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Fluffy towels Shifuku towel from Imabari Kinsei

Happiness of being wrapped in fluffy towels Imabari “Shifuku towel”

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[Imabari towel]Shifuku towel

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Fluffy towels for your skin Shifuku towel

“Shifuku” means supreme bliss.
Fluffy towels “Shifuku towel” from Imabari Kinsei bring you happiness every time you touch them.

“Would like everyone to use great items forever.”
From this thought, the fluffy towels were born. High quality towels are made of 100% cotton. Gentle towels can wrap new born babies, too.
Please feel the supreme texture made by rich nature of Imabari and skill of towel craftsmen.

Fluffy Imabari towels

Simple and elegant Shifuku towel would be great wedding gifts, new baby gifts or return gifts. Of course, high quality towels can be reward for yourself.
Fluffy Imabari towels set is within luxury wooden box with gold small bell.

Proof of great absorbency and safety Imabari towel brand

Fluffy towels “Shifuku towel” of Imabari Kinsei is an authorized item of Imabari towel brand. Each towel has tag of Imabari towel.

Imabari towel brand is a proof provided for towels which pass strict criteria of Imabari Towel Industrial Association. The towels that pass numerous examinations can wear the title of Imabari brand. The examinations include absorbency of towel, percentage of maintaining piles, and strength against washing or light.

In addition to strength and texture, Imabari towel strictly manages residual chemicals that are used in processes of manufacture.
Therefore, everyone from babies to adults can use fluffy towels “Shifuku towel” at ease.

Imabari city of Ehime prefecture bears development of towel industry in Japan for 120 years. Japanese Imabari towel have got attention from other countries.

Imabari towel brand tag on Shifuku towel
Imabari towel No: 2012-464

Call happiness to users, Auspicious design of Shifuku towel

Fluffy towels of Imabari Kinsei is designed with a wish for users’ happiness.
Shifuku towel has simple and elegant colors White and Beige. Gold and silver embroidery gives stylish accent to the fluffy towels. Combination of gold and silver is auspicious. So, it is good gifts of celebration.

All towels set of fluffy Shifuku towel have cute gold bell. Bell is an auspicious item that is believed to “call happiness.”
Fluffy towels are filled with wishes for happiness of many people.

Fluffy towels set within exclusive wooden box

Secret of fluffy towels is the world’s 3 highest quality cotton “Xinjiang cotton”

Pile yarn of fluffy Shifuku towel is made of long-fiber cotton of Xinjiang cotton.

Xinjiang cotton is one of the world’s 3 highest quality cotton. Other highest quality cottons are Pima cotton and Giza cotton (Egyptian cotton.)
Xinjiang cotton has the longest fiber among the 3 cottons. It has smooth texture. Also, Xinjiang cotton has silky gloss since it has oilier component than general cotton.

Towels made of Xinjiang cotton is so strong that can endure repeating wash. So, high class hotels use Xinjiang cotton towels.

Craftsmen of Imabari Kinsei gently twist Xinjiang cotton to make yarn. So, it becomes soft and fluffy texture.
Comfortable texture is made of selected materials.

Nature of Imabari makes softness of Shifuku towel

Nature of Imabari deeply relates to fluffy texture of Imabari towel.
Imabari is an entrance city of Shikoku Island. Imabari is blessed with riverbed water of Soja river. The riverbed water of Soja river is soft water with less impurities. For the process of manufacturing fluffy towels, this good water of Imabari is necessary.

Imabari towels are produced with a skill “Saki Sarashi” which means bleaching before weaving. It is said that bleaching yarn before weaving is kind for towel fabric. Also, a lot of Imabari water is used for washing out starch and dyeing.
Soft water of Imabari brings out the feature of high quality cotton. Therefore, Shifuku towel is very fluffy and smooth.

The more you use the fluffy towels, Shifuku towel would be indispensable item for you.

Imabari Shifuku towel tied with a ribbon

Stylish and elegant wooden box of fluffy towels set

Fluffy Shifuku towel of Imabari Kinsei is within elegant wooden box with silver logo. Simple and luxurious box tell us the guaranteed quality of Imabari towel. We cannot stop expecting the new life with fluffy towels from the refined box.

Exclusive wooden box of fluffy towels set Shifuku towel

Won Good Design Award! Towels in wooden box from Imabari Kinsei

  • Towels of Imabari Kinsei won “Good Design Award” in 2017. That is the first winning for towels in wooden box. Their total branding from colors, patterns, quality and package got high reputation. This fluffy towel “Shifuku towel” is one of the towels of Imabari Kinsei. Stylish Imabari towel would be great gifts for your important people.

Fluffy towels of Imabari Kinsei introduced by Japanese magazines

Shifuku towel is introduced by many Japanese magazines.

Examples of publication of “Shifuku towel”

  • ・”25ans Wedding 2018 Summer”
  • ・CREA December 2017
  • ・”Mrs. June 2018”
  • ・”Zexy premier SPRING 2018”

Fluffy Imabari towels for important gifts

Shifuku towel of Imabari Kinsei has towels sets with bath towels or hand towels. If you look for towel gifts, we recommend fluffy towels recognized as Imabari towel. Towels are made of countless of yarns. Japanese people liken that of bonds of people. So, high quality fluffy towels would be great gifts that wish for happiness of your dearest people.

Imabari towel gift set within wooden box

Purposes of gifts

  • ・Wedding gifts ・Wedding favors ・Return gifts ・New baby gifts ・Housewarming gifts ・Celebration of enter school ・The Mother’s Day ・The Father’s Day ・Memento ・Just for you

Looking for fluffy Imabari towel? How about these?

In addition to fluffy towels, Japan Design Store sells various Imabari towel sets. Imabari Kinsei offers “Mon-Ori towel (Patterned towel)” and “Sakura Mon-Ori towel (Cherry blossom towel)”. Baby poncho “BAB PONCHO” from amabro has been popular new baby gifts. High quality towels of Imabari pursuit materials, design, and texture.
Please check this page as well.

Japan Design Store offers stylish gift wrapping for Imabari towel sets

Fluffy towels of Imabari Kinsei are high quality towels. In Japan, Imabari towels sets are popular gifts. Japan Design Store prepares elegant gift wrappings for gift items.

You can choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping. We put Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki elastic ribbon for USD$1 wrapping. Japanese Ume Mizuhiki is popular option.
Our gift staff carefully wrap and pack your important gifts for you.

Image of gift wrapping on luxury towels of Imabari Kinsei
Left: USD$1 gift wrapping / Right: Wrapping paper + Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki
* Boxes differ from item to item

* Fluffy towels set “Shifuku towel” is within wooden box. It is big and heavy. If you would like to send towel set as gifts, we recommend sending it to recipient’s house directly.

A big wooden box of fluffy towel set

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.