Soba choko cups Azmaya

Inban soba choko cups if Azmaya

Soba choko cups with rounded form and Japanese traditional pattern

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Moderato life with soba choko cups

Japanese tableware of Azmaya have been popular among fashionista or interior lovers. In fact, many Japanese select shops and high-class Japanese-style hotel use the tableware of Azmaya.
The Japanese tableware of Azmaya have been popular for its simple and moderate design with traditional skill and patterns.
This Inban-soba choko cups have simple coloring of white and blue. This cup is a multiple use cup as tableware or accessory case.
For example, you can put yogurt or soup. How do you use this soba choko cup?

Inban soba choko cups if Azmaya

Beautiful blue patterns on white cups are carefully printed by craftsmen. Since all cups are handmade, each pattern has different perspective such as a slight blur. Please enjoy each perspective.
In addition to home use, these soba choko cups from Azmaya are recommended items for gifts as well.

5 patterns of Inban soba choko cups of Azmaya

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Online Azmaya shop? Visit Japan Design Store!

Azmaya is a brand produces Japanese traditional crafts, tableware, and daily necessaries. Azmaya treasures the relationship with dealing stores in the basis of “whether a store can tell the attitude of Azmaya to customers.”
In Japan Design Store, we examine the products with the staff of Azmaya, and discuss what to tell to the customers.
A few shops and online store can sell the tableware of Azmaya. Our store introduces their products as an official distributor.

Japan Design Store original set

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Soba choko cup of Azmaya is a multiple use tableware

As the name “soba choko cups” explains, we can use soba choko cups when we eat soba, Japanese buckwheat noodles. However, there are more use of soba choko cups than we expected.
Actually, we use these soba choko cups in various uses.

Green leaf in Inban soba choko cup of Azmaya

For example, when we have guests, we serve these soba choko cups as coffee cups. Our manager drink amazake with this soba choko cup. Furthermore, soba choko cups are best size for vegetable sticks.
The name is “soba choko cup.” But this soba choko cup of Azmaya is more than the soba choko!

Soba choko cups as tea cups

One of our staff M said “we cannot realize the use of tableware until we use it.” Soba choko cup of Azmaya is one of that tableware.
Even if you do not eat soba, soba choko cups work more than your expectation.

Soba choko cups on the dinner table

What is soba choko cup?

By the way, what is “soba choko cup?” What does “choko” means?
Let us introduce you the origin of “choko.”

In kanji, choko is 猪口. 猪口 means the mouth of wild boar. There are various theories, but one of the theories says the form of this cup is similar to the mouth of wild boar. You know, the mouth of wild boar is slightly sharp-pointed like this cup. At first, it is called “choku.” Then, it gradually developed to “choko.”
Generally, choko is the general name for tableware which have the shape like the mouth of wild boar.

Choko or Ochoko have been used for drinking Japanese sake. That ochoko became bigger to put small dishes in Japanese cuisine.
The late period of Edo era, about 300 years ago, soba became popular among common people. People found that ochoko was the best tableware for dipping sauce for soba. Here, soba choko was born.

In fact, people called soba choko “zakki”, or multiple use cup in that time. Soba choko cups have been used and loved by people as multiple use cups.

Soba choko cups as cups for dipping sauce for soba

The feature of soba choko cups of Azmaya

The craftsmen of Hasami porcelain handmade Inban series of Azmaya.
Inban is one of the printing skill from paper to porcelain. Craftsman wet the patterned “tensha-gami” (printing paper), and put it on to the unglazed pottery to print pattern. Since craftsman put and print one by one, all plates have each own face. You can get only one product in the world.

The blur print is not an inferior good. Please use the cups at ease.

Blur of pattern is one of the features of handmade crafts

Recommended points of Inban-soba choko cups of Azmaya

  1. Usability makes a form!

    In general, soba choko cups are around 7 cm (about 2.8 inches) in diameter. The height is around 4 to 6 cm (about 1.5 to 2.3 inches).
    It is said that this simple form and size is easy to use for people of all ages and sexes.
    In fact, cups around the world have 7 cm in diameter.
    Easy-to-handle form and best size is the reason why soba choko cup is a useful tableware.

    Soba choko cups can be stylish tea cups
  2. Northern European design fits various cuisine

    If you only use soba choko to eat soba, Japanese pattern tableware is the best. However, if you would like to use multiple ways, the tableware should fit various cuisine,
    In this point, inban-soba choko cups of Azmaya have Northern European like design. These simple and natural patterns fit various cuisine.
    In addition to pattern, the coloring is simple. Beautiful contrast of blue and white make the color of food stand out.

    Soba choko cups of Azmaya Rain

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  3. You can be a soba choko cup master?

    As we mentioned, you can use soba choko cups every day.
    How do you use soba choko cups?
    We would like to see the various way of use around the world.

    Japanese tableware of Azmaya

    Of course, soba choko cups work when you drink sake.
    Imagine the evening you drink Japanese sake with soba choko cups. How stylish it is!
    Moreover, you can serve coffee, black tea, or green tea with this soba choko cup.

    Omotenashi with tea in soba choko cups of Azmaya

    Inban soba choko cups of Azmaya are all handmade by Japanese craftsmen. The craftsmen are engaged in every procedure; form the procurement to printing. So, it is not so cheap. But the price has clear reason.
    Please use the soba choko cups for a long time, and make them your own antique.

    Neat stacking of soba choko cups of Azmaya

What is Azmaya?

Azmaya is a brand selling detailed tableware or miscellaneous goods. It is established in 1997.
Since its establishment, it states its concept as “products that customers can use and love for a long time, and crafts that do not compromise their technology and material.” Azmaya manufactures the products based on “careful life” with consistent care and traditional skill of craftsmen in Japan.
That is why the tableware or miscellaneous goods of Azmaya have modern design and Japanese traditional culture and skill.

We can see the serious attitude to handcraft of Azmaya from their words.
“Carefully produced bowls inherit generations from grandmother to mother, and mother to her son. As time passes, memories and times dwell in the bowls. The task of Azmaya is to send crafts that correspond to those memories and experience.”
“Azmaya would like to develop the crafts as living culture. We would like young people to hand the crafts that do not compromise their technology and material. That is why we try to offer products in reasonable prices. It is not easy, though.”

Every plate or cup is produced with those thought. We can feel the beauty of Japanese culture and the origin of Japanese manufacturing through the Japanese tableware of Azmaya.

Eating soba with soba choko cups of Azmaya

Inban soba choko cups of Azmaya can be suitable gifts

If you are tableware collectors, please join these soba choko cups into your collection.
Very useful and stackable soba choko cups are suitable gifts as well.
Japan Design Store offers exclusive box for soba choko cups. If you are planning to send these soba choko cups as gifts, please purchase the box together. We will wrap the item with all our heart.
Elegant exclusive box of Azmaya fit our Japanese-style easy wrapping.

Soba choko cups of Azmaya and the exclusive box

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Within Japan Design Store original gift box

Some gift sets are within our original gift boxes.
Our original gift box has gentle ivory color like Japanese paper. A gold logo mark is on the box as an accent.

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  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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