Amazing Japanese Gift Ideas from Japanese Online Shop

Authentic Japanese Gifts as the Memory of Japan

Authentic Japanese Gifts as the Memory of Japan

Do you need Japanese gift ideas?
Japan Design Store introduces authentic Japanese items for you.
Sake set, ceramics, cherry blossom items, and more.
We can send gifts to hotels you stay in Japan for FREE!
Beautiful gift wrapping makes great difference than usual items.

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Japanese gift ideas for any purposes

Are you looking for great Japanese gifts?
Do you need Japanese gift ideas?
For business, study, or sightseeing, more and more people visit Japan today. And especially for group tours, many people prepare Japanese gifts for participants in advance.

For everyone who looks for authentic Japanese items, Japan Design Store would like to recommend various items which are filled with Japanese traditional culture and superb skill.

We have confident that all items will satisfy your business partners, exchange students, or tour participants. In addition, you can customize or personalize our items for big order!
If you need Japanese gift ideas, please leave it to us.

3 Reasons why you should choose Japan Design Store

  • Ship Japanese gifts to your staying hotel in Japan for FREE!
  • Beautiful Japanese gift wrapping & message cards
  • Custom gift service is available for an order of 20 or more items

We can send the gifts directly to the hotel you stay. So, you do not have to bring big luggage of gifts when you come to Japan. Shipping cost for hotels in Japan is FREE!
In addition, you can choose our beautiful Japanese gift wrapping and message card. With gift wrapping, Japanese gifts become more special.
Moreover, you can custom the Japanese products with your logo or name for an order of 20 or more items. Personalize gift service needs some time and additional fee. If you would like to use this service, please contact us.

5 amazing Japanese gift ideas

Among various items in our store, we select 5 categories. All of them are especially filled with “Japanese” atmosphere and traditional techniques.
Please find best gifts for your group from these Japanese gift ideas.

  1. Tamatebako set

    “Tamatebako” is a gift box appeared in Japanese old tale “Urashima Taro.” It is believed that “time” Urashima spent under the sea is included in this magical Tamatebako box.

    Like this tale, now Tamatebako means a box filled with wonderful and magical item. In our store, our buyer selects popular and beautiful items and fill them within Japanese Jubako boxes.
    You can send Japanese good items in Japanese good item.

    We have various Tamatebako sets. Among these, we recommend these 2 sets as wonderful Japanese gifts.

    1. [Tamatebako set] Suzugami ×3 with rolling pin / Single Jubako box (L)

      Suzugami is a flexible tin plate. Since it is made of 100% pure tin, you can bend it to any forms. Craftsmen who have traditional skill of “Takaoka copper ware” pound tin many times so that it can be bent and stretch many times.
      With wooden rolling pin, you can stretch Suzugami easily.
      Please enjoy beautiful gloss of tin and superb skill of Japanese traditional craftsmen.

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    2. [Tamatebako set] [Dish cloth wrapping] Hanami dinner pair / Single Jubako box (L)

      Palace Plate from 1616/arita japan is the NO. 1 popular item in Japan Design Store. Palace Plate is especially made for a hotel in Japan. This Arita ware plate is unglazed, so you can enjoy the original beauty of pottery stone of Arita porcelain. The shape expresses flower of chrysanthemum which is a representative flower of Japanese Imperial Family.

      With this Tamatebako set, you can get this beautiful plates and cute tin chopstick rests of Sakura (cherry blossom).

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    In addition to this set, we have various attractive sets in Tamatebako series.
    Some sets are with beautiful tin flower trays.
    Please find your best sets. We believe Tamatebako set is one of the best Japanese gift ideas.

  2. Sake set

    If your group like Japanese sake, the best Japanese gifts for you would be sake set.
    We have various kind of sake set in our store. Among them, we would like to introduce traditional tin sake set and cute ceramic sake set as our Japanese gift idea.

    1. Traditional and gorgeous! Tin sake set from Nousaku

      Tin is most expensive metal after gold and silver. It is known as the metal that has great antibacterial effect and special effect that can change taste of sake mellow. Therefore, Japanese people have used tin sake set from ancient era.

      Tin sake set from Nousaku has gorgeous and clean atmosphere. Nousaku is a famous brand of Takaoka copperware which is one of the Japanese traditional crafts.
      Popular set is 1 katakuchi (sake pitcher) with 2 sake cups.

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    2. Cute snowman sake set

      If your group prefer cute Japanese items, we recommend Shuki daruma as Japanese gifts idea.
      Shuki daruma from ceramic japan is cute and unique sake set. Within this snowman set, a tokkuri (sake bottle) and 2 sake cups are included. You can make hot sake set easily with this sake set. Pouring sake into Shuki daruma, and warm it in hot water. It is like a snowman taking bath!

      Shuki daruma has 3 types, mat Bisque, Glossy and Gold. Especially for a women’s group, this cute sake set would be great Japanese gift.

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  3. Chopsticks

    Now, Japanese food gets great popularity all over the world. As it become popular, chopsticks get attention as well. We can see many travelers use chopsticks well in Japanese restaurants.
    Since Japanese people use chopsticks every day, beautiful chopsticks would be great Japanese gifts. Here, we would like to introduce 3 different types of chopsticks, gorgeous, authentic, and cute one.

    1. Glitter of gold! Gilded chopsticks

      Gold leaf is one of the representative beauties of Japan. Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture is famous for its gold leaf work. These gorgeous chopsticks are produced by Hakuichi, which is a famous brand of gold leaf in Kanazawa.

      Carefully made chopsticks have gorgeous but solemn atmosphere. Chopsticks from Hakuichi are set with chopstick rests. It is suitable for Japanese gifts.

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    2. Authentic lacquered chopsticks

      When you imagine “Japanese chopsticks,” you may imagine lacquered chopsticks. Lacquerware is one of the representative Japanese traditional crafts. So, if you look for Japanese gift idea with authentic Japanese items, we recommend these chopsticks.

      With different skills of lacquering, each chopstick has different glitter. Enjoy superb lacquering technique by Japanese craftsmen.

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    3. Unique and cute! Chopsticks with chopstick rests set

      If you look for chopsticks with simple and cute design, we recommend chopsticks and chopstick rest set from Floyd. In fact, these chopsticks sets have been very popular gifts in Japan.

      Floyd offer 2 types of chopsticks set, Bamboo arrows 2 pairs and Butterfly 2 pairs.

      “Bamboo arrows 2 pairs” is a set with 2 pairs of bamboo chopsticks and a pair of tin chopstick rests of Hawk’s feather. Very simple, stylish and auspicious chopsticks set.

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      “Butterfly 2 pairs” is a set with 2 pairs of beech octagon chopsticks and a pair of ceramic butterfly chopstick rests.
      Colorful and cute butterfly chopstick rests color your dinner table brightly.

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    We introduce more stylish chopsticks in this page. Please see here!

  4. Sakura motif items

    As a beautiful Japanese gift idea, we would like to introduce the items with cherry blossom (Sakura, in Japanese) motifs. Sakura is a representative flower of Japan. I can say all Japanese people love cherry blossoms. If you have chance, please visit Japan in the season of cherry blossom.
    But the season is very short. So, if you feel the beauty of sakura with Japanese gifts, it would be very great!

    1. Japanese cherry blossom glass! SAKURASAKU GLASS

      SAKURASAKU GLASS is beautiful and unique cherry blossom glass. “SAKURA SAKU” means “cherry blossom blooms.” Just the name explains, this glass can bloom sakura!

      The bottom of SAKURASAKU GLASS is shape of flower of cherry blossom. So, with the moisture on glass, the bottom of the glass can bloom sakura on the dinner table.

      Complex form of the SAKURASAKU GLASS is only produced by Japanese glass craftsmen who inherited the skill of Edo Glass. So, you can feel the great skill of Japanese craftsmen from this beautiful Japanese gift.

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    2. Chic beauty of Cast iron chopstick rests

      With the popularity of cast iron kettle “Nanbu tekki” raise, Japanese cast iron items have got attention as well. Cast iron items have chic and stylish atmosphere. If your group likes “Cool Japan,” we would like to present you this Japanese gift idea.

      Chushin kobo is a casting studio of Yamagata casting. Yamagata casting is famous for its beautiful casting surface. With the traditional skill, Chushin kobo produces cast iron chopsticks of Sakura.
      If you prefer chic sakura items, this would be best Japanese gift for you.

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    3. Shiny tin Flower tray

      Tin is flexible metal. Therefore, you can bend this tin flower tray. With this cute tray made of tin, you can enjoy beauty of cherry blossom as well as the beauty of tin.
      Small plate is good for confectioneries, dessert, or fruits. In addition, sakura tin tray can be beautiful accessory tray. You can see beautiful cherry blossom through the year.

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    We introduce more items with sakura motif in this page. Please see here!

  5. Mamezara

    Japan is blessed with good quality pottery clay or stone. We have many producing areas of pottery or porcelain all around Japan. So, giving Japanese ceramics would be great Japanese gift idea.
    Among various pottery and porcelain, Arita ware and Kutani ware are well known. In addition to them, Hasami ware gets great attention now.

    Here, we would like to introduce cute small plates (mamezara) of Arita, Kutani, and Hasami ware. Mamezara is small but filled with Japanese beauty and traditional skill. Very useful plates set would be great Japanese gift.

    1. Arita porcelain plates

      Arita porcelain is famous for its beautiful white porcelain. On that white plate, blue paintings look more beautiful.

      1. Blue and white Arita ware plates KOMON series

        KOMON series from KIHARA is simple blue and white plates with modernized Japanese traditional patterns. All motifs have auspicious meanings. So, it would be great Japanese gifts for your important business partners especially.

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    2. Kutani porcelain plates

      Kutani ware is famous for its colorful and brilliant paintings. We have traditional Kutani plates and modern cute Kutani plates. Which do you prefer?

      1. Traditional beauty! Kutani plates from Seikou porcelain

        Seikou porcelain realized traditional patterns of Kutani ware with modern skill. So, you can enjoy traditional beauty of Kutani in reasonable price. In addition to small plates, Seikou produces small cups and middle sizes plates. Pair set of cups and plates would be great sake set as well.

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        We make various original sets. Each beautiful Kutani set is great Japanese gift. You can find the best one from them.

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      2. Modern cute plates! Kutani plates from Soukyu porcelain

        Traditional crafts have been handed over with adopting needs of that time. In Kutani porcelain, that adopting goes very cute way!
        Soukyu porcelain produces various small plates of KOTOHOGI series and Tenohira Engi series.

        Since each plate is hand drawn or painted by craftsmen, each plate has different taste. Enjoy Japanese handmade crafts.

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    3. Hasami porcelain plates

      Hasami porcelain is not so famous than Arita or Kutani porcelain even in Japan. However, it gets more and more attention now with its various beautiful and useful tableware.
      Unintentionally, we collect various Hasami ware items. As a Japanese gift idea, we would like to introduce 2 Hasami ware plates.

      1. Various shape! Mamezara from Azmaya

        Azmaya offers cute mamezara in various shapes. In fact, each shape has auspicious meanings. If you get one, you may become addicted to collect all shapes!

        In this Hasami ware plates, there are 2 types, Dobai and Inban. Dobai is natural and simple, and Inban has printed patterns. Even for same shapes, Dobai and Inban have different atmosphere. Enjoy choosing.

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      2. Traditional and simple! Mamezara from Eiho

        Porcelain from Eiho has totally different taste from that of Azmaya. They are thin, light and simple. Each plate has beautiful lines called “Sen-dan Suji” and Japanese traditional patterns on its center.

        All patterns are Japanese traditional auspicious patterns. Simple and beautiful plates express the graceful beauty of Japan. Please feel how Japanese people see “beauty” from this Japanese gift.

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    We introduce more mamezara in this page. Please see here!

Recommended Japanese gifts depends on purposes

What is the purpose of your Japanese gifts? Why do you need Japanese gift ideas? Depends on the purposes or recipients, suitable Japanese gifts would be different.
Here, I introduce recommended gifts for 2 purposes as examples.

  1. Business or corporate gifts

    For example, suppose your company has a going on project with partner company. The project needs help of a Japanese company, so you and your partner company decide to visit Japan. As a memory of your Japan trip and wish for the success on your projects, you decide to send Japanese gifts for people in your group.

    Then, we recommend ”Tamatebako set” or ”tin sake set”. Both are cool and filled with Japanese traditional skills. When people use the sake set or plates in Tamatebako set in their home, they will remember the time in Japan.

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  2. Japan trip for exchange students

    For example, suppose you are a teacher of Japanese or Japanese culture. Your class decide to go to a study and sightseeing trip to Japan. As a memory of Japan trip and further study, you decide to send Japanese gifts to your students at the end of your trip.

    Then, we recommend ”chopsticks” or ”cherry blossom items”. Since students who study Japanese must have some interest in Japanese culture, chopsticks or Sakura items would be suitable for your Japanese gifts. You can teach more about chopsticks or cherry blossom with the gifts when your group back to your class.

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In addition to these purposes, you may need Japanese gifts for different reasons. I believe that the 5 Japanese gift ideas I introduced here are all suitable for any purposes. If you look for any specific Japanese gifts, please feel free to contact us. We will find best Japanese gifts for you.

English description is available for any products!

Even for the products that do not have English description by the brand or studio, we are happy to prepare English description papers for your Japanese gifts.
If you need English descriptions, please tell us in “Other Inquiry” or from “Contact Us”.

Custom Japanese gifts as you like

For an order of more than 20 items, you can make custom Japanese gifts. You can put message, your company logo, or initials.
Personalizing Japanese products need some time and additional fee. And some items are not suitable for this service. Please see the details from here.
If you are interested in personalizing gift service, please feel free to ask us.

Gift wrapping & Message card

Japan Design Store has confident in its gift wrapping. We offer various gift wrappings. Each wrapping is very good for Japanese gifts.

When you look for Japanese gift ideas, you may also look for great gift wrapping. As you may know, Japanese culture of gift wrapping is amazing.
We are an online shop. But our owner pursues the gift wrapping since it is a culture of Japan.

For some gift wrapping service, you can make message card for FREE! You can send your message with Japanese gifts. Tamatebako set is with message card service. A gift with a message card is more wonderful. Please use this service.

Japanese gift ideas? Leave it to Japan Design Store!

How do you like our Japanese gift ideas?
We are always ready to introduce the best Japanese gifts for you. Please tell us what you look for. We will find the one!

Look for Japanese souvenirs? See here!

Are you just looking for good Japanese souvenirs? Then, please see this page!
In this page, we introduce various items that would be suitable for Japanese souvenirs. Of course, you can choose the item in the page as Japanese gifts.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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