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Doraemon on the right side and chopstick rest of Anywhere door on the left side

Doraemon always with you and brings you happiness

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[Nousaku]Doraemon series

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Nousaku was born in 1916. Doraemon is to be born in 2112.
Doraemon goods of Nousaku was born to celebrate 100 anniversary of Nousaku.

Why Nousaku offers Doraemon goods?

Nousaku is famous for stylish and modern traditional crafts. Doraemon has been loved by all generations and all over the world.
There is a reason why Nousaku produced Doraemon goods.

You may know that Doraemon was born by a comic artist Fujiko F. Fujio.
In addition to Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio produced “Perman,” “Kiteretsu Daihyakka,” and “Obake no Q-taro”.
In fact, birthplace of Fujiko F. Fujio is the same city as Nousaku atelier. Nousaku was established in Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture.
In Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture, there is a Doraemon postbox in front of Takaoka station. Bronze statues of Doraemon characters welcome you. In fact, these bronze statues are made of Takaoka copper ware!
In addition, we can see Doraemon tram in Takaoka city. There are “Doraemon walk” and “Fujiko-F-Fujio hometown Art Gallery.” We can say that Takaoka city is a city of Doraemon and copperware.

This collaboration was born by two common points; the birthplace of Takaoka city and wide patronage from the world.

Doraemon Paperweight on the small plate of Time Cloth

Goods for adults! Nousaku official Doraemon goods

Brass or tin products of Nousaku have fascinated and make people moved for a long time. Doraemon, on the other hand, has been loved by people for a long time all over the world. Both are timeless.
Therefore, Nousaku official Doraemon goods will show you the infinite possibilities and pure shine always by your side.
This epoch-making Doraemon goods are for elegant adults. For your additional Doraemon collection, or gifts for people who chase the dream, Nousaku Doraemon goods will be the best!

Doraemon on the cup of Nousaku, and exclusive boxes behind it

3 items of Doraemon goods

Japan Design Store offers 3 kinds of Doraemon goods of Nousaku. These are “Doraemon paperweight,” “Small plate of Time Cloth (Time Furoshiki)” and “Chopstick rests of Secret gadgets (Himitsu Dogu).” All items express the cute Doraemon and dreaming stories.
Here, we will introduce the features of Doraemon goods and Doraemon gadgets.

  1. Doraemon Paperweight

    First, our dearest Doraemon! Doraemon smiles with his big mouth. Doraemon looks like that he is saying “it’s OK!” to us. Doraemon’s smile makes us relax. Palm-size Doraemon can be put anywhere in your home or office. The representative Doraemon goods of Doraemon series of Nousaku.

    Doraemon is 1.8 heads tall, but stable

    Doraemon has big head. Actually, he is just 1.8 heads tall.
    However, it is stable. Doraemon paperweight plays his important role as paperweight.
    How about putting memo with a balloon under the Doraemon paperweight? Doraemon will tell your comment instead of you. Also, Doraemon in the entrance hall will welcome you and your guests warmly. Create your own story with Doraemon goods!

    Doraemon Paperweight on the seller information card of Japan Design Store
  2. Small plate of Time Cloth

    Next, this is a small plate of Time Cloth. This small plate is made of real 100% tin. 100% tin is very soft. Therefore, you can bend it as your favorite form. Among 3 Doraemon goods, this small plate has the greatest feature of Nousaku products.

    What is Doraemon’s Secret gadget, Time Cloth?

    Time Cloth of Doraemon can handle the time of certain things. When you wrap up a thing with Time Cloth, the time of it will be fast-forward or fast-reverse during it wrapped.
    One side of Time Cloth is red. The other side is blue. When you wrap a thing with red outside Time Cloth, the time will be reversed, and wrap it with blue outside Time Cloth, the time will be forward.
    For example, wrap a toy with red outside Time Cloth, the toy will be new one! When it is done with blue outside, the toy will get older.
    The small plate of Time Cloth does not have red or blue color, or magical power. However, you can use this small plate for accessory tray or small confectionery.

    Doraemon and Japanese confectionery on the Small plate of Time Cloth
  3. Chopstick rests of Secret gadgets

    These are tiny chopstick rests of 5 secret gadgets. The 5 secret gadgets are “Bell of Doraemon,” “Take-copter,” “Anywhere door,” “Small light,” and “Ankipan.” All gadgets have been popular items among numerous Doraemon’s gadgets. You can make your own story with this Doraemon goods.

    5 chopstick rests of Doraemon’s secret gadgets

    Doraemon’s secret gadgets : Chopstick rest of Take-copter

    Take-copter is a flying item. At the beginning of Doraemon manga, it was called “Heri-Tombo.” When you put Take-copter on your head, you can fly sky freely. Take-copter may be the most frequently used item. Doraemon always uses Take-copter when he moves.
    We cannot fly with this chopstick rest. However, as chopstick rest, this Take-copter is most stable among 5.

    Doraemon paperweight and chopstick rest of Take-copter

    Doraemon’s secret gadgets : Chopstick rest of Bell of Doraemon

    Among 5 secret gadgets of Doraemon, you may be not familiar with it. The Bell of Doraemon can call cats. When the bell rang, the bell meow, and call cats near the bell.
    In fact, the Bell of Doraemon and other special function of Doraemon was broken when lightning struck the factory of robot. Doraemon was just about to produce at the factory when the lightning struck.
    Therefore, the Bell of Doraemon was broken from the beginning. However, according to the movie “Nobita and Animal Planet,” it became clear that the bell was exchanged to a small camera.
    By the way, “tin” and “bell” are both called “suzu” in Japanese. Tin bell means “suzu no suzu.” It is kind of a Japanese joke.

    Doraemon’s secret gadgets : Chopstick rest of Anywhere door

    Anywhere door of Doraemon can chain the place where people wants to go and where he/she is. Designate the destination by your voice and open the door. Then, beyond the door will be your destination.
    By the way, the Anywhere door can chain the places without detailed explanation. When you touch the doorknob of Anywhere door, the door can read the mind of you. Designate by voice is to improve accuracy. Without words, you can go anywhere you want with the Anything door.
    Anywhere door has great power among the secret gadgets of Doraemon. However, the Anywhere door is too big to bring. Without the four-dimensional pocket of Doraemon, we cannot use it.
    You can bring this chopstick rest of Anywhere door with your lunch box. We cannot go anywhere with this Anywhere door, but we can go everywhere by ourselves. Small Anything door encourage us.

    Chopsticks on the chopstick rests of Take-copter and Anywhere door

    Doraemon’s secret gadgets : Chopstick rest of Small light

    Small light can shrink objects and people by its ray. Its form is just like a flashlight. Small light can send out shrink rays and remove rays.
    For me, when I was a child, I would like to be shrunk and wear the cloths of my favorite dolls and live with them. Also, I would like to swim in the pool of fruits jelly.
    Now, I would like to use it when I move and tidy up my closet.

    When you use this chopstick rest, which dimension do you focus the light? Towards you or meal? If you still have child mind, you may put light towards you.

    Chopstick rest of Small light towards Doraemon paperweight

    Doraemon’s secret gadgets goods Chopstick rest of Ankipan

    When you would like to memorize, Ankipan helps you.
    Putting Ankipan on the page or paper you would like to memorize, then Ankipan prints the contents. Eat printed Ankipan, you can remember the contents of bread. Until you become enough, you can memorize as many breads as possible.

    If you put the chopstick rest of Ankipan, you may remember the important thing.

Doraemon goods as gifts for Doraemon lovers

Doraemon has been loved by all generations and all around the world.
Doraemon makes dreams come true with Doraemon’s gadgets. Doraemon gives dream and courage to us.

Therefore, Doraemon goods are suitable gifts for people who are chasing their dreams. How about attaching message? “Please make your dreams come true with Doraemon goods!”

Since Doraemon is loved by all generations, everyone will become happy when he or she finds the Doraemon goods.
At your home, office, or shop, Nousaku Doraemon goods make people smile.

Doraemon paperweight and introduction in the exclusive box

Comment from buyer

Most Japanese people have seen the anime or movie of Doraemon at least at once. Now, Doraemon is a worldwide famous character.
Have you ever wished that you have Doraemon gadgets? For me, countless times.
Doraemon is always friendly even if we get older.
I was looking forward to the arrival of Nousaku official Doraemon goods since I got the information.

When the Doraemon goods arrived, all our staff members said “kawaii!” Nousaku usually offer gray exclusive boxes. For Doraemon goods, however, the box is blue like Doraemon! We can enjoy the world of Doraemon before opening the box.
Even during the photo shooting, staff members looked and said “so cute.” Doraemon goods of Nousaku has great fascination with its tin solid presence and cute design.

Doraemon is eating dorayaki on the small plate of Time Cloth

Special comment from staff N, a Doraemon lover

It is hard to get high quality character goods by ourselves.
However, if I could, I would like to get one.
Character goods tend to be too childish or colorful. This Doraemon goods of Nousaku, however, is a masterpiece of traditional craft.
Doraemon paperweight has been finished in detail. So, I would like to put it on my desk as tin doll.
Cute Doraemon is small, but has great presence. Doraemon on my desk will be a motive to start conversation with other staff. Doraemon can be a communication tool.

Doraemon paperweight at the center


  • * Doraemon goods of Nousaku are licensed products. We only sell Doraemon goods within Japan. We appreciate your understanding.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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