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Sometsuke Moomin tableware of Arita porcelain from amabro

Moomin friends in SOMETSUKE of Arita ware

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Nostalgic and new! Sometsuke tableware by Moomin × amabro

Moomin has attracted people around the world.
Cute characters from Finland appear in Japanese representative porcelain, Arita ware!

These blue and white tableware is “SOMETSUKE” series from Moomin × amabro.
With popular technique of Sometsuke, the world of Moomin is expressed.

Moomin plates and choko cups on the table

Sometsuke tableware has been worldwide popular as “Blue and White”.
Cute characters of Moomin harmonize in the world of Sometsuke. Traditional but unique Sometsuke tableware will color our life.

Tableware sets of amabro are within cute gift boxes. How about selecting the Moomin tableware for gifts?


What is Sometsuke?

Sometsuke tableware has beautiful and impressive shades of blue.
Sometsuke, or underglaze blue porcelain is a kind of techniques of ceramics. Also, the tableware made with this technique is called “Sometsuke.”

In Sometsuke, craftsmen paint Sita-etsuke with Gosu on white porcelain. Shita-etsuke means painting ceramics before putting glaze and baking.
Gosu is a cobalt-type pigment. So, Sometsuke is underglaze blue porcelain.
Sometsuke plates have beautiful contrast of blue and white. Also, the paintings have gentle gradation like watercolors.

Sometsuke was started in 14th century in Jingdezhen in China.
In response to the popularity of Jingdezhen porcelain, craftsmen in Arita started to produce the blue and white porcelain in 16th century.

Delicate painting of Sometsuke plate from amabro

The plates and cups of SOMETSUKE series of Moomin × amabro revived traditional motifs in Arita porcelain in Edo era (about 300~350 years ago) or Ko-Imari.

As often seen in Arita porcelain, the paintings are dynamically composed while making the best use of blank space. With traditional beauty of Sometsuke tableware, gentle world of Moomin characters are expressed.
Simple color tableware work for dinner every day.

A woman has soba choko cup of Moomin SOMETSUKE series

SOMETSUKE series by Moomin × amabro

SOMETSUKE series by Moomin × amabro has 2 types, small plates and soba choko cups. We recommend sets of cute Moomin tableware as well.

  1. Moomin × amabro “SOMETSUKE” Small plates

    Small plates of SOMETSUKE series are stylish Arita ware plates. You can enjoy nostalgic atmosphere of Moomin world and Japanese traditional technique.

    There are 5 patterns. Small plates work for cake, individual plates, or sauce plates.

    Cake time with Sometsuke series of Moomin plates
    1. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE “Forest”

      In “Forest” plate of underglaze blue porcelain, we can see Little My and Snufkin. Surrounded with gently carved plants, Little My and Snufkin spend time in their own ways.
      If you like the tableware of British porcelain brand “WEDGWOOD”, you may also like this plants plate with beautiful gradation of blue.

      Forest plate of amabro
    2. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE “Fishing”

      In “Fishing” plate of underglaze blue porcelain, Snufkin and Moomintroll enjoy fishing. They are gazing floats carefully. In a perspective scenery, Moomintroll and Snufkin fit well. This Sometsuke plate has cute accent of iron glaze at the rim of plate.

      Fishing plate of amabro
    3. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE “Swimming”

      In “Swimming” plate of underglaze blue porcelain, Moomintroll is swimming. He wears cute stripe swimming pant. The fish is Ayu (sweetfish). Ayu was often drawn in Sometsuke of Arita porcelain in Edo era.
      Since this “Swimming” plates express the underwater, this plate is coated with light blue glaze.

      Swimming plate of amabro
    4. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE “Playing”

      In “Playing” plate of underglaze blue porcelain, Snufkin and Little My is running. The characters are drawn very lively.
      This plate Sometsuke has cute accent of iron glaze at the rim of plate.

      Playing plate of amabro
    5. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE “Snow Mountain”

      In “Snow Mountain” plate of underglaze blue porcelain, Snorkmaiden rides a horse and Mymble rides on the sleigh. They are running through broad snowfield.
      If you like Year Plate of Denmark porcelain brand “ROYAL COPENHAGEN,” you may also like this design.

      Snow Mountain plate of amabro
  2. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE Choko cups

    Choko cups of SOMETSUKE series are traditional Arita ware cups. The motif comes from Japanese traditional auspicious pattern “Sho-Chiku-Bai.” Sho-Chiku-Bai is composed of 3 Japanese plants, Matsu (pine tree). Take (bamboo) and Ume (Japanese plum).

    The Sometsuke cups have cute and traditional pattern on smooth surface of Arita porcelain. In addition to the use as soba choko cup (a cup for sauce when we eat soba), you can use the cups as teacups or dessert cups.

    Since the patterns have auspicious meanings, the cups work when you celebrate something.

    3 soba choko cups of Moomin from amabro

    This Sometsuke cup has slightly rounded form. Unique color of Sometsuke and gentle form suit the world of Moomin.
    Also, please look at the inside of the cups! You can see a hand painted line near rim, and pattern of Sho-Chiku-Bai at the bottom of the cup.

    Matsu, Take, and Ume paintings at the bottom of Sometsuke
    1. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE “Holiday” Matsu

      In “Holiday” choko cup of underglaze blue porcelain, you can see a fine pine tree. On the root of Matsu, Moominpappa and Moominmamma are sitting. On the other side of the cup, you can see some Hattifatteners.
      We can feel slow time in the Moomin world from this cup.

      Holiday choko cup of amabro
    2. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE “Hide and seek” Take

      In “Hide and seek” choko cup of underglaze blue porcelain, you can see Moomintroll, Little My and Snufkin. They are playing hide and seek among bamboo forest. Moomintroll seems to try to hide, but it seems he fails.
      We can imagine the scene from this Sometsuke cup.

    3. Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE “Playtime” Ume

      In “Playtime” choko cup of underglaze blue porcelain, Snorkmaiden, Mymble and Primadonna’s horse are running. The background of them is Hyouretsu-mon and Ume flowers. Hyouretsu-mon expresses the situation of breaking ice. After ice breaks, plum flowers blooms and spring comes soon. We can feel the coming of spring from this Sometsuke cup.

Look at the backside of plates and cups!

Please do not miss the backside of Sometsuke plates!
At the backside of underglaze blue porcelain plates, we can find Stinky!

Stinky on the backside of Sometsuke plate

At the bottom of Sometsuke cups, we can find Sofusu.

Sofusu at the bottom of Sometsuke choko cup

Perfect combination of Nordic life of Moomin and Japanese Sometsuke

Moomin and friends live in “Moominvalley.” The Moominvalley is surrounded with rich nature. In the east, there are the Lonely Mountains. In the north, there are thick growth of lilac and forest. Passing through the forest leads to the sea.

One of the feature of Moomin’s stories is the Moominvalley often suffered natural disaster from nature. Tove Jansson, the author of Moomin wrote not only the life of Moomin friends, but also the coexistence with harsh and beautiful nature.

4 plates of SOMETSUKE series from amabro × Moomin on the table

Motifs of nature has been loved and used in Sometsuke tableware of Japanese Arita porcelain. Pine tree, bamboo, plum flowers, mountain, and fish. We can see traditional motifs in the Moomin Sometsuke tableware.

Now, we can find something in common with Finnish Moomin and Japanese Sometsuke. Both respect and love the beauty of nature. That is why Moomin and his friend suit naturally with Arita porcelain.

Cake and small plates of Moomin on the table

What is amabro?

SOMETSUKE series is produced by a product brand “amabro.” Like a collage of another dimension, they create new product from old and good things existing now.

Small plates and soba choko cups of SOMETSUKE series are the Moomin goods for adults.
Traditional Arita porcelain meets worldwide famous character Moomin. The new tableware makes us feel new aesthetic sense.

Sometsuke choko cups on the table and a woman has a cup

Amabro proposes a life with traditional beautiful items in contemporary sense under the concept of “Art of life.”

Cute original package of Moomin goods

Products of amabro are characterized by cute package design.
The set of 5 small plates “SOMETSUKE BOX SET” is a tableware set of 5 different plates. This set is within a cute box of Moominhouse.
How about displaying this house with Sometsuke plates?

Set of 5 Moomin plates within exclusive box of Moominhouse

Also, the “SOMETSUKE Choko 3 cups set” is within blue box. Moomin friends are gilt in silver color.

Exclusive box for 3 cups set of Moomin Sometsuke

Pair set of SOMETSUKE cups has exclusive paulownia box of amabro.

Pair cups set and its exclusive paulownia box

Moomin tableware within cute boxes are suitable for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or birthday gifts for Moomin lovers.

Moomin tableware of Arita ware for gifts

SOMETSUKE series of Moomin × amabro is a stylish tableware set. These sets are perfect fusion of Japanese traditional beauty and contemporary aesthetic sense. Unique and traditional underglaze blue porcelain would be great present, too.

For birthday gifts, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or gifts for Moomin lovers, high-class Moomin goods make people happy.

Pair set of Sometsuke plates and cups

Especially for Moomin lovers, high-class Moomin goods are suitable. As for Moomin goods, the Moomin mug from Arabia has been famous. But it is common. With this SOMETSUKE series, people can enjoy cute Moomin characters in Japanese traditional porcelain.

Moomin tableware set of JAPAN Kutani × SOMETSUKE

Japan Design Store prepares original sets with 2 plates of “JAPAN Kutani-GOSAI-” and 2 cups of “Moomin × amabro SOMETSUKE.”
You can enjoy 2 different Japanese traditional crafts with this set.

Original set of Kutani plates and Arita cups

The original sets are within Japan Design Store original gift boxes. On the elegant white box, gold logo mark shines.

Japan Design Store original gif boxes

You can send cute Moomin goods to faraway friends in all over the world.
Stylish tableware sets of Moomin will tell your warm thought to the recipients.

Small plates and choko cup of SOMETSUKE on the table

See Moomin series

Notice before purchase

  • * “SOMETSUKE BOX SET” is a set of 5 plates; “Forest”, “Fishing”, “Swimming”, “Playing”, and “Snow Mountain”. You cannot designate the patterns.
  • * “SOMETSUKE Choko 3 cups set” is a set of 3 cups; “Holiday”, “Hide and seek”, and “Playtime”. You cannot designate the patterns.

Caring tips for using microwave oven

  • * SOMETSUKE series tableware are microwave oven safe. Please follow the care label of the microwave oven.
  • * After heating, the tableware becomes hot. Please be careful when you touch the plates or cups.
  • * Tableware may be broken due to sudden change of temperatures.

Other caring tips

  • * NOT oven safe.
  • * The breakage of the products may cause serious injury.
  • * All the plates or cups are polished enough. However, when you mind the rough place of the bottom of tableware, please polish there with fine sandpaper or the bottom of other tableware.
  • * Please do not use the plates or cups at high places or unstable places. That may cause breakage or injure.
  • * After use, please dry the plates or cups enough. When the dry is not enough, it may cause stains or mold.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

How to care

  • * Wash with neutral detergent and soft sponge after use.
  • * Dishwasher safe. But please note that Arita porcelain plates may be damaged or cracked under certain situation. Please use the dishwasher with following care label of it.
  • * When you use forks, knives, spoons with the tableware for a long time or frequently, the tableware may become black by the adhesion of metal components. Also, scuff marks may be caused by strong scratch by knives.
    Light scuff marks can be removed by polishing it with soft sponge with cleanser.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.