Imabari towel, Japanese high-class towel gift

Imabari towel Shifuku towel are tied with ribbon

For your dearest people Stylish Imabari towel as gifts

Imabari towel has been popular high-quality towel gift in Japan.
Imabari towel is absorbent and durable high-class Japanese towel.
From babies to adults, everyone can use comfortable Imabari towel at ease.
High quality Japanese towels are recommended for any purposes of gifts.
For example, wedding gifts, new baby gifts, return gifts or housewarming gifts.
We would like to introduce Japanese towels from Imabari.

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For important people, high-class Imabari towel gift

To someone whom you would like to tell “Thank you.”
To someone whom you would like to tell “Congratulations.”
As gifts for your important person, we recommend high-class Imabari towel gifts.

Imabari towel is high quality towel that Japan is proud of.
You can live richer life with great towels.
In fact, even Japanese people seldom buy Imabari towel for themselves since it is a little bit luxurious. Therefore, if we can get that towel as gifts, we will be very happy.

From babies to aged people, everyone can use Imabari towel at ease.
As wedding gifts, new baby gifts, housewarming gifts or return gifts, Imabari towel has been very popular gift item.

Imabari Shifuku towel

Japan Design Store recommends! Lineups of Imabari towel

Let us introduce Imabari towel gift sets Japan Design Store recommends. The towel sets vary from towel blankets, bath towels, to hand towels. Please find your favorite Imabari towel gifts.

  1. Most popular item in the world of high-class towel! Long selling item of Imabari Kinsei
    [Imabari Kinsei] Mon-Ori towel in wooden box

    Towel blanket of Mon-Ori towel in wooden box

    Imabari towel “Mon-Ori towel” from Imabari Kinsei was born from rich nature of Imabari. Riverbed water of Soja river makes soft color and fluffy texture. The riverbed water is suitable for bleaching and dyeing. Skilled craftsmen choose different threads for bobbin thread, weft, and pile thread. 3 different thread provide the finest texture.

    “Mon-Ori” of Mon-Ori towel means figured textile that weave pattern by different colors of yarn. Towel craftsmen of Imabari express detailed design by their jacquard weaving. The gorgeous pattern was born from Japanese traditional arabesque pattern and waves of Kurushima strait.

    Pattern of Imabari Mon-Ori towel

    Arabesque pattern reminds us infinite continue of good relationship. Imabari towel with arabesque pattern would be great gifts. Mon-Ori towel has been popular as great Imabari towel gift within luxurious wooden box.

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  2. Luxury design and premium texture
    [Imabari Kinsei] Gokujo towel within wooden box

    Imabari Gokujo towel gift set in wooden box

    “Gokujo” means best or top quality. As the name explains, “Gokujo towel” from Imabari Kinsei expresses premium texture. This Imabari towel is made of skinny, delicate and long fiber of Shankar 6 which is spun from finest quality hybrid cotton. Handpicked cotton has soft texture and shiny gloss.

    In addition, towel craftsmen in Imabari weave longer pile in high density. You can feel the great absorbency and durability.

    A woman touches Imabari Gokujo towel

    Furthermore, Gokujo towel has luxury design. Useful plain towels suit your life comfortably. Premium color is also one of the features of this Imabari towel. Smoky pink and chic brown provide luxurious atmosphere. Skill of dyeing of Imabari towel can express the beautiful color.

    All towel sets of Gokujo towel of Imabari Kinsei are within wooden box with elegant relief. Solid wooden box adds more luxurious atmosphere to the premium Imabari towel.

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  3. Fluffy and comfortable, Imabari towel calls happiness
    [Imabari Kinsei] Shifuku towel within wooden box

    Imabari Shifuku towel set in wooden box

    Whenever we touch it, “Shifuku towel” of Imabari Kinsei provides us happiness. “Would like everyone to use great items forever.” From this thought, this fluffy Imabari towel was born.

    The secret of fluffy texture of Shifuku towel is its material. This Imabari towel is made of Xinjiang cotton which is one of the 3 highest-quality cottons in the world. Xinjiang cotton has silky gloss and smooth texture. Also, towels made of Xinjiang cotton is so strong that can endure repeating wash.

    2 colors of Imabari Shifuku towel

    Shifuku towel of Imabari Kinsei has elegant design with gold or silver embroidery on white or beige color. Each towel has tag of Imabari towel brand. In the wooden box of Shifuku towel, there is a cute gold bell that is believed to call happiness. This Imabari towel tells our heart that wish happiness for our dearest people.

    Elegant Imabari towel gift within a wooden box would be great gifts for your dearest people.

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  4. Filled with cute sakura! Imabari towel tells spirit of Japanese
    [Imabari Kinsei] Sakura Mon-Ori towel within wooden box

    Imabari Sakura Mon-Ori towel set in wooden box

    “Sakura Mon-Ori towel” is a cute Imabari towel. Gentle color of cherry blossom color your life. Towel craftsmen express detailed design of sakura by jacquard weaving. Craftsmen use different thick of yarns depends on colors so that they can fully express the beauty of cherry blossoms.

    Pattern of Imabari Sakura Mon-Ori towel

    Cherry blossom is the special feature of Japanese spring and indispensable flower for events in spring such as graduation or entering school. Floral Imabari towel is suitable for those who starts new stage of life. Also, sakura towel would be great wedding gifts or new baby gifts.

    Sakura Mon-Ori towel is within exclusive wooden box. On the lid of the box, there are beautiful cherry blossom flowers, too. Cute and elegant towels will be liked by everyone. Each towel has tag of Imabari towel brand.

    Wooden box of Sakura Mon-Ori towel

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  5. Happy for babies and families! Baby poncho made of Imabari towel
    [amabro] BAB PONCHO

    Babies wearing baby poncho are smiling

    BAB PONCHO from amabro is a baby poncho made of high quality Imabari towel. Cute baby item makes cute baby look much cuter. High quality baby poncho has been popular item for new baby gifts or birthday gifts for babies.

    Premium baby poncho has great absorbency. When babies sweat a lot, the towel absorb it. Imabari baby poncho can be used from new baby to a little child. When babies are small, baby poncho can be baby wrapper or nursing cover for mom. When babies start to walk around, wrap them with baby poncho after taking bath. Fluffy Imabari towel keeps babies warm. While towels keep babies warm, mother or father can wear their clothes.

    If you look for bathrobes for babies, BAB PONCHO made of Imabari towel would be great. Baby poncho has 3 colors, Mint, Natural and Pink.

    3 colors of BAB PONCHO

    The clothing label of baby poncho is put on the surface, not the place where touch baby’s skin. Brand tag does not damage soft skin of babies. Baby poncho made of Imabari towel is kind for babies and their families.

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  6. Gentle to human and environment Organic cotton towel from Imabari
    [SyuRo] Organic cotton towel

    Organic bath towels and hand towels from SyuRo

    Organic cotton towel of SyuRo is made of high quality cotton “Supima cotton.” This Imabari towel has both good points of fluffy and smooth towel in hotels and the towels in Japanese-style inn that is easy to drain and dry. Smooth towels work every day and a special day when you have guests.

    Organic cotton towels from SyuRo are compact since they are made of thinner yarn than usual. This Imabari towel has fluffy texture of thick towel, but dry earlier. Absorbent and quick-drying organic towels are good for daily item.

    Organic cotton towels from SyuRo are piled up

    SyuRo offers 4 colors; Cream, Beige, Gray, and Charcoal gray. Piled up 4 colors are also beautiful. They are even stylish in a towel rack. Organic cotton towels are gentle to human and environment. Natural Imabari towels have been popular wedding gifts and new baby gifts.

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What is Imabari towel?

When Japanese people are asked “what is high quality towel for you?”, most people answer “Imabari towel”.
Imabari towel is towel that is produced by makers joining Imabari Towel Industrial Association. Among high quality towels made in Imabari, some towels have tag of Imabari towel brand. Those towels pass strict criteria of Imabari Towel Industrial Association. The towels that pass numerous examinations can wear the title of Imabari brand. The examinations include absorbency of towel, percentage of maintaining piles, and strength against washing or light. From the virgin use, Imabari towel absorbs water well.

Label of Imabari Kinsei on Mon-Ori towel

In addition, Imabari towel strictly manages residual chemicals that are used in processes of manufacture. From babies to adults, everyone can use Imabari towel at ease. Imabari towel is a Japanese masterpiece of safe and high quality. Now, Imabari towel has got attention from the world. Please feel the Japanese quality of Imabari towel with your skin.

Rich nature and traditional skill of craftsmen nurture Imabari towel

Imabari city of Ehime prefecture is a leading producing area of towel in Japan. Warm climate and rich nature of Imabari and skill of craftsmen nurture Imabari towel.

Riverbed water of Soja river flowing Imabari area is a famed mineral water. Soft water is suitable for dyeing and bleaching towels. The riverbed water of Soja river brings out soft texture of cotton yarn and expresses delicate color. The water is kind to yarn and cloth.
Continuous rich water supports towel manufacturing in Imabari and makes Imabari develop as a leading producing area of towels.

History of Imabari towel is history of textile. The history goes back to Nara era (about 1300 years ago). People in Imabari wove silk textile. In Edo era (about 400 years ago) cotton textile was begun, and production of towels was begun in Meiji era (about 150 years ago). High quality jacquard towels were invented finally.

Towel craftsmen in Imabari hand down their skill and never stop developing.

Weaving machine is making Imabari towel

3 reasons why Imabari towel makes people happy

Imabari towel has been selected as wedding gifts, new baby gifts or housewarming gifts.
Why is Imabari towel popular for gifts? Because Imabari towel set certainly makes recipients happy.

High-class towel gifts are standard gift item. However, Imabari towel has more attractive points than just a standard gift.

  1. High quality of Imabari towel

    Imabari towel is a premium towel nurtured by rich nature. Carefully produced towel makes your life richer.

    Fluffy towels do not always mean good towels. The longer you use Imabari towel, the more you can feel the good quality of it.
    Imabari towel can keep great absorbency and soft texture for a long time. Imabari towel users say, “I use Imabari towel for a few years, but it still works well.” The reason of popularity of Imabari towel is keeping its comfortable quality for a long time.

    Imabari Sakura Mon-Ori towel
  2. We use towels everyday

    Imabari towel is a daily use item gift.
    For who live alone or live with family, from babies to aged people, everyone uses some towels in a day. Hand towels, bath towels, and wash cloth. If daily use items are great item like Imabari towel, everyday becomes a little happier.

    Towels get damage by daily use. When you receive Imabari towel, change usual towels into new Imabari towels. Your life become a little more richer and happier.

    Imabari Gokujo towels in a basket
  3. Premium towels for guests

    High quality towels work when we have guests, too.
    Japan Design Store offers simple and stylish towels. By any chance the gift towels do not meet your taste, you can use it for many purposes.

    We use towels every day. However, if we use all the towels frequently, we do not have good towels for guests. For the time you have guests, we recommend having fresh hand towels or bath towels for them.

Imabari towel set for new baby and children

For families who have small children, they need more and more towels for their children. Especially for families who have babies, they need towels frequently. When babies are new born, bath towel can be baby wrapper and hand towels can be towel blanket. In addition, towels keep babies warm when they are on stroller. Also, mother can use towels as nursing cover.
Imabari towel is easier to wash than towel blanket.

Strong and soft Imabari towel is a useful item. If you wonder what to send whether bath towels or hand towels, we recommend asking it to recipients. We offer some sets with bath towel and hand towels, too.

A set of bath towels and hand towels of Shifuku towel in wooden box

Towels are auspicious gifts

Imabari towel is an auspicious item. Towels are made by spinning yarn. Like many yarn become a towel, it is believed to make bond with people.

In fact, I, a writer of Japan Design Store received “Gokujo towel” as wedding gift from my friend. When I opened wrapping, I was surprised at solid texture of wooden box and elegant color of towel. I was impressed with soft and smooth texture. I got a set of 2 bath towels. I use it with my husband.
There are some people that “I am satisfied with Imabari towel when I got it as wedding gift. So, I would like to send it for my friend’s new baby gift.”

When you send special gift, how about choosing Imabari towel?

Recommended purposes of gifts

  • ・Wedding gifts ・Wedding favors ・Return gifts ・New baby gifts ・Housewarming gifts ・Retirement gifts ・Celebration of enter school ・The Mother’s Day ・The Father’s Day ・Memento ・Just for you

Japan Design Store offers stylish gift wrapping for towel sets

If you send Imabari towel gift set for your important people, please leave it to Japan Design Store. Japan Design Store prepares elegant gift wrappings for gift items. You can choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping as well. We put Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki elastic ribbon for USD$1 wrapping. Japanese Ume Mizuhiki is popular option.
Our gift staff carefully wrap your item.

Image of gift wrapping on Imabari towel set
Left: USD$1 gift wrapping / Right: Wrapping paper + Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki
* Boxes differ from item to item

* All Imabari towel set of Imabari Kinsei are within wooden box. It is big and heavy. If you would like to send towel set as gifts, we recommend sending it to recipient’s house directly.

Large size of exclusive box for patterned towels set

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