St. Valentine's Day comes around the corner.

Have you already prepared the presents?

February 14th is a day to tell your heart to your precious person.

Your husband, wife, boy friend, girl friend, coworkers, boss....

Tell them your heart like...

"I love you!" "Thank you always!"

with a special gift.


Valentine's gift in Japan Design Store is, of course, stylish traditional crafts.

High-quality and simple items color and enrich people's life.

Our items are especially recommended for those who agree with the followings.



☆ Would like to send stylish present, not food!

☆ Looking for a great gift for those who don't like sweet chocolate

☆ Would like to send the only one item, not similar to other people's stuff

☆ No time to cook chocolate!


Let's make difference from every year, or other people with a special gift!


Here are our recommended items!

NAJIMI tumbler / Nousaku 

Calm gloss gives off  high-class atmosphere.

Tin tumbler of Nousaku is elegant tumbler.

It suits any kind of drink, not only alcohol.

Tin tableware makes the taste of sake and water mellow.


Waffle shawl / Navy / kobooriza

A shawl make an accent around your neck.

Waffle shawl of kobooriza is woven by a 100-years-old shuttle.

It waves cloth very carefully.

From spring to summer, the soft shawl works a lot!


[Set] ELITE MODERN / Pair mug set / NIKKO

This elegant mugs are ELITE MODERN series from NIKKO.

It is the purveyor to the First class of international airlines.

NIKKO is famous for its high-quality bone china.

Their Fine bone china has elegant and gentle white color. In addition, it is easy to care.

You can enjoy high-class atmosphere in your home!



These are our recommended items.

It is also good to send a pair items and enjoy using it together with your dearest person.

Japan Design Store offers more items for best gifts.

We have a special page for Valentine's Day. See here!



Have a wonderful Valentine' s Day!!