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Small world of Japanese dinner plates MAME

Small world of Japanese dinner plates MAME

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“All small things are cute things"

About 1000 years ago, a Japanese woman Sei Shonagon wrote about the cute things in her essay "Makura no Soshi." In that essay, she wrote that "all small things are cute things." The sensitivity of human beings seems to have been same for 1000 years.

As for Japanese dinner plates, mamezara has been popular as small things. We see a lot of pictures of mamezara in SNS. Mamezara, or small Japanese dinner plates are familiar tableware for Japanese people as a photogenic item, cute tableware, useful dinner plate, or collector’s item.

Let us introduce special mamezara set from MAME series of amabro.

10 plates of MAME series from amabro

MAME series of amabro is stylish small plate of Arita porcelain. All small Japanese dinner plates are handmade by craftsmen.
The gold color of mamezara shines on the dinner table. The mamezara sets within beautiful Paulownia box would be great gift for your dearest person.

Buyer recommended set and its exclusive paulownia box

Amabro produced a collaboration of traditional beauty and modern art

Small Japanese dinner plates “MAME” have Japanese traditional beauty and impressive gold paintings. The motifs of mamezara come from traditional patterns in Edo era (about 300~350 years ago). Palm-size plates are filled with Japanese tradition and skill.

A woman has Kissho-Sakana-kata-sara

Amabro is a product brand under the concept of “Rebuilding of expression.” From the representative artist Amane Murakami down, they produce products with modern art perspective while respecting Japanese good traditions.

Small Japanese dinner plates MAME are the fusion of traditional beauty and modern art. They are like artwork. You cannot stop collecting mamezara, and make a special gallery with tiny plates.
Please enjoy new mamezara world proposed by amabro.

Tea time with 5 mamezara of MAME series

Japan Design Store original sets of small Japanese dinner plates!

  1. Cute and gorgeous!
    amabro MAME “Art piece set” 5 plates

    This set is “Art piece set” from MAME series of amabro.
    This set includes 5 different plates; “Kissho-Sakana-kata-sara”, “Fukisumi-Fuji-kata-sara”, “Komon-Itomaki-kata-sara”, “Mizutama-Momo-gata-zara”, and “Ruri-yu-Kame-gata-zara”.
    These 5 Japanese dinner plates are especially popular among various plates of amabro.

    5 plates of Art piece set of MAME

    Art piece set has retro atmosphere, but cute and fashionable. These cute Japanese dinner plates would be cool interior goods as well.
    We also offer 3 plates set within paulownia box and 4 plates set.

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  2. Traditional and modern Sometsuke!
    amabro MAME “Traditional set” 5 plates

    This set is “Traditional set” from MAME series of amabro.
    This set includes 5 blue and white plates; “Botan-Cho-mon-Kakuzara”, “Fukisumi-Fuji-kata-sara”, “Komon-Itomaki-kata-sara”, “Souka-Mokko-kata-sara”, and “Cho-Susuki-mon-Hakkaku-zara”.
    These 5 plates have traditional Sometsuke atmosphere and beautiful kinsai (gold painting).

    5 plates of Traditional set of MAME

    The Japanese dinner plates of Traditional set look like miniature of artistic big plates of Sometsuke. Traditional set is especially recommended for adults who pursue the selection of food ceramics. Simple blue and white tableware suit daily dinner, too.
    We also offer 3 plates set within paulownia box and 4 plates set.

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  3. Stylish and elegant!
    amabro MAME “Buyer recommended set” 5 plates

    This set is “Buyer recommended set” from MAME series of amabro.
    This set includes 5 elegant plates; “Shikie-Goben-Rinka”, “Botan-Cho-mon-Kakuzara”, “Tsubaki-mon-Rinka”, “Souka-Mokko-kata-sara”, and “Cho-Susuki-mon-Hakkaku-zara”.
    Our buyer selected 5 elegant and cute Japanese dinner plates.

    5 plates pf Buyer recommended set of MAME

    Plants are familiar motif in ceramics paintings. Buyer recommended set reminds us Japanese aesthetic sense. The rounded form dinner plates are useful for your dinner every day.
    We also offer 3 plates set within paulownia box and 4 plates set.

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Delicate work of each Japanese dinner plate

Each mamezara plate of MAME series are not only stylish, but also auspicious. Please check the auspicious meanings of the Japanese dinner plates.

  1. amabro MAME “Shikie-Goben-Rinka”

    On the flower-form plate, Matsu (pine tree) is painted. 5 gold paintings are horses. A pine tree grows to a big and dignified tree. Also, Matsu keeps its green eternally. So, matsu is a symbol of prosperity, long-life, and eternal constancy.

    Shikie-Goben-Rinka plate of amabro
  2. amabro MAME “Botan-Cho-mon-Kakuzara”

    The combination of Botan (peony) and Cho (butterfly) has been familiar as a card in Hanafuda (a kind of Japanese playing card). Butterfly repeats metamorphose, and become a beautiful creature. So, Cho is a symbol of revival. Peony has the name of “King of all sorts of flowers.”
    The beautiful paintings of the Japanese dinner plate are hand-painted by craftsmen with a special skill “Dami”.

    In Dami, craftsmen draw contours of the design first. After that, craftsmen paint over inside the contours with very bold brush.
    On the delicate work, cute gold polka dots shine.

    Botan-Cho-mon-Kakuzara plate of amabro
  3. amabro MAME “Kissho-Sakana-kata-sara”

    The fish of this cute Japanese dinner plate is Tai (Red seabream). Since the old time, Tai has been auspicious symbol for Japanese people. Fish relates deeply to the diet of Japanese people. The fresh and beautiful form of fish have been loved as motifs for ceramics.

    The bright red color scales are hand-painted by craftsmen.

    Kissho-Sakana-kata-sara plate of amabro
  4. amabro MAME “Tsubaki-mon-Rinka”

    At the center of this Japanese dinner plate, camellia is painted. Camellia is loved as “Queen of flowers in tea ceremony.” The flowers in tea ceremony express the season of the time. When winter comes, we frequently see camellia in many tea ceremonies.

    Golden chained rings surround camellia on the mamezara. The form of this mamezara is chrysanthemum. So, this flower plate fit well with TY Palace plate of 1616/arita japan. The Palace plate also has the shape of chrysanthemum.

    Tsubaki-mon-Rinka plate of amabro
  5. amabro MAME “Fukisumi-Fuji-kata-sara”

    It is said “when you shape a mountain, you should make Mt. Fuji.” Fujiyama is a special mountain for Japanese people. The shape of Fuji is very auspicious motif.
    The blue foot of Mt. Fuji is expressed by a special skill “Fukisumi.”

    Fukisumi is a kind of painting skill. Craftsmen spray Gosu (cobalt blue glaze) by spray for ceramics. Since all the item is handmade, the pattern for this Japanese dinner plate is only one in the world.

    Fukisumi-Fuji-kata-sara plate of amabro
  6. amabro MAME “Komon-Itomaki-kata-sara”

    This unique form is shape of spool. Spool shape plates are popular in antique mamezara of Edo era. On unique plate, detailed Komon (small patterns) are printed.
    At the center of this Japanese dinner plate, a golden sailing boat shines.

    Komon-Itomaki-kata-sara plate of amabro
  7. amabro MAME “Mizutama-Momo-gata-zara”

    Momo means peach. Peach is believed to drive out evils, and bring perpetual youth and long life.
    On rounded peach plate, blue glaze and gold polka dots fit well. This Japanese dinner plate is a traditional blue porcelain, but has cute impression.

    Mizutama-Momo-gata-zara plate of amabro
  8. amabro MAME “Souka-Mokko-kata-sara”/p>

    Mokko is said that the section of sliced cucumber or the nest of birds. Mokko has loved as the motif for prosperity. Big peony is painted by gold paintings.

    Souka-Mokko-kata-sara plate of amabro
  9. amabro MAME “Ruri-yu-Kame-gata-zara”

    Kame means turtles. It is said “cranes live for a thousand years and turtles live for ten thousand years.” As a symbol of long life, Japanese people have loved kame for a long time. The hexagon pattern of shell means lucky sign. On beautiful drawing of turtles, this Japanese dinner plate has cute golden polka dots.

    Ruri-yu-Kame-gata-zara plate of amabro
  10. amabro MAME “Cho-Susuki-mon-Hakkaku-zara”

    Detailed Sometsuke paintings is Susuki (Japanese plume grass). The zigzag golden line expresses thunder. Susuki and thunder express the scene of fall.
    Octagon plate is believed to be auspicious. So, this Japanese dinner plate has beautiful scenery of Japan and auspicious meanings.

    Cho-Susuki-mon-Hakkaku-zara plate of amabro

Various use of Japanese dinner plates MAME

MAME from amabro is stylish series of mamezara. Japanese people have loved and used the small Japanese dinner plates for a long time.
Let us introduce some of their use.

  1. Be an accent on dinner table! As daily tableware

    Let’s use small Japanese dinner plates for seasonings. For example, olive oil for bread, maple syrup for Gorgonzola cheese, or some pickles.
    When you put some mamezara on a tray, you can make a Kaiseki plate at your home!
    Your home party becomes colorful and happy with many mamezara.

    Small dishes on mamezara of MAME series
  2. Elegant tea time! As plates for confectioneries

    Since the Japanese dinner plates of MAME series are colorful and stylish, your teatime will be happier with the dessert on the mamezara.
    For Japanese confectioneries, or cookies or chocolates, every dessert seems cuter on stylish mamezara.
    Please enjoy a wonderful tea time in your home.

    Tea time with choko cups and mamezara of amabro
  3. Relaxing art objects! As interior goods

    Each small plate is an art piece of Japanese craftsmanship. You can make your own gallery with your favorite Japanese dinner plates.
    The mamezara gallery makes you happy every day at entrance or living room. Also, you can enjoy seasonal decorations by changing combination of mamezara.

    As a place mat for MAME series, we recommend Shiki plate of Japan Design Store.

    5 plates of MAME series on gold tray
  4. Cute storage! As accessory trays

    Small and stylish Japanese dinner plates work as accessory tray, too. For example, cute mamezara is good place for keys, rings, pierced earrings, or watches. Those small things tend to be lost.
    But if you keep the small stuff on cute trays, you do not lose them. Above all, they are stylish! Please keep your favorite accessories on your favorite mamezara.

    Cute plates as accessory trays

Mamezara spread with mass culture of Edo people

It is said that the origin of mamezara is “Teshiozara.”
Japanese traditional meal style is called “Ichiju-Sansai.” For upper-class people, meal is set with rice, soup, main dish and some sub dishes. Chopsticks are rest at the nearest side of the tray. And, by the chopsticks, Teshiozara was put.

Teshiozara is a small plate for putting salt. To purify the meal dish, salt was put. Gradually, the purpose of the small plate changed to a plate for soy sauce or vinegar.

Japanese traditional meal style with small plates of MAME

This Teshiozara spread to mass culture in the middle of Edo era. The center of the culture became merchant class. They imitated the meal style of upper-class people and started to use porcelain. Naturally, small Japanese dinner plates spread, too. More various mamezara become produced for favor of Japanese people.

Delicate work of craftsmen on small plates

The small Japanese dinner plates of MAME series was born with a respect to popular loved paintings at that time. Adding the modern aesthetic sense to cute patterns of Edo era, new mamezara was produced.

Soba party with mamezara and glasses

Drawers for mamezara!

Mamezara of MAME series from amabro have been popular among ceramic lovers. For collectors, amabro offers special set within beautiful paulownia drawers.

On the left, paulownia box for 3 plates, on the right, paulownia box for 5 plates set

The paulownia box has partitions for each plate. Therefore, you can easily take a plate out, look at it, and return it again.
The paulownia box itself has elegant gold tooling.

A woman is taking out a plate from drawer

Also, amabro offers very stylish exclusive boxes for each plate. On the crimson red box, gild tooling is stand out. (* No crimson box for paulownia box set)

Crimson exclusive box for MAME series

Amabro pursues packages as well. Stylish Japanese dinner plates of MAME series would be great gifts.

Inka of “A” as potter’s mark

Please look at the backside of small Japanese dinner plates of MAME. Each plate has potter’s mark of “A”. For Japanese traditional mamezara, Inka of alphabet gives modern atmosphere.

“A” potter’s mark at the backside of MAME


  • “Inka” is a decorating skill of ceramics. Craftsmen press seal to half-dried porcelain and makes it appear by glazing and baking.

Japanese dinner plates as gifts

MAME series is a stylish mamezara with both traditional and modern atmosphere. Small and cute plates color daily life. High-class tableware would be suitable for presents.

Cute teatime with cute mamezara of amabro

Japan Design Store offers various gift wrapping. We will wrap your items thoughtfully.

Image of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
Image of gift wrapping with wrapping paper and Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

Elegant Japan Design Store original box!

Some sets are within Japan Design Store original box. Our box is sophisticated ivory box with gold logo mark as an accent.

Japan Design Store original exclusive box

Auspicious mamezara sets would be great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or birthday gifts. For the Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, high-class tableware is suitable.

10 mamezara on a tray near window

For your long use at ease

  • We can see some chip or crack of the gold paintings of MAME. Also, we can see different shade of color or chip of patterns on paintings. All the tableware is handmade by craftsmen one by one. We appreciate your kind understanding to the handmade crafts. There is no problem in its quality.

Other caring tips

  • * NOT microwave oven or oven safe.
  • * When you put sour food on the Kutani plates for a long time, paintings may turn their colors.
  • * The breakage of the products may cause serious injury.
  • * After use, please dry the plates enough. When the dry is not enough, it may cause stains or mold.
  • * All the plates are polished enough. However, when you mind the rough place of the bottom of plates, please polish there with fine sandpaper or the bottom of other tableware.
  • * Please do not use the plates at high places or unstable places. That may cause breakage or injure.

How to care

  • * Wash with neutral detergent and soft sponge after use.
  • * Dishwasher safe. But please note that mamezara plates may be damaged or cracked under certain situation. Please use the dishwasher with following care label of it.
  • * Please check the care label of the detergent. Gold paintings may be easy to be removed by washing.
  • * When you use forks, knives, spoons with the tableware for a long time or frequently, the tableware may become black by the adhesion of metal components. Also, scuff marks may be caused by strong scratch by knives.
    Light scuff marks can be removed by polishing it with soft sponge with cleanser.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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