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Unique and cute chopsticks gift set

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Simple and unique chopsticks gift set

For your friends, family members, or your boss, you would like to send high-sense and high-class gifts, wouldn’t you? And of course, the gift item must make the people happy.

As Japanese gifts, we recommend chopsticks gift sets. Stylish and unique chopsticks will satisfy your dearest people.

Here, we would like to introduce the unique and simple chopsticks gift sets from Floyd.

2 pairs of Bamboo arrow chopsticks

Meanings of Meoto-bashi

Meoto-bashi means 2 pairs of chopsticks. “Meoto” means a couple, and “bashi” or “hashi” means chopsticks. In Japan, most of chopsticks gift sets are Meoto-bashi.

We wish upon Meoto-bashi that “may a couple can be together forever by using Meoto-bashi together every day.”

In this reason, Japanese people have sent not only chopsticks, but also other tableware in pair, such as rice bowls or teacups.
In addition to this reason, Meoto-bashi has some other auspicious meanings.

First, chopsticks are indispensable items for daily life for Japanese people. Therefore, people have likened life to chopsticks in various rituals.

Also, chopsticks are always used in pair. We cannot use a chopstick alone. When we eat, we need a pair of chopsticks. It is like Bride and Groom.

Like this, chopstick gift sets have a lot of auspicious meanings. If you send a Meoto-bashi gift set, the recipients will be filled with happiness and your kind thought.

2 types of chopsticks gift sets of Floyd

We would like to introduce 2 types of chopsticks gift set from Floyd. It is “Bamboo Arrow 2 pairs” and “Butterfly 2 pairs.”
“Butterfly 2 pairs” have cute 4 colors.
Please select the best one for your dearest person.

For simple lovers, Bamboo Arrow 2 pairs

If a couple love simple, high-sense, or modern items, we recommend Bamboo Arrow 2 pairs. This is 2 pairs of bamboo arrow chopsticks and chopstick rests of hawk’s feather.
Simple chopsticks gift set have elegance and gorgeousness. Mat glitter of gold and silver gives refined atmosphere to the dinner table.

Bamboo Arrow pairs have both cute and stylish mood. Therefore, it would be great chopsticks gift set for your mother and father, or grandpa and grandma.

Bamboo arrow is a Japanese traditional motif as the symbol of talisman against evils. Bamboo chopsticks are produced in Wakasa city of Fukui prefecture. The top of the chopsticks has the shape of arrowhead. Craftsmen in Wakasa shave the shape, paint colors, and draw delicate lines.

The chopstick rests are made of tin. They are produced in a traditional casting atelier in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture. Hawk’s feather is often used for bamboo arrow. Each chopstick rest is handmade one by one.

Bamboo Arrow chopsticks are thin and long. 2 pairs of the chopsticks are the same size. So, they are useful when you serve some foods to guests.

“Bamboo arrows 2 pairs” are great chopsticks gift sets. It is filled with Japanese traditional skill and auspicious meanings.

Bamboo Arrow 2 pairs of Floyd

For cute lovers, Butterfly 2 pairs

If a couple love cute, natural, or colorful items, we recommend Butterfly 2 pairs. This is 2 pairs of octagon chopsticks and chopstick rests of butterfly.

Cute butterflies stay on the dinner table. On the glossy and cute chopstick rests, natural chopsticks rest peacefully. With this chopsticks gift set, you can make the dinner table into a garden party.

The octagon chopsticks are made of beech. Craftsmen in Wakasa city of Fukui prefecture shave each chopstick carefully. Therefore, the wooden chopsticks have smooth texture.

When you choose these chopsticks gift sets, please choose the best color combination for the recipients. We have 4 patterns of color combinations of the chopstick rests.
Let us introduce the mood and impression of each color.

First, standard combination of pink and blue. The chopsticks gift set has been especially popular for wedding gifts.
Both pink and blue butterflies have gentle colors. For cute lovers, or those who like pale color tableware, this combination would be best.

Blue and pink combination of Butterfly 2 pairs

Next, chic combination of white and purple. These stylish chopsticks gift set do not interrupt other colors. For modern interior, these 2 colors suit well as an accent. If the recipients love chic and modern design, this set would be great.

White and purple combination of Butterfly 2 pairs

Third, bright combination of green and yellow. Fresh chopsticks gift set make the couples happy.
For cheerful and active people, these colors fit well.

Green and yellow combination of Butterfly 2 pairs

Last, gorgeous combination of gold and silver. Even they have gorgeous color, their colors are chic and cool. Therefore, the gold and silver butterfly rests can be used for daily dinner to special party.
For your mother and father or grandma and grandpa, these sets are preferable.

Gold and silver combination of Butterfly 2 pairs

Chopsticks gift set as Japanese souvenirs!

Stylish chopsticks gift sets from Floyd are great wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or housewarming gifts.
In addition, unique chopsticks would be great souvenirs from Japan.

Of course, authentic Japanese chopsticks are great. However, for stylish design lovers, the chopsticks gift sets of Floyd are better.
They are easy to be used in daily life.

All chopsticks gift sets of Floyd are 2 pairs. Also, they are within exclusive box. How about choosing the chopsticks gift sets for your dearest person?

3 Butterfly 2 pairs sets within their exclusive boxes

What is Floyd?

The designer of these stylish chopsticks gift sets is Floyd.
Floyd was established in 2005 in Mishima, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. It stated its mission as following: “To deliver emotion, surprise, and smile to people.”

Mr. Fujinuma, the representative and a designer of Floyd ran a select shop before he established Floyd. With his experience at the store, he has invented unique and stylish items.

Cute butterflies become chopsticks rests. Arrow and hawk’s feather becomes a set of chopsticks and chopstick rests. The items of Floyd are filled with surprise and playful mind.

Chopsticks gift set with Japanese gift wrapping

If you would like to send the chopsticks gift sets for someone, please pursuit to the gift wrapping as well.
Japan Design Store offers authentic Japanese gift wrapping.
We wrap the item carefully and thoughtfully. You can send your celebrating or appreciating thought with the gift wrapping and chopsticks gift set.

Image of Japanese gift wrapping with red wrapping paper and Japanese Ume Mizuhiki
Image of Japanese gift wrapping. The box is different from the chopsticks gift sets of Floyd.

Send a message card with a present!

If you select wrapping for USD $3 (Wrapping paper/ Noshi), you can make a message card for free.
You can send your message with gifts.

Message card of Japan Design Store
You can make your message at the blank space of the card.

Comment from buyer

I like simple and modern design items. At first, I wonder whether I should introduce these colorful chopsticks gift sets or not.

However, when I saw the items with the staff of Floyd, I was not able to stop my imagination!
“I will send this green and yellow set to her for her wedding gift.”
“This white and purple set would be great for that couple.”

Like me, I would like our customers to select best one from various chopsticks gift sets. Finally, I decided to introduce all colors.

My recommendation is Bamboo Arrow 2 pairs. This set has both cool and cute atmosphere. I also like its hidden auspicious meanings in bamboo arrow and hawk’s feather.

Bamboo arrow chopsticks are thin and long. The simple chopsticks work when you have guests and serve dishes for individuals.
For cute lovers, Butterfly 2 pairs are better. But for me, I prefer simple one with story.

We have more 2-pairs chopsticks

In Japan Design Store, we have more 2-pairs chopsticks in addition to the chopsticks gift sets of Floyd. We have simple and high-class Wajima-nuri chopsticks “Oval lacquered chopsticks” from Wajima Kirimoto, or beautiful “chopsticks and chopstick rests set from Hakuichi.

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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