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[Set] Ume and Uguisu Glass set / Fuku Masu Masu / Wooden sake cup / Masuda Kiribako

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Short Description 【[Set] Ume and Uguisu Glass set】This is a set of Ume and Uguisu Glass set from Masuda Kiribako. Fuku Masu Masu means a wooden sake cup invites good fortunes. Every sake cup has cute design inside the cup. This set includes auspicious Ume (plum flower) and Uguisu (Japanese bush warbler) sake cups and 2 slim glasses (120ml / 4.1 us fl oz) from Kimura Glass. In addition to use as Japanese sake cup, you can use Masu as tableware. Japanese people use Masu in February 3rd to put soy beans to drive out evils. This wooden sake cup is the size of 1 Japanese rice cup. If you store paulownia Masu in rice storage box, the masu can repel insects. You can enjoy Masu sake with a slim glass in Masu cup and fill glass and cup with sake. Beautiful wooden sake cups would be great gifts for sake lovers. Also, auspicious Masu is great wedding gifts or longevity gifts.

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