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Beautiful Japanese dessert plates Flower tray from Nousaku

Shiny flower tray as Japanese dessert plates

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[Nousaku]Flower tray

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Flower trays bloom on the table

In this page, we would like to introduce beautiful Japanese dessert plates, “Flower tray.” Probably, these are most beautiful items among the products of Nousaku.

Nousaku offers many items of a Japanese traditional craft, Takaoka copperware. With inherited skill of Takaoka copperware, Nousaku produces modern tableware, sake sets, and interior goods.

Nousaku won many design awards. As a representative brand of Japanese traditional craft, Nousaku have exhibited their items in various trade fairs around the world.

Japan Design Store offers various items of Nousaku. Among them, these Japanese dessert plates are especially popular for women.
Flower tray of Nousaku has 5 Japanese flowers, Ume (Japanese plum), Sakura (Japanese cherry), Kikyo (Japanese bellflower), Cosmos and lotus.

Since all trays are made of 100% pure tin, you can bend the petals. So, you can use Flower tray as a Japanese dessert plate, coaster, or accessory tray.

Flower trays and chopstick rests of Nousaku

How do you use this beautiful Flower tray of Nousaku?

The Japanese dessert plates of Nousaku are about 10cm in diameter. It is same size of mamezara.
You can use the Flower tray on your dinner table, living room, or bedside.
When you have guests, these beautiful plates entertain them.

The most standard use of Flower tray is as Japanese dessert plates. Each flower has each beauty. Let’s select the best flower for each of your family members or friends. A teatime would be more stylish and gorgeous with the Flower tray.
Since Flower tray is very simple, colorful Japanese wagashi (sweets) fit the tray well.

In addition to the use as Japanese dessert plates, you can use Flower tray as coasters. Beautiful flowers make simple teacup look gorgeous. In summer, put glasses on the Flower tray. Silver color of plates gives cool atmosphere to the tea.

Flower tray Cosmos from Nousaku

Customers’ use of Japanese dessert plates of Nousaku

Here, we would like to introduce our customers’ voice.
They make the most use of Flower tray in their own way.

“It is beautiful. But how do I use them?”
If you wonder how to use the Flower tray, please check the following voice!

  • Work in various ways

    Flower tray of Nousaku is very useful. As an accessory tray, key tray, Japanese dessert plate, individual plate, and more! When you use the Flower tray, I recommend bending 3 petals. This produces solidity to the tin flower.

  • Japanese flower ×Japanese craftsmen’s skill

    It is a masterpiece that Japanese flowers’ motifs are expressed with the skill of traditional crafts. This flexible Flower tray can be used as Japanese dessert plates, accessory tray, or coasters. I would like to send it to my friend. Now I look forward to the use of the trays by my friend.

  • Fell in love at first sight in department store

    A few years ago, I fell in love with Flower tray of Nousaku at first sight in department store of Tokyo. However, Flower tray is not an indispensable item. Also, I had no idea about the use of it at that time. So, I have considered of the purchase for a long time.
    As a consequent, beautiful item made me happy. Just the presence of the Flower tray satisfies me. Then, how do I use it? Hmm, for anyways! I found that Flower tray can be a candle holder on the table.
    This is a flower that provides warmth and relaxation to my life.

  • Use trays the whole year

    I love unique tableware. I bought it for my own use. In summer, I put a glass on the Flower tray. It gives cool atmosphere. In winter, I put incense burner on the tray. When I have a guest, I just put it at the center of the dinner table. It works every day.

  • Sent it for the Mother’s Day

    I gave the Flower tray as a Mother’s Day present. I selected the set of Sakura and Ume trays. She was impressed with the 2 types of flowers. She said that she used it as Japanese dessert plates, individual plates, and coasters.

  • Nousaku items are the best souvenirs from Japan

    I often have business trips to overseas. As a souvenir from Japan, the items of Nousaku are the best! My clients look very happy with it. especially, it seems that the flowers of plum or cherry blossom are very “Japanese,” and rare. At first, people look at it with wonder. But once they know that it can be bended, they are surprised. Under the globalization, the Japanese dessert plates of Nousaku are great souvenirs. It tells the superb skill of Japanese traditional crafts.

  • Individual plates for wagashi

    When I looked for Japanese dessert plates for wagashi, I found the Flower tray of Nousaku. The tableware of Nousaku can be changed its form by bending. Therefore, I can change its form in adequate way for the Japanese wagashi of the day.

  • Got Flower tray from my friend

    I got the Flower tray as a present. I use it as Japanese dessert plates and individual plates. In addition, it is good for snacks when I drink.

Flower tray Lotus from Nousaku

Japan Design Store offers recommended sets for gifts

In addition to the purchase of each flower, we prepare set of some flowers. Many flowers give more gorgeous atmosphere.

A pair set of Sakura and Ume and the 5 plates set have been popular as gifts.
If you would like to send more gorgeous gift, we recommend the set with chopstick rests. The chopstick rests are the same motif as the Japanese dessert tray.

In addition, we can make a set by your original choice. Please ask us when you place order.

Elegant and rare tin tableware would be great gifts for sophisticated women. Also, as one customer says, it is great souvenirs from Japan.
We have a special page of great souvenirs item from Japan. Please also check it.

Tin is hard to be oxidized or rot. Therefore, your thought will be sent and last for the recipient.

Ume and Sakura of Flower tray and chopstick rests from Nousaku

Comment from buyer

Among various tin items of Nousaku, the Japanese dessert plates “Flower tray” are especially popular for women.
For own use and presents, the Flower tray has been popular item.
The secret of this popularity is this cute design! Japanese traditional flowers have both cute and modern atmosphere.

When you send gift, you may worry whether the item satisfy him/her. However, you do not have to worry about this on Flower tray of Nousaku. The Flower tray can be used as Japanese dessert plates, accessory tray, coaster, or seasonal decoration.

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
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* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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