Nanbu tetsubin / Arare

Nanbu tetsubin / Cast iron kettle / Arare / Roji

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size 容量:1.0L 外箱:W185×185×230mm
weight (g) 2000.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks Nanbu tetsubin Arare of Roji is induction cooktop SAFE. When you use tetsubin over Induction cooktop, please remain the flame in low ~ middle. The inside of tetsubin is finished by “Kama-yaki (Kanake-dome)”. It has oxide film. The oxide film prevents tetsubin from rust or metallic taste. When you use the tetsubin at the first time, repeat boiling water and discard it for 3 times. DO NOT rub with scouring brush, or wash with detergent inside the tetsubin. Also, do not touch inside with your fingers. When you boil Nanbu tetsubin, slide the lid a little, and release steam. Just heated Nanbu tetsubin is extremely hot. Please be careful of touching it. When you grab handle, use dish cloth or pot holders. When you pour hot water, hold the knob of lid. If the lid drops, hot steam will burn your hand. DO NOT cool Nanbu tetsubin rapidly, or leave it to cool place after use. After using Nanbu tetsubin, remove lid and dry completely with remaining heat. Or, you can boil the tetsubin dry lightly. Spout, edge, and the backside of lid are easily getting rust. After use tetsubin, please wipe there with dry cloth well. When those places get rust, wipe there with tea-soaked cloth. The more you use Nanbu tetsubin, the more furs adhere inside and the furs prevent tetsubin from getting “red rust.” As the components of water adhere on the fur, you can enjoy more delicious hot water. Please do not rub off the fur. When you do not use Nanbu tetsubin for a long time, dry tetsubin well and wrap it with highly hygroscopic paper such as newspaper or Japanese paper. Store the Nanbu tetsubin in dry place. For the care of the surface of Nanbu tetsubin, please use tea-soaked cloth. Wring out the cloth well, and polish tetsubin with it while tetsubin is warm. If the hot water becomes reddish or has metallic taste, or you can see “red rust” inside the Nanbu tetsubin, boil water with packed used tea leaves until the water becomes black. You must use the USED tea leaves. The coating at the joints of kettle and handle will be removed naturally as you use Nanbu tetsubin. That place may get rust slightly. If the joint get rust, apply vegetable oil a little, and wipe there.
Short Description 【Nanbu tetsubin / Arare】This is Nanbu tetsubin “Arare” from Roji Associates. It inherits Japanese “Wabi & Sabi” culture. You will get fond of this tetsubin as you use it. Tetsubin adheres components in water such as chlorine. Therefore, the hot water becomes mellow and delicious. Also, you can take in iron from the boiled water. For tea lovers, coffee lovers, or cooking lovers, Nanbu tetsubin would be great gift. Japanese traditional tetsubin would be great wedding gifts or housewarming gifts as well. Induction cooktop SAFE.

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