Wedding gift ideas for sister and brother, Japanese wedding gifts

Wedding gift ideas for sister and brother, Japanese wedding gifts

Wedding gift ideas for sister and brother

BEST 5 wedding gift ideas for sister and brother

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Wedding gift ideas for brother and sister

What are you going to send for your brother or sister as his or her wedding gifts? We recommend Japanese wedding gifts. Useful and good-design items will make your dearest sister or brother happy.

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High-class wedding gifts for your brother or sister

Congratulations on your dearest brother’s or sister’s wedding!
You get more relatives now.
When you decide to send some gifts for your sister or brother, can you decide soon?
As we know well about him or her, ideas do not come upon soon.

For you, our staff propose wedding gift ideas for sister and brother.
・Budget for wedding gifts for brother or sister
・Best 5 items for wedding gifts for brother or sister

What is the budget for wedding gifts for friends?

Most people choose items of ¥30,000 ~ ¥50,000 (about $300 ~ $500) for their brother’s and sister’s wedding gifts.
Depends on household, plan of wedding gifts for sister or brother is different. Please talk with your parent before sending gifts.

Best 5 items for wedding gifts for friends

Brother’s or sister’s wedding is a big event of a family. For their happiest time, let’s select best wedding gifts for your brother or sister.
All our items pass 4 strict criteria, “Made in Japan, High-Quality, Good-design, Rarity.”
We select 5 suitable items as wedding gifts for sister or brother.

  1. Make every dish look elegant
    [1616/arita japan] TY Palace Plate

    Strawberries on TY Palace Plate from 1616/arita japan

    This plate has elegant form like a bloom of chrysanthemum.
    “TY Place Plate” from 1616/arita japan was created for the Place Hotel Tokyo.
    The popularity of Palace Plate has gradually risen. Now, we can see this Arita ware plate in some famous Japanese magazines such as “ELLE DECOR”, “Very”, “LEE” or “Casa BRUTUS”.

    As wedding gifts, most people choose pair items.
    However, pair items are not enough when they invite relatives to their new house.

    For brothers or sisters, we can afford to prepare certain number of dishes.
    Prepare a lot of same kinds of dishes for home party. That would be great wedding gifts for sister and brother.

    We have our original sets within exclusive boxes. Please choose your best set.

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  2. Stylish, smart and modern donabe
    [ceramic japan] do-bane

    Stylish donabe pot do-nabe on kitchen countertop

    When couple start a new life as husband and wife, they need to prepare a lot of things to live together. For such a busy couple, how about sending items that is necessary but not urgently needed?

    “Donabe pot for wedding gifts? Isn’t it too plain?”
    This donabe pot “do-nabe” is very stylish and modern earthenware pot.
    Our buyer searched a modern donabe all around Japan, and finally found it!
    In fact, this do-nabe is selected in DESIGN COLLECTION by JAPAN DESIGN COMMITTEE.

    This stylish pot is produced in a studio “ceramic japan” in Seto city of Aichi prefecture.

    Have a Nabe party with relatives or friends.
    With this smart donabe pot, the party will be happier than usual.
    As the wedding gifts for sister or brother, this useful and stylish donabe pot is suitable.

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  3. For practical use! Useful kitchen item
    [Noda Horo] White series (Enamelware)

    Enamelware of White series and official recipe book of Noda Horo

    Noda Horo is the only one enamelware maker in Japan.
    This “White series” is long-selling item. Useful enamelware meets the demand of all people who cook. In fact, this White series have been popular Japanese wedding gifts.

    ・Refrigerator and freezer FREE
    ・Can be cooked over open flame
    ・Steamer FREE
    ・Oven FREE (adopt to the highest temperature of house oven; 250℃~300℃)
    ・Used as mixing bowl or baking pan
    ・Can be served as a tableware

    The enamelware of Noda Horo works every scene of your brother’s or sister’s new life.
    Our staff was surprised to find such a useful cooking item.

    Japan Design Store makes our original sets for cooking lovers or cooking beginners.
    Some sets have official recipe book of Noda Horo.
    Your brother or sister can use this useful enamelware from the day they receive it.

    Useful kitchen item is a very practical wedding gifts for sister or brother.

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  4. For sister who loves cute items
    [Floyd] ARITA JEWEL

    Cute items on ARITA JEWEL from Floyd

    ARITA JEWEL is cute mamezara like jewelries. These adorable plates are produced in Arita town where is famous for Arita porcelain.

    Elegant pale color plates have been popular item as Japanese wedding gifts.
    Glossy color reminds us sweets.
    As the wedding gifts for sister, we have a set with exclusive box.

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  5. For brother who loves chic items
    [Studio GALA] SUZURI

    Bread and cheese on slate board SUZURI from Studio GALA

    Slate boards or state plates have been popular these days.
    In fact, high-class slate plates have been used in Japanese restaurants.
    This “SUZURI” is made of Genshou-seki in Ogatsu, Miyagi prefecture in Japan. Craftsmen shave stone to produce a slate plate.

    Jet-black plate can make dishes look stand out. Your brother can make a cool plate like a plate served in a high-class restaurant.
    SUZURI has 3 types, Round, Square or Rectangle. Please select the best one for your brother.

    Chic slate board would be cool wedding gifts for brother.

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These are our wedding gift ideas for sister and brother.
Can you find the best item for your dearest brother or sister?
Japan Design Store offers more made-in-Japan items.
Please have a look and find the best wedding gifts for your brother or sister.

Search by price range

~¥3,000 (~ about $30)
~¥5,000 (~ about $50)
~¥10,000 (~ about $100)
~¥15,000 (~ about $150)
¥15,000~ (about $150~)

Suitable Japanese modern gift wrapping for wedding gifts

Gift wrapping is the first thing the recipients see. Therefore, we would like to pursue the gift wrapping for the special presents.
Japan Design Store offers Japanese various modern gift wrappings. All of them are suitable for Japanese high-quality items.
Some items have their exclusive box or paulownia box.
Our gift wrapping is one of the features of our wedding gifts.

Images of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
Image of gift wrapping * Boxes differ from item to item

Hot item! Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

If you choose our gift wrapping service, you can change usual Mizuhiki elastic ribbon into “Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki” as an option.
Elegant, cute, and auspicious Ume-Mizuhiki is suitable for wedding gifts for your important sister or brother.

Image of gift wrapping with Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki
Image of gift wrapping with Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping

Image of Noshi paper for wedding gifts
Image of Noshi paper for wedding gifts

Many customers select our “Noshi wrapping” for wedding gifts. Noshi wrapping is Japanese traditional gift wrapping for presents.
For the wedding gifts, the Noshi paper is like this picture.
“御結婚御祝” means “congratulation on your wedding.” Mizuhiki ribbon would be gold and silver.

Wedding gift ideas

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