The ray of sun becomes brighter and warmer these days.


Well, do you know "Nousaku"?

Nousaku is a brand of tin or copper ware.

It is famous for tin tumbler or unique tin tableware "KAGO."

In fact, Nousaku has more and more items.

Among them, popular item as wedding gift is...

Tin Chopstick rests



Tin chopstick rests shine on dinner table every day.

It enriches the life of your important person.

If you send wedding gifts, we recommend a set with chopstick rests and 2 pairs of chopsticks or pair rice bowls.


Here is our recommended chopstick rests from Nousaku♪

1.Chopstick Rest set / Knot / Nousaku

This motif is Mizuhiki, Japanese paper ribbon to be used for celebration.

Each pattern is very cute.

With your idea, these can be broaches or hair accessory as well.


2.[Handkerchief wrapping] Chopstick Rest set /  Sakura / Nousaku

We cannot wait for the bloom of sakura (cherry blossom) these days.

How about sending a flower of sakura before its blooming?

Each petal is a chopstick rest. It can be a stylish interior goods as well.



3.Chopstick Rest set / Flowers / Nousaku

Various flowers shine on the table.

If you would like to send some flowers, we recommend this set.

Flowers set includes Ume (Japanese plum), Sakura (Japanese cherry), Kikyo, (Japanese bellflower), Cosmos, and Hasu (lotus).

For flower lovers, or Japanese lovers, this would be best!


Extra item:Cutlery Rest set/ Lucky motif / Nousaku

Bend the rest at the center, and lucky motifs stand up.

It is a unique and auspicious cutlery rest.

The set includes 5 patterns, Ume (Plum), Nanten (Nandina), Hyoutan (Gourd), Kikko (Tortoiseshell) and Seigaiha (Wave).

For knives, spoons, forks, or chopsticks, the cutlery rests work well.



These are some of chopstick rests from Nousaku.

All items are within beautiful paulownia box or exclusive box.

As a birthdya gift, or wedding gift, beautiful chopstick rests of Nousaku are suitable.



If you are interested in chopstick rests, we introduced more items in this page!