Japanese tableware as Japanese wedding gifts

High quality Japanese tableware as Japanese wedding gifts

High quality Japanese tableware as Japanese wedding gifts

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Japanese tableware as Japanese wedding gifts

If you need wedding gift ideas, how about Japanese wedding gifts? Japanese tableware is popular wedding gifts in Japan. High- quality and good design tableware can be used not only as tableware, but also as home decor.

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Send Japanese tableware as Japanese wedding gifts

Tableware is indispensable item for just-married couples. Daily meals become happier with stylish tableware.
Especially when a couple moves to a new house, they have more chance to invite people. When they invite people, a lot of tableware is needed.

After people get married, every meal is for a family. The number of dishes increase. Therefore, just-married couple need various tableware such as individual plates, salad bowls, or cups.

Nevertheless, unnecessary tableware is not suitable for wedding gifts.
So, Japan Design Store introduces best Japanese tableware for Japanese wedding gifts. All tableware is “usable, useful, and simple.”

Sunny side up on TY Palace plate

TY Palace plate from 1616/arita japan

Popular Japanese tableware as Japanese wedding gifts

  1. [1616/arita japan] TY Palace Plate

    Some dishes on Palace Plate and miso soup in Meibokuwan

    1616/arita japan is a brand of Arita porcelain which is the representative of Japanese tableware. The brand modernized Japanese traditional porcelain.
    TY Place Plate is produced for Palace Hotel Tokyo by 1616/arita japan.

    This elegant plate is unglazed, so it has grayish white color. The form of the plate reminds us a bloom of chrysanthemum.
    It is a Japanese tableware but suits every kind of dishes. Since the plate is made of high-density pottery clay, Palace Plate has 1.8 times strength than usual plates.

    High-class restaurants or hotels in the world use this beautiful Arita porcelain.
    Sweet, gorgeous and elegant plate reminds us pure-white wedding dress of bride.
    TY Place Plate has been popular item as Japanese wedding gifts.

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  2. [syouryu] Suzugami

    Hanami dumpling on Suzugami

    Suzugami is a flexible tin plate made with the skill of Takaoka copperware in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.
    Unique flexible tableware is a suitable item as a surprising wedding gift. Simple and modern atmosphere got popularity from designers, too.
    Especially for unique design lovers, suzugami would be the best Japanese wedding gifts.

    Suzugami has enough presence but suits every kind of dishes. In addition to Japanese wedding gifts, suzugami has been popular as Japanese wedding favors.

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  3. [Sonobe] Meibokuwan

    Stewed food in Meibokuwan from Sonobe

    Meibokuwan from Sonobe won the Good Design Award in 1998. Since its release, Meibokuwan has been a long-selling item. Simple and relaxing wooden bowls are produced by lathe and hand carve by craftsmen.
    Regardless of sex or age, beautifully rounded wooden soup bowl has been loved by people.

    We recommend L size Meibokuwan. Large bowls are good for miso soup or soup with various ingredients. With wooden china spoon, we can eat stewed food or cereal.

    For natural-design lovers, Meibokuwan is the best Japanese wedding gifts.

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  4. [Azmaya] Inban-Soba choko cups

    Inban-Soba choko cups from Azmaya

    Soba choko cups can be used as cup for dipping sauce for buckwheat noodles or Japanese thin noodles, or dessert cup. Soba choko is very useful Japanese tableware.
    Cute Soba choko cups of Azmaya lift our spirits with their fresh color and design. We can use the cups for dishes or any kinds of items.

    Soba choko cups are representative Japanese tableware. But since the cups have cute design like Nordic tableware, anyone can use it easily.
    Clean navy print is carefully done by craftsmen with Inban skill. You can see the unique taste of handicrafts.

    For simple lovers, Japanese lovers, or Nordic design lovers, these Inban -Soba choko cups are the suitable Japanese wedding gifts.

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  5. [Floyd] ARITA JEWEL

    Various ARITA JEWEL plates from Floyd

    ARITA JEWEL has gloss and transparency like jewelries. These cute plates were born in a producing area of Arita porcelain. So, the name is ARITA JEWEL.
    The special glaze for colorful and glossy plate is called “crystalline glaze.” Its beauty and good design is the reason why ARITA JEWEL was selected as the selection of MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts) in New York.

    Cute and elegant plates would be great Japanese wedding gifts for women who love Disney princess.
    Bride can enjoy modest girly Japanese tableware.

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Choose best wedding gifts or Japanese tableware for the bride or groom

These are our recommended Japanese tableware as Japanese wedding gifts.
Japan Design Store introduces so rare items that tableware lovers or unique design lovers are surprised.
Please select the best Japanese wedding gifts for your important person.

Wedding gift ideas

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