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size W175 D15 H6mm 満水時2180㎖
weight 950.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. NOT for induction cooktop. _x000d_ The surface of the kettle may be oxidized a little when you open the item at first since no antioxidant finish is applied to the surface. _x000d_ Boiling the teapot dry is dangerous. Please avoid it. Fill water at least by the place where the mouth of the spout sink under the water._x000d_ Avoid filling water to the brim._x000d_ Do not touch the handle with your hand directly when the kettle is being heated, or soon after heating. Do not heat the kettle without lid._x000d_ Adjust the heat that the flame does not over the bottom of the kettle._x000d_ When you pour hot water as soon as it boiled, the hot water may spray._x000d_ Do not cool the pot rapidly when you boil the kettle dry, or make strong impact._x000d_ If you leave the copper tea kettle with moisture, the copper kettle may be patinated. The patina is harmless to human body.
Short Description 【Copper tea kettle】The copper tea kettle of Azmaya has modern, but classic atmosphere. The beautiful pink gold gloss will turn to tender amber color by your use. Please enjoy the usability and its gradual change as time passes. Copper tea kettle has high thermal conductivity, antibacterial, and sterilize effect. For tea lovers of coffee lovers, copper tea kettle would be great present.



Azmaya is a producing brand. Azmaya collaborates with many Japanese traditional ateliers or designers to create Japanese modern products. The popular items are Inban series. Beautiful porcelain with white and blue colors. Also, their Nanbu tetsubin is famous for its design and function.

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