Translucent Porcelain Cups of Mino Ware from Oda Pottery

Translucent porcelain cups HONOKA

Translucent Porcelain Cups HONOKA

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Beautiful white and translucent cup

A little bit blueish white.
Smart form and lightness.
And light comes through beautiful relief.
Oda Pottery offers translucent porcelain cup HONOKA.
“Honoka” means faint or slight. As the name explains, faint light from the translucent cup bright up your life.

Translucent patterns of HONOKA from Oda Pottery

Oda Pottery brings out the beauty of white porcelain

White porcelain is coated with clear glaze on white unglazed porcelain. The translucent porcelain cup HONOKA has the beauty of white of the unglazed porcelain.

In fact, it is very difficult to make such a white tableware.

Since the glaze is clear, white porcelain cannot hide faults. If the clay includes impurities or dirt, those places are striking. Of course, craftsmen cannot hide the faults with painting. Therefore, unflagging investigation and constant efforts are needed to make a white porcelain.

In addition, the clay for white porcelain tends to be warped when it is baked. Translucent porcelain cup HONOKA has reliefs on that clay. Uneven thickness of unglazed pottery makes the cup much easier to be warped.
So, the Mino ware cups are baked by special method “Fuse-yaki.”

Fuse-yaki, or lying down baking is a method to bake pottery with inverting the cup on a tool called “Tochi” which is coated with titanium. To avoid the cup stick to Tochi, about 1mm from the mouth of translucent porcelain cup is not glazed. However, the place is polished with diamond file, so it is smooth.

The bottom of translucent porcelain cup is glazed. Beautiful white cup does not damage your dinner table.

What is Oda Pottery?

Oda Pottery is established in 1921, a historic pottery of Mino ware. Oda Pottery dares to pursue making “White porcelain” which is very difficult to make. With sense and skill of craftsmen, they continue to create white porcelain.

Collect all! Stylish design of translucent porcelain cups

Translucent porcelain cup HONOKA is a masterpiece of high-quality white porcelain. The Mino ware cup is designed to make the white look more beautiful.

The place for relief is thinner than other places. Therefore, the relief place is translucent. Modern Japan is expressed in the white cup. This translucent porcelain cup suits modern lifestyle gently. Patterns are stylish, but the cup has soft atmosphere with its curvy shape.

HONOKA has 5 different patterns. “Diamond” has various windows of diamond. On the “Circle”, half circles are shaved. “Border” has horizontal stripes. “Snow” has geometrical patterns like snowflakes. And sharp lines make “Stripe.”

You can enjoy both inside and outside of the translucent porcelain cups. Outside of white cups have beautiful relief. From inside, you can see translucent patterns and your fingers seen through.

5 patterns of translucent porcelain cups

A white Mino ware cup provides stylish atmosphere. With 2 or 3 cups, your dinner table become gorgeous. Stylish tableware can be beautiful home decor as well. Simple white cups are great gifts, too.

Usability for our life

Translucent porcelain cups HONOKA are not only stylish tableware, but also useful cups. A designer of Oda Pottery Mr. Fujita designed this white cup. Mr. Fujita speaks his idea of design as follows.

Design is not only “stylish” or “beautiful.”
The usability is important point.
Who use that? Is it good for storing? Is the size is appropriate?
Happy voices of our customers encourage us.

(Oda Pottery Inc. Mr. Fujita)

HONOKA is translucent and light porcelain. “Isn’t the cup so thin that easy to break?” Some may think so, but do not have to worry about that. HONOKA has perfect thick for translucence and stability.

The translucent porcelain cups have beautiful gloss of glaze. However, it is easy to grab it since the relief works as non-slippery place. In addition, the Mino ware cups can be used for microwave and dishwasher. You can use the white cups for dishes and warm the cups in microwave. HONOKA is designed for daily life in the points of appropriate sizes, design and function.

Green tea in white Mino ware cups HONOKA

Translucent cups as candle holders!

White porcelain makes the inside thing look beautiful. If you use the translucent porcelain cup as teacup, the color of green tea or black tea looks more beautiful. Light color drink looks delicious in white porcelain. So, you can enjoy Japanese sake, shochu or whiskey.

Also, Mino ware cups can work as soba choko cups. Soba choko cup is a kind of Japanese tableware. You can put soup, yoghurt, or vegetable sticks. Beautiful white color of white porcelain makes dishes look more delicious. Your table presentation expands its possibilities with HONOKA.

Moreover, translucent porcelain cups can be used as candle holders. Flickering candle light looks gentle through the reliefs and white porcelain.

White cups HONOKA for gifts

White porcelain is loved by everyone. Translucent porcelain cups HONOKA are simple cups with beautiful reliefs. HONOKA offers 5 patterns, Diamond, Circle, Border, Snow and Stripe. Japan Design Store makes set of 3 cups Stripe, Diamond, Circle and set of 5 each pattern.

Mino ware cups are pure white. Pure white cups remind us bride. So, it would be great wedding gifts. We can offer special combinations for bulk order (more than 20 sets.)

Simple translucent porcelain cups can be used for any types of table setting. You can send beautiful cups for your dearest people. Elegant white cups would be a wonderful housewarming gifts, too. How about sending a happy tea time with HONOKA?

Set of 3 cups and its exclusive box

Customer’s voice

  • As a whiskey glass

    When I drink whiskey, I always use this translucent porcelain cup. I am satisfied with its thin and light design and high-quality atmosphere. It is ceramics, but translucent! Isn’t it cool?

  • My visitor said, “you have a good taste!”

    I often use the Mino ware cup as a dessert cup. When I serve warabi mochi within HONOKA, my guest said, “you have a good taste!”

  • Sent as my friend’s wedding gift

    I sent set of 5 cups as my friend’s wedding gift. Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki gift wrapping was very cute! I used Noshi wrapping with the Ume Mizuhiki. My friend said it is very useful. So, I bought cups for myself. I like Diamond pattern. Now, I am thinking about putting iced tea, iced sake, or ice cream.

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