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Flexible tin plate Suzugami from syouryu and its set within paulownia box

Best souvenirs from Japan! High quality Japanese crafts

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Best Japanese souvenirs

How about choosing Japanese crafts as omiyage or souvenirs from Japan? You can feel traditional skill from details of tableware. Now, you can get Japanese souvenirs online! In addition, we offer gift wrapping service.

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Best souvenirs from Japan is “Japanese traditional beauty.”
In this page, we would like to introduce recommended Japanese omiyage or souvenirs.
All items have modern design with Japanese traditional skill and culture.

Japan has a lot of traditional crafts or high-quality products of local industries. However, most items are only sold in specific region.
Therefore, our buyer selected best souvenirs from all over Japan. So, you can get Japanese souvenirs online!

Popular souvenir items are selected as “The Wonder 500™.”
Under the Cool Japan Policy of the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,) "The Wonder 500™" was aimed to discover and spread local products of Japan to the world.

You can feel the delicate work of craftsmen and fertile climate from Japanese traditional crafts. Japanese souvenirs tell the heart of Japan as the representative crafts of Japan.

Overseas shipping? Leave it to Japan Design Store!

When you visit Japan, you may have to get a lot of Japanese souvenirs to your family or friends. Shopping is fun, but your luggage becomes bigger and heavier. What’s more, you need to write custom declaration for some items.

Instead of those troublesome work, please find your Japanese souvenirs online. Japan Design Store do all the troublesome procedures. You can enjoy your own sightseeing in Japan with just a small luggage.

Or, if you cannot visit Japan, you can get beautiful Japanese souvenirs online! Our buyer selected only superb Japanese crafts from all over Japan. You can enjoy shopping as if you visited many places in Japan.

Some brands in this page (syouryu, Nousaku, Gato Mikio) have Japanese and English descriptions.

For other brands, (Chushin kobo, KIHARA) we prepare our original English descriptions.
Please do not worry about care or use. Just enjoy shopping omiyage!

English description of Nousaku

Japanese gift wrapping for gifts

Since all items are superb Japanese crafts, we pursue the gift wrapping for the items. Japan Design Store prepares Japanese modern gift wrapping. Moreover, some items have exclusive box or paulownia box. If you would like to send Japanese souvenirs as gifts, please use our gift wrapping service.

Image of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
Image of gift wrapping. * The boxes differ from item to item.

A big hit! Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

If you use our gift wrapping, you can change usual Mizuhiki elastic ribbon to a “Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki.”
Ume means plum flower. Ume is one of the representative flowers in Japan. Please feel the omotenashi of Japan from our wrapping.

Image of gift wrapping with Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

Best 5 Japanese souvenirs in our store

Here, we would like to introduce out best 5 recommended items for Japanese souvenirs. These are the best souvenirs from Japan. Get your omiyage here!

  1. [syouryu] Suzugami

    Suzugami 18cm x 2 set within Paulownia box

    This is a flexible tin plate “suzugami” from syouryu. Suzugami is made of 100% pure tin. Therefore, you can change the form of suzugami as you like. Whatever you change its form, suzugami returns as it was. Craftsmen pound and roll tin numerous times. The patterns of suzugami is all pounded by hammer. Suzugami is filled with Japanese craftsmanship. So, suzugami is the best souvenirs from Japan.

    If you would like to send this suzugami as gift, please choose the set within paulownia box. The paulownia box set has great atmosphere of Japan.

    Suzugami has 3 patterns. Please leave the select of patterns to our staff.
    * If you have a demand for patterns, please let us know. Please note that we cannot meet your demand in some cases.

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    Another flexible tin tableware

    We have another flexible tin tableware “KAGO” from Nousaku. It can be metal fruit bowl. This unique item is selected in “The Wonder 500™.”
    In fact, KAGO is the best-selling gift item from Japanese people to overseas friends.

    KAGO of Nousaku as a metal fruit bowl

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  2. [Nousaku] Beer cup and sake set

    Tin tumbler and beer cups of Nousaku

    Beer cup, tumbler, and sake set of Nousaku is all made of 100% pure tin. For sake lovers, tin beer cup and sake set have been long seller in Japan and the world.
    Tin has an effect to make sake mellow.

    Tin beer cups or tumblers are great Japanese souvenir for everyone. Even if you do not drink sake, tin beer cups can make water delicious. Please try it!

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    Katakuchi and guinomi

    If you like “real Japanese,” we recommend Japanese sake set with Katakuchi and guinomi or ochoko. Katakuchi is Japanese traditional sake pitcher. Guinomi and ochoko are sake cups to enjoy Japanese sake.

    Sake set with katakuchi and guinomi of Nousaku

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    For Japanese sake lovers, Nousaku’s beer cups and sake sets are the best souvenirs!

  3. Mamezara, Japanese small plates

    Inban-mamezara and Dobai-mamezara of Azmaya on a tray

    Do you know mamezara? Mamezara is Japanese small plates. Approximately, the plates less than 10 cm are called mamezara. These small plates have various designs and sizes. Once you start to collect, you may become addictive to collect more!

    Many brands offer mamezara. Among them, mamezara of Azmaya is the best seller. Mamezara of Azmaya has 7 forms ×2 types. Let’s collect all!

    Japanese ceramics has long history as 12,000 years. You can feel the history and inherited skill of Japanese ceramics from a small plate. Mamezara does not take much space. That’s why mamezara has been popular for Japanese souvenirs.

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  4. Japanese teapots

    Japan Design Store offers various types and kinds of teapots. Japanese people use kyusu or teapot almost every day.

    As Japanese souvenirs, tetsubin teapot, or cast iron teapot has been popular.
    The cast iron teapot of Chushin Kobo is the best seller. The cast iron teapots of Chushin Kobo are also designated as “The Wonder 500™”.

    Japanese tea set with yunomi, saucer and cast iron teapot of Chushin Kobo

    Also, ceramic kyusu and tea set have been popular. Sou sou series of ceramic japan especially has Japanese atmosphere.

    2 Japanese tea sets of sou sou series from ceramic japan

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  5. [GATO MIKIO] Wooden tea canister Karmi

    Karmi is wooden tea canister from GATO MIKIO. Skilled craftsmen shave the wood rolling at potter’s wheel. The detailed handwork makes high airtight effect of wooden tea canister. So, the wooden tea canister of GATO MIKIO can keep fresh taste and aroma of tea leaves.

    This Karmi series are also selected as “The Wonder 500™”.

    Green tea leaves in wooden tea canister Karmi

    Karmi series has 5 types ×2 colors. You can choose your favorite one from 10 kinds of tea canisters. Since all the items are handmade one by one by craftsmen, it takes a certain period of time to produce a tea canister. Please get them when we have stock.

    In addition to tea leaves, you can store coffee beans or dry frits.
    Wooden tableware is very familiar for Japanese people. You can feel the breeze of Japanese forest from wooden tea canisters.

    If you like wooden tableware or natural lifestyle, Karmi series is the best souvenirs from Japan.

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Other recommended items for Japanese souvenirs

In addition to these 5 items, we also recommend lacquer sake cups of Toba Shitsugei, lacquered chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto, wind chime of Nousaku, and more! We have various kinds of Japanese souvenirs you can get online.

Please have a look around our website, and find your best souvenirs from Japan!

4 lacquered sake cups of Toba Shitsugei

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