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 Surprising Japanese gift box set

[JDS original]Tamatebako sets

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  • Exclusive gift box
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Surprising! Stylish Japanese Gift Box Tamatebako

Surprising gifts make recipients happy.
And it makes senders happy, too.
If you look for stylish, special, and wonderful gift idea,
How about this Japanese gift box “Tamatebako”?
Japan Design Store sends richer time to you and your special one.

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Happy to send and receive! Japanese gift box

Do you know Tamatebako?
It is a gift box appeared in Japanese old tale “Urashima Taro.”
When a man Urashima Taro left Ryugu Palace, Princess Oto Hime gave him the box. When he opened this beautiful box, smoke came, and he got old!
It is believed that “time” Urashima spent under the sea is included in this magical Tamatebako box.

“Tamatebako sets” of Japan Design Store are Japanese gift boxes.
Our buyer makes these sets with strong wish to “send rich time to everyone.”

A woman receives Japanese gift box set

Oh! I got a beautiful gift box.
Let’s open it!

A woman opens lid of Jubako box

I cannot stop my admiration.
In the Jubako box, I find cute Place Plates and glittering petals (chopstick rests)!

Palace plates and tin chopstick rests within Japanese gift box set
* When we send Japanese gift box, all items are carefully wrapped so that they are not break

In this Japanese gift box, there are 2 Palace Plates from 1616/arita japan and 2 tin chopstick rests “Sakura” from Nousaku. elegant Jubako looks cute in this set.

Excited with gifts, surprised when open, and happy to use.
“Want to make my dearest person happy.” “Want to send cheerful time.”
If you hope so, we recommend this Japanese gift box.

A woman holds Japanese gift box set wrapped with pink dish cloth

I chose it!


comment from buyer

Introduce useful and my favorite coordinate to you

In Muromachi era (about 450~680 years ago), Japanese traditional arts bloomed such as chanoyu, ikebana, kyogen.
It is said that Jubako was started to use in this era as delivery tableware for foods to gorgeous dining or picnic.

Our buyer designs with pursuing usability, specially order the Japan Design Store original Jubako box to old-established studio of Echizen lacquerware. We wish you use this special tableware in daily life. So, our Jubako boxes are simple and modern.

In addition to use as lunch box, you can use Jubako for confectioneries, big dish, as containers or stockers.
I am happy if you use these Japanese gift box in various scene.

Various Japanese gift box sets our buyer selects

Send Japanese good thing in Japanese good thing

Do you like boxes?
Beautiful boxes or cans of cookies, exclusive boxes of gifts. I heedlessly keep them since they are cute!
However, it is common that boxes are not so used for anything.
Then, gift box itself should be very useful and stylish!

So, we reached Japan Design Store original Jubako. This Jubako box is one of our representative products. Every end of year, popular sets become out of stock. Our Jubako is simple and chic Echizen lacquerware.

 A woman prepares lunch box within Jubako box

Many ways! Examples of use of JDS original Jubako

  • ・Main dish for home party
  • ・Tableware for souvenir or confectioneries
  • ・Food containers
  • ・Box for cosmetics, sanitary items, medicines
  • ・Flower bowl with flowers

Since they are simple, Jubako works well in daily dinner and life. Glossy square box suits natural interior coordinate, too.
My favorite point is our Jubako can be stored in refrigerator. This is merit of plastic lacquerware.
Put sashimi, salad, or sandwiches in Jubako box, seal it with lid and store it in refrigerator. When we have guests, we can entertain them elegantly.

Sandwiches in Greige Jubako box

A little gorgeous Japanese gift box sets are our original gift ideas. We will send Japanese beautiful crafts in Japanese stylish Jubako box.

Red Jubako gift box

Buyer makes! Japanese gift box sets

Japanese gift box sets of Japan Design Store varies from hanami set to tin sake set. Which is your favorite coordination? Here, let us introduce 3 especially recommended sets.

Here are buyer recommended sets!

  1. [Tamatebako set] Hanami dinner pair / Single Jubako box (L) (Pink Dish Cloth wrapping)

    Hanami dinner pair of Japanese gift box set

    This is a gorgeous Japanese gift box with our No.1 item Place Plate from 1616/arita japan and chopstick rests Sakura from Nousaku. It includes 2 plates and 2 chopstick rests.
    Elegant combination of greige and pink. Greige Jubako box suits well with natural interior coordinate. How about putting Sakura mochi (rice cake)? Let’s bring them and go to hanami (sakura viewing party)!

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  2. [Tamatebako set] Tin sake set pair / Single Jubako box (L) (Blue Dish Cloth wrapping)

    Tin sake set pair of Japanese gift box set

    This is shiny Japanese gift box set with our popular item Suzugami from syouryu and tin sake cups and chopstick rests Moon from Nousaku.
    Stylish combination of greige Jubako and tin items. Suitable for cool adults. Beautiful sake set would be surprising gifts for sake lovers.

    Tin items in Japanese gift box set
    * Chopsticks are not included in the set

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  3. [Tamatebako set] Twinkle treasure box for two (Pink Dish Cloth wrapping)

    Twinkle treasure box for two of Japanese gift box set

    “Open the box, and it is filled with cute jewels!” This Japanese gift box send romantic surprise like this. This set includes topical mamezara ARITA JEWEL and 2 chopstick rests Sakura from Nousaku.
    How about sending this Japanese gift box to couple whom want to spend twinkling time?

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Moreover, we prepare chic hand towel set or sake time set for one person. Please check them out!

Hand towel gift set with Jubako box

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Useful and cute! Dish Cloth from WDH

Some Japanese gift box sets are wrapped with stylish and cute dish cloth.
This Dish Cloth is Kaya cloth from Nara prefecture produced by WDH. After untying the wrapping, you can use cloth as place mat or dish cloth.

Fluffy dish cloth of WDH
* You can change colors of dish cloth for Tamatebako set

There is a cute tassel on one corner of the dish cloth. In fact, this tassel is not just an accent. Soft linen threads are bundled to make a tassel and it looks like broom. So, it is said that tassel drives out evils. Craftsmen wish dish cloth be talisman for users.

Beautiful tassels of dish cloths

Can change colors of Jubako box and Mizuhiki

“I like this Japanese gift box set, but would like to change color of Jubako…”
Do you worry about it? Do not worry!
You can change colors of Jubako and Ume Mizuhiki.
“I would like to customize gift set by myself!”
“She prefers red than grey, so, I want to send this set within red Jubako box.”
If you have such demands, please note them like “Change color of Jubako: ○○” or “Change color of Ume Mizuhiki: ○○” in “Other Inquiry” when you place order.

Our staff proposes all combinations of Jubako and Mizuhiki of Japanese gift box sets with confident. But please enjoy personalizing Japanese gift box with your taste.

Various Japanese gift box sets in Japan Design Store

3 colors of Jubako box

For Tamatebako set, we offer 3 colors of Jubako.
Black, Greige, and Red.
All of them are our original simple box.

Red, Greige and Black Jubako boxes

4 colors of Ume Mizuhiki

We have 4 colors of Ume Mizuhiki.
Red and White, White and Gold, Pink and Light Blue.
These Ume Mizuhiki are also our original item. We order them to a long-established studio in Iida city of Nagano prefecture.

4 colors of Ume Mizuhiki

*Please note that if you change the colors of Jubako box, Ume Mizuhiki, or Dish Cloth, the “Shipping Date”stated in our website may change as well.

Send surprise! 3 steps of Japanese gift box

Japanese gift box sets of Japan Design Store are surprising gift.
However, it is not just a surprising gift. Japanese gift idea is very elaborate.
I mean, this gift box does not surprise people only once, but surprise 2 or 3 times!

  1. Excited at gorgeous looking! Elegant and stylish Japanese gift box

    Surprising point 1. This Japanese gift box set is within Jubako of Echizen lacquerware. Gorgeous appearance like Tamatebako provides happy surprise.
    Jubako and cute gift-wrapping items are all made in Japan. Ume Mizuhiki is produced by an old-established studio in Iida city of Nagano prefecture. White Japanese paper is Tosa Japanese paper in Kochi prefecture.

    Ume welcomes spring. Asa (linen) pattern on Japanese paper has meaning of drive out evils. These are famous auspicious motifs in Japan.

    A woman opens tin sake set gift box set
  2. Heart beat fast at opening! Stylish coordination with popular items

    Surprising point 2. Set items in Japanese gift box are all popular items that always ranks in best 5 popular item in our store. Palace Plate from 1616/arita japan, suzugami from syouryu, tin sake sets from Nousaku, and more. Japanese masterpiece provides great surprising when open the Jubako box.
    The Japanese gift box sets are carefully selected by our buyer who knows most about our products. Use Jubako and tableware together to make a stylish table setting.

    Tin sake set items included in Japanese gift box sets
  3. Happy in use! Beautiful life with Japanese crafts

    Surprising point 3.
    “Sake in beautiful tin sake cup is delicious!”
    “Dishes on Arita ware plates and Jubako look more delicious!”
    It is a happy time when we use carefully handmade products. Enjoy feeling Japanese beautiful crafts with your five sense.

    Sushi on Palace Plate in Jubako box

    Japanese gift box with sake set for sake lovers. Cute Japanese gift box with ARITA JEWEL for just married couples. Our Tamatebako sets tell stories which you would like to give for your dearest people.

    Cute plates included in Japanese gift box sets

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Please keep this to yourself, but this is “reasonable set”!

“It looks very gorgeous. Is it really reasonable??”
You may doubt like this.
But YES. The Japanese gift box sets are surprising price for senders.

Usually, single Jubako box of Japan Design Store is ¥3,000. However, we offer Jubako box in especially reasonable price in Tamatebako sets.
The reason is, we would like everyone to enjoy life with stylish Jubako!

Japanese traditional Jubako is simple and gorgeous. Japan Design Store hopes that more people feel usability and elegance of table setting with Jubako.
For Jubako beginner or “want to know usability of popular Jubako box of Japan Design Store,” please try single Jubako box with Japanese gift box set.

A woman prepares tea set with Jubako box

Send rich time for someone special

“Usual gifts are not enough.”
“Want to send special and rare presents.”
“Want to give more stylish gift.”

If you look for special surprising gifts, Japan Design Store recommends Japanese gift box set “Tamatebako set.”

Hanami dinner pair of Japanese gift box set

Your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, or teacher. How about sending surprising gifts filled with Japanese gift ideas? Tamatebako set would be great birthday gifts for anyone. Also, it would be great anniversary gifts.

All Japanese gift box sets are with user’s manual of JDS original Jubako and passionate message of our buyer. A life with Jubako and stylish Japanese crafts starts at the day you get the gift.

Send your message

If you kindly order any Tamatebako set, you can use message card service for free. Usually, only who order USD$3 wrapping can use this service.
If you would like to make message card, please note it on “Other Inquiry.”
The maximum volume is about 7 words × 5 lines.

Japanese gift box as reward for yourself

“If I order by myself, it is not surprising.”
You may think so. But Tamatebako sets of Japan Design Store surely provide surprise to you.
・Exciting time when you get Japanese gift box
・Heart beat when you open the box
・Luxury time after you open the box

We recommend Japanese gift box sets for all people who want to add richer time for every day.

Place Plates and tin plates Sakura in Jubako boxes

For your long use at ease

  • *Jubako boxes of Japan Design Store are plastic Echizen lacquerware. As your long use of Jubako, the paint may be come off. Those paintings are harmless to human body.
  • *Jubako boxes of Japan Design Store are handmade by craftsmen one by one. Therefore, they may have small scratches, small air bubbles, small extraneous materials (chip of wood, etc.), color irregularities, or places where paint is coming off.

    Also, there is a mark of spray coating at the border of Jubako or backside of lid. This is unavoidable since all the boxes are hand painted by craftsmen.
    Each box is inspected in the atelier and our store, but it is hard to prepare the prefect box in terms of reasonable Jubako box.

    Examples of small scratches or air bubbles on Jubako boxes
  • *We introduce this Jubako box as a casual-use Jubako. Please choose our Jubako boxes with understanding of these features. We appreciate your kind understanding.


  • *You can put hot dishes like fried food or juicy food. Also, you can pour hot water to Jubako box when you wash it.
  • * Open fire, oven, toaster, microwave NOT SAFE. Resin has low melting point.

How to care

  • Wash with neutral detergent and soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using scouring brush or cleanser. If oily stain cannot be removed with neutral detergent, please soak Jubako into chlorinated liquid detergent.
    Dishwasher and dish dryer SAFE, but we recommend hand wash to keep painting and shape of Jubako box.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.


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