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Hakuichi chopsticks with gold leaf

Hakuichi chopsticks make an elegant dinner table

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[Hakuichi]Chopstick Set

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Have an elegant dinner with gold leaf chopsticks

Gorgeous and elegant chopsticks set.
The gloss comes from kinpaku (gold leaf.) The pure shine of gold gives special atmosphere to the Japanese chopsticks.

It is Hakuichi chopsticks. Hakuichi is famous for gold-leaf productions.
Now, the gold leaf items of Hakuichi have got attention from the world. So, the kinpaku goods would be great gifts as well.

A set of Shizuku from Hakuichi

Hakuichi is active in the first line of Kanazawa gold leaf crafts

Hakuichi was established in 1975. In Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture, they produce high quality crafts, decoration of architecture, foods, or cosmetics with the gold leaf. To keep the tradition of Kanazawa gold leaf, Hakuichi continues to develop new categories with inherited soul of manufacturing.

Hakuichi paid attention to “Hakuuchi-gami.” Hakuuchi-gami is a kind of Japanese papers that is used to produce kinpaku. They won the patent for facial oil-blotting paper produced by a method of Hakuuchi-gami.

In 2017, two of their products were selected as souvenir for the President of the United States. Hakuichi has exhibited their products in trade fairs of overseas. They continue to introduce the attractiveness of Kanazawa-haku to the world.

Delicate design of the chopsticks Gold clear thread

2 types of Hakuichi chopsticks

Hakuichi chopsticks are sets of Japanese chopsticks and chopstick rest. Modern design fits various types of cuisine. Elegant gold leaf chopsticks would be great gifts from Japan.

  1. Gloss like a drop “Shizuku”

    The Hakuichi chopsticks set “Shizuku” is a pair set of chopsticks and chopstick rests. Shizuku means the drop.

    The upper side of chopsticks are gilded with Kanazawa gold leaf. Red chopsticks are M size, and black chopsticks are L size.
    Chopstick rests have cute square form.

    The chopsticks are made of natural wood. Craftsmen shave chopstick one be one. Therefore, the Hakuichi chopsticks have Japanese beauty.

    Pair of Hakuichi chopsticks of Shizuku

    Shizuku chopsticks have mat texture of red and black with elegant gloss of gold leaf. If you look close, there are small drops on the surface of Hakuichi chopsticks.
    You can see the detailed beauty of Japanese traditional crafts.

    The drop design of Hakuichi chopsticks Shizuku

    The edge of the chopsticks is finished into slightly rough texture. So, you can grab the food easily. Also, the hakuichi chopsticks have sharp form. In addition to the beauty, the chopsticks are very usable.

    A woman has Shizuku chopsticks and readies to eat lunch

    Cute chopstick rests are larger than usual chopstick holders. When you use the gold chopstick rests with the chopsticks, you can enjoy different gloss of kinpaku on your dinner table.
    The chopstick rests are enough big to be used as tiny plates. You can put some seasonings on it.

    Pair of the chopstick rests of Shizuku
  2. Transparency and elegant golden line “Clear gold thread”

    “Clear gold thread” of Hakuichi is a set of pair clear chopsticks and clear chopstick rests. The upper side of the chopsticks have delicate decoration of gold thread. Of course, the gold threads are made of kinpaku.
    The chopsticks of “Clear gold thread” set is both L size.

    Pair of Clear gold thread chopsticks of Hakuichi on the table

    Clear Hakuichi chopsticks are made of resin. Chopstick rests are made of glasses. With a special skill, delicate gold threads are decorated.
    Elegant chopsticks have been especially popular for women. It is authentic Japanese chopsticks, but suit for pasta or any other cuisine.

    The edge of the Hakuichi chopsticks have nonslip processing. You can use the chopsticks easily.

    Chopsticks on the chopstick rest of Clear gold thread from Hakuichi

    Chopstick rests have beautiful combination of thick glass and gold leaf. In addition to the use of chopstick holders, you can put it just as an interior item.

    Chopstick rest of Clear gold thread set of Hakuichi chopsticks

    Each chopstick and chopstick rest has different patterns of gold thread.
    In Japan, thread is a motif of bond. You can send the only one item in the world to your dearest person.

    Upper side of chopsticks of Clear gold thread

Hakuichi chopsticks set as gift item

Hakuichi chopsticks sets are high-class items for daily use to special parties.
How about adding elegant gloss of gold leaf in your dinner table?

In addition, the gold leaf chopsticks would be great gift items as well. For wedding gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, or housewarming gifts, gorgeous chopsticks of Hakuichi are suitable.
Also, Hakuichi chopsticks would be great souvenirs from Japan.

The elegant and gorgeous gold leaf of Hakuichi chopsticks tell your messages of celebrating and appreciation.

Shizuku set of Hakuichi chopsticks within its exclusive paulownia box

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