Japanese sake sets, especially traditional crafts have been popular for souvenirs from Japan to overseas countries.

The love for alcohol of alcohol lovers is common in the world.

Delicious alcohol should be drunk with special sake sets.


Japan Design Store can ship abroad.

For you, your friend in other countries, host families when you study abroad...

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Here are Japanese beautiful sake sets that we are happy to send to the world!!

1.Tin sake sets

[Set] [Exclusive box] 1 Katakuchi L Silver + 2 Guinomi (Gold & Silver) / Nousaku

Cast tin sake sets are traditional crafts in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.

Katakuchi (sake pitcher) and Guinomi (sake cup) from Nousaku has elegant atmosphere.

Tin sake sets are especially popular for its special effect.

They can make any kinds of alcohol mellow, including Japanese sake, wine, beer, shochu, or whiskey.

Shine of gold and silver gives off gorgeous atmosphere.


2.Glass sake sets

[Set] Pair SLANT GLASS / Whiskey glass / Kimura glass

It is unique design rocks glass.

SLANT GLASS is a collaboration item with Kimura Glass and a designer Teruhiro Yanagihara.

As the name explains, the glass stands on the slant!

The solid bottom has elegant atmosphere.



3.Lacquer sake sets

[Set] [Exclusive box] Pair Lacquer sake cup / Silver & Black + Gold & Red / Toba Shitsugei

Lacquer is representative traditional craft of Japan.

Lacquer sake cup of Toba Shitsugei makes your sake time more elegant and happier.

You can enjoy the beautiful collaboration of glass, lacquer and gold leaf.



These sake sets are our pride. How do you like them?

In addition to these sake sets, we have a lot of items that would be good for souvenirs from Japan.

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