Fujiyama Japanese cut glass Edo Kiriko

Fujiyama Edo Kiriko cut glass

Fujiyama Japanese cut glass Edo Kiriko

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[Floyd]Edokiriko of fujiyama

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Cut glass likened to Fujiyama

This is Japan!
This glass is an Edo Kiriko cut glass likened to Fujiyama.
Edo Kiriko is a Japanese traditional craft.
Fujiyama Edo Kiriko glass is all handmade by traditional craftsmen in Sumida ward, Tokyo in Japan.
If you find other Edo Kiriko cut glass, you see many decorative glasses. So, this Fujiyama glass differs from other traditional Edo Kiriko glass.
In fact, young and spirited designer draw the design, and traditional craftsmen produced the cut glass.

Edo Kiriko Japanese cut glass

It is said that Edo Kiriko glass was started by a craftsman in Edo (now Tokyo) in 1834. Kyubei Kagaya carved the surface of the glass by emery. In 1881, a British cut glass craftsman taught some Japanese craftsmen. The Japanese craftsmen established the traditional cut glass skill of Edo Kiriko.
In 2002, Edo Kiriko cut glass was designated as a Japanese traditional craft.

Collaboration of traditional Edo Kiriko and up-and-coming designer

A group of up-and-coming products designers “Floyd” designed this stylish Fujiyama glass.
Fujiyama Edo Kiriko glass was born by an encounter of an atelier of cutting glass in Tokyo and a designer of Floyd.
Craftsmen of Edo Kiriko produces all glasses by the inherited skill of Edo Kiriko cut glass.
Traditional, but not old-fashioned. This Fujiyama glass has a simple and clean design.


The designer of this Fujiyama cut glass, Floyd.
Floyd was established in 2005 in Mishima, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. It stated its mission as following: “To deliver emotion, surprise, and smile to people.”
Floyd develops unique and stylish items with designers’ humorous design.
The products of Floyd will color your life. Unique items are suitable for gift or present.

Fujiyama Edo Kiriko glass in a paulownia box

Two colors of Fujiyama Edo Kiriko cut glass

We offer two colors of Fujiyama Edo Kiriko glass. One is Ruri (blue Fujiyama) and another is Beni (red Fujiyama). Both colors are the unique color of Edo Kiriko, beautiful Japanese traditional color.
The detailed cutting of Edo Kiriko expresses the covered snow on Fujiyama.
Fujiyama Edo Kiriko glass arrive at your house within a paulownia box. In the box, the cut glass is surrounded by white cotton. The cotton express a sea of cloud.
You can use this Edo Kiriko cut glass to pour sake, or put small dishes. When you do not use the cut glass, just put it in your living room as an interior.
Please enjoy this real Japanese glass, Fujiyama Edo Kiriko cut glass.

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