It's November! It becomes much colder in the morning or evening.

I often wear sweater or muffler.


For this cold season, we would like to enjoy

Mulled wine! 

The Beaujolais Nouveau will release soon.


With mulled wine, how about enjoying cheese fondue?

I believe that these 2 are best marriage.


Let's stay warm in easy and stylish way.


☆For mulled wine, we recommend these tableware.


1.Mug / Tea Mate

For your own black tea or herbal tea, Tea Mate from Cement Produce Design is the best!

Tea Mate glasses are heat-resistant glasses, and they are microwave safe.

So, you can warm wine easily.


Tea time in winter, enjoy hot tea.

Dinner time, enjoy mulled wine with Tea Mate glasses.


2.Beer cup White birch pattern / Red

Although the name of the product is "Beer cup," tin tableware of Nousaku can make any kinds of drink delicious.

Ionization effect of tin can remove miscellaneous taste of wine, too.


This Beer cup white birch pattern has Yezo deer leather sleeve and coaster.

Since the sleeve keep you away from getting burnt, you can enjoy hot drink.


But, please note that the cup becomes very hot with hot drink.

When you enjoy mulled wine, please wait for a while before the wine becomes cooler in about 60 ℃.


The unique white birch pattern makes you relax more.


☆For cheese fondue, we recommend these tableware


1.[Set] Petite donabe Amber & Orange 

Petite donabe from Nagatani-en can be used over direct flame, in microwave oven, and oven.

You can cook  dishes within small pot, and serve it directly to the dinner table.

It is very useful and cute tableware.



【Easy cheese fondue with petite donabe!】

・Cheese flakes for pizza

・White wine (or milk)

(Cheese : White wine = 2 : 1 )

・Garlic (if you want)

1.Rub garlic on the bottom of petite donabe

2.Put cheese flakes and white wine (or milk).

Warm donabe in microwave at 500W for 30 seconds.

When heating is finished, mix the cheese and white wine (or milk) well.

3.Heat donabe again for about 20~30 seconds, and complete!

Please enjoy cheese fondue with sausages or boiled vegetables.


You can prepare cheese for individuals with petite donabe easily.

Also, you can prepare cheese with wine for adults, and cheese with milk for children.


2.[Set] Rectangle Deep M×2 +L×1

As the tableware for cut vegetables or sausages, White series of Noda Horo is useful.

Enamel baking dishes are coated with glassy glaze. Therefore, enamelware container hardly gets the color or smell transfer from food.

Enamelware can keep the taste of food.


Since all baking dishes are simple white, you can make sophisticated table setting.



Mulled wine × cheese fondue

You can make a warm and happy time with a little work.

Let's enjoy cold days!!