person.
    S bowl is the best size for salad bowl for 2-3 people.
    M bowl fit spaghetti, or main dish.
    L bowl works when you have a home party. Also, it can be flower vase.

    Compare the size of glass bowls of kasumi
    From left to right SS size / S size / M size / L size

    With the glass dishes of kasumi, your dinner table or room turn to be brighter and glossy.
    Kasumi series of fresco has both cool gloss and warm color.
    Please enjoy a life with beautiful glass dishes through the year.

    Beautiful gloss of glass bowl of kasumi

Beautiful glass dishes kasumi as gifts

The glass dishes kasumi show us beautiful scenery. The charming glassware attracts our aesthetic sense.
Delicate color fit various types of cuisine or interior. One day, the hand blown glass makes the dish stand out. Another, day, it can be an interior item.

The glass dishes kasumi have dignity, but fit our daily life. Unique hand blown glass will make our life shine.

Light throws colorful shadows through glass dishes kasumi

High-class glassware is a good reward to yourself.
Also, the glass dishes are great items for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.
Of course, high-quality hand blown glass is the best item for the birthday gift to your wife or husband.

For your dearest person, please select a special gift only one in the world.

Pair set of glass plates kasumi with its exclusive box

For your long use at ease

  • All the glassware of fresco is handmade by craftsmen. Each glassware has each individuality in their color or texture.
    Some glass bowls have white filmy surface like haze.

    Example of white filmy surface on glass bowl

    Please enjoy various beauty of all glassware. We are happy that who can enjoy each individuality get the glassware of fresco.

Caring tips of glassware

  • * The glassware of fresco is not heat-resistant glass. Please avoid rapid change of temperature by heating in microwave oven, freezing in freezer, or pouring hot water.
  • * The breakage of the products may cause serious injury. When small children use the products, please watch them carefully.
  • * The logo mark on the products is a seal. Please remove it before use.

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