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Patterned towels Mon-Ori towel from Imabari Kinsei

Born from the blessings of nature Patterned towel of Imabari Kinsei

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[Imabari Kinsei]Mon-Ori towel

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Beautiful patterned towels for dearest people

Soft and strong.
High quality patterned towels “Mon-Ori towel” are born from pursuit of craftsmen.
Since its release in 2004, these patterned towels have been long selling item in market of high quality towel.

“Mon-Ori towel” is made of soft cotton 100%. Patterned towel of Imabari towel is guaranteed its quality. High-quality Imabari towel provides us luxurious and comfortable life.

High quality towels can be used in daily life. So, it is good gifts for everybody. Patterned towels from Imabari Kinsei would be suitable item as gift with thought of “thank you” or “congratulations”.
For wedding gifts, return gifts, new baby gifts or housewarming gifts, Imabari patterned towel set is good present.

Towel blanket in exclusive wooden box

High quality and trust “Imabari Kinsei”

“Imabari towel” is a representative of high quality towels in Japan.
“Imabari towels” are towels produced by manufacturers which are in Imabari Towel Industrial Association.
All the products of Imabari Kinsei are Imabari towel.
Patterned towel “Mon-Ori towel” of Imabari Kinsei has brand tag of “Imabari Kinsei.” It is the proof of high quality and trust.

Brand tag of Imabari Kinsei on towels

The brand name “Imabari Kinsei” has the meaning that “craftsmen and producing area of Imabari make it with devotion.” Imabari Kinsei aims to make towels that “people feel happiness every time they touch it, and everyday become happier.” Patterned towels of Imabari Kinsei wish for the happiness of all people relating to towel; craftsmen, senders, recipients and users.

Special cotton yarn for patterned towels of Imabari Kinsei

The cotton yarn used for the patterned towel of Imabari Kinsei is different from other towels.
Usually, all cotton yarn for bobbin thread, weft, and pile thread are same thick for towels. However, from the craftsmen’s experience, they select different threads for bobbin thread, weft, and pile thread for the patterned towels.

Also, not-thrown thread is used for the white ground of the patterned towels. The not-thrown thread expresses soft texture and detailed pattern. 100% cotton towel is good for babies, too. People in all generations can use the patterned towels comfortably.

Craftsmen is making patterned towels

Color and design born from rich nature of Imabari

The color of patterned towel of Imabari Kinsei is born from rich nature of Imabari.
The key component for dyeing is riverbed water of Soja river and groundwater of the system of Mt. Ishizuchi. Mild water quality is suitable for bleaching and dyeing. Water of Imabari brings out the soft character of cotton thread.
Comfortable patterned towel is the blessing of rich nature.

The pattern of the patterned towels of Imabari Kinsei is not just an arabesque pattern.
This unique pattern comes from raging waves of Kurushima Strait and Japanese arabesque pattern. Craftsmen express detailed hand painted pattern by jacquard weaving.

“Mon-Ori” of Mon-Ori towel means figured textile that weave pattern by different colors of yarn.

Pattern of Mon-Ori towel

Auspicious arabesque pattern is good for gifts!

  • Arabesque pattern in patterned towels is auspicious pattern. Ever growing ivy is the symbol of vital force. Great pattern for wishing prosperity of family or long life. We recommend patterned towels for wedding gifts or new baby gifts.

Patterned towel of Imabari Kinsei introduced by Japanese magazines

Patterned towel of Imabari towel is introduced by many Japanese magazines.

Examples of publication of “Mon-Ori towel”

  • ・”Hotel Wedding 2018 Summer & Autumn”
  • ・”Mrs. June 2018”
  • ・”Zexy premier SPRING 2018”
  • ・”Hiyoko club February 2018”

Patterned towels “Mon-Ori towel” of Imabari Kinsei for gifts

Patterned towel set would be great gifts for everyone. If you look for gift ideas, we recommend Imabari towel.

Purposes of gifts

  • ・Wedding gifts ・Wedding favors ・Return gifts ・New baby gifts ・Housewarming gifts ・Celebration of enter school ・The Mother’s Day ・The Father’s Day ・Memento ・Just for you

Looking for stylish Imabari towel? How about these?

In addition to patterned towels, Japan Design Store sells various Imabari towel sets. Imabari Kinsei offers “Gokujo towel (Premium towel)” and “Shifuku towel (Bliss towel)”. Baby poncho “BAB PONCHO” from amabro has been popular new baby gifts. High quality towels of Imabari pursuit materials, design, and texture.
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Japan Design Store offers stylish gift wrapping for towel sets

Patterned towels of Imabari Kinsei are high quality towels. In Japan, Imabari towels sets are popular gifts. Japan Design Store prepares elegant gift wrappings for gift items.

You can choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping. We put Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki elastic ribbon for USD$1 wrapping. Japanese Ume Mizuhiki is popular option.

Image of gift wrapping on patterned towels of Imabari Kinsei
Left: USD$1 gift wrapping / Right: Wrapping paper + Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki
* Boxes differ from item to item

* Patterned towels sets “Mon-Ori towel” are within wooden box. It is big and heavy. If you would like to send towel set as gifts, we recommend sending it to recipient’s house directly.

Large size of exclusive box for patterned towels set

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.