Wedding gift ideas for friends, Japanese wedding gifts

Wedding gift ideas for friends, Japanese wedding gifts

Wedding gift ideas for friends from Japan Design Store

BEST 5 wedding gift ideas for friends

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Wedding gift ideas for friends

As wedding gifts for our important friends, we would like to send the best item for him or her. Japan Design Store introduces Japanese masterpieces with good design and great usability.

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Send Japanese items as wedding gifts for friends

Congratulations on your important friends’ wedding!
If you cannot attend his or her wedding ceremony, let’s felicitate them with the best wedding gifts for him or her.
If you are apart from your friends, online shopping is convenient for you.
We can ship Japanese wedding gifts to the people around the world.

“Well, what gifts should I choose?”
If you need some wedding gift ideas for friends, leave it to Japan Design Store.
We introduce 2 helpful information for you.
・Budget for wedding gifts for friends
・Best 5 items for wedding gifts for friends

What is the budget for wedding gifts for friends?

In Japan, many people choose presents of ¥5,000 ~ ¥10,000 (about $50 ~ $100) when they do not attend wedding ceremony.

It is just an estimated budget.
If you have received wedding gifts from him or her, prepare a gift of as same price as the gifts you received.

Best 5 items for wedding gifts for friends

A wedding gift for your dearest friend. Choose the item that can makes him or her happy.
All items in our store fulfill 4 rigid criteria, “Made in Japan, High-quality, Good design, Rarity”.
Among various items, we select 5 suitable items for the wedding gifts for your friends.

  1. Wine glass like jewelry for good memento
    [Toba Shitsugei] Lacquer wine glass

    Beautiful stem of colored lacquer wine glass

    The first recommended item is color lacquered wine glass from Toba Shitsugei.
    Look at the stem.
    Brilliant color in stem is like jewelries.

    Colored lacquer wind glasses from Toba Shitsugei

    You can enjoy beautiful color-lacquer and mat gloss of lacquer. Unique work of stem is done by “Kongou-Ishime-Nuri”, an intangible heritage of Shizuoka prefecture.
    We offer pair glasses within exclusive box.
    Pair beautiful wine glasses would be great wedding gifts for friends.

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  2. Cute and auspicious rice bowls make us smile
    [Floyd] FUJIWAN

    Ichi-Fuji Ni-Taka San-Nasubi set from Floyd

    Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi.
    Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi is auspicious motif. Ichi, Ni, San means one, two, three. Fuji is Mt. Fuji. Taka means hawks. Nasubi means eggplant.

    This unique set was born from a collaboration of Japanese traditional crafts and designer.
    Floyd, a designers’ brand produced the design of this product.
    A pottery of Hasami ware in Nagasaki prefecture makes the tableware.

    A just-married couple aims to new goal of their life. How about sending the rice bowls of Japanese highest mountain?

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  3. For cooking lovers
    [Noda Horo] White series (Enamelware)

    Gratin in enamel baking dish of White series from Noda Horo

    “Noda Horo” is only one enamelware maker in Japan.
    This “White series” has been popular from housewives. This enamelware meets various demand of cooking people.

    ・Refrigerator and freezer FREE
    ・Can be used over open flame
    ・Steamer FREE
    ・Oven FREE (adopt to the highest temperature of house oven; 250℃~300℃)
    ・Used as bowl or baking pan
    ・Can be served as tableware

    Our staff was surprised to know the White series that “I didn’t know that there is such a multiple use tableware.”
    If your friends like cooking, they will be happy with these.

    Japan Design Store makes various original sets for cooking lovers or cooking beginners.
    Some sets are with official recipe book of Noda Horo. With the recipe book, anyone can start using enamelware as soon as they receive it.

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  4. For coffee lovers
    [1616/arita japan] S&B Coffee cup

    Light brown coffee cup & saucer from 1616/arita japan

    Simple, but unforgettable design.
    400 years’ history of Arita porcelain meets Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings. Fateful encounter creates this beautiful coffee cup and saucer.
    Pale color and solid form provides beautiful atmosphere.

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    You can make a colorful table setting with other items of same series.
    If you have coffee lover friends, stylish coffee cups would best wedding gifts for him or her.

  5. For cute lovers
    [Floyd] ARITA JEWEL

    ARITA JEWEL from Floyd

    ARITA JEWEL is a cute series of mamezara like jewelry. It is made in Arita town where is famous for Arita porcelain.

    Elegant pale colors remind us candies.
    When we see the plates, we cannot help saying “Kawaii!”
    As the wedding gifts for friends, we prepare cute sets within exclusive boxes.

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Now, can you get wedding gift ideas for friends?
Japan Design Store collects masterpiece of Made in japan from all around Japan.
Please enjoy choosing the best wedding gifts for your dearest friends.

Search by price range

~¥3,000 (~ about $30)
~¥5,000 (~ about $50)
~¥10,000 (~ about $100)
~¥15,000 (~ about $150)
¥15,000~ (about $150~)

Suitable Japanese modern gift wrapping for wedding gifts

Gift wrapping is the first thing the recipients see. Therefore, we would like to pursue the gift wrapping for the special presents.
Japan Design Store offers Japanese various modern gift wrappings. All of them are suitable for Japanese high-quality items.
Some items have their exclusive box or paulownia box.
Our gift wrapping is one of the features of our wedding gifts.

Images of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
Image of gift wrapping * Boxes differ from item to item

Hot item! Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

If you choose our gift wrapping service, you can change usual Mizuhiki elastic ribbon into “Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki” as an option.
Elegant, cute, and auspicious Ume-Mizuhiki is suitable for wedding gifts for your important friends.

Image of gift wrapping with Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki
Image of gift wrapping with Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping

Image of Noshi paper for wedding gifts
Image of Noshi paper for wedding gifts

Many customers select our “Noshi wrapping” for wedding gifts. Noshi wrapping is Japanese traditional gift wrapping for presents.
For the wedding gifts, the Noshi paper is like this picture.
“御結婚御祝” means “congratulation on your wedding.” Mizuhiki ribbon would be gold and silver.

Wedding gift ideas

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