"Fall is a good season for cooking! So, I'd like to make a delicious dish easily!"

If you think so, we recommend this item!

It is... "Enamel baking dish" from Noda Horo!


This "White series" is enamelware.

You can use them over open flame, in oven or steamer.

When you make preliminary arrangements, they can be bowl or baking pan.

Also, you can serve the dishes directly to the table.

Furthermore, it can be a stylish lunch box.

When you have a home party, like a Christmas party, they work!


Useful gift sets would be suitable for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.


These are recommended gift sets of White series from Noda Horo

1.[Set of 3] Rectangle Deep / S×1, M×1, L×1 / Noda Horo

This is a set of 3 different sizes of "Rectangle Deep."

You can store butter, oven meal, or regular side dishes.

When you do not use them,you can pile 3 dishes one nesting inside the other.


2.[Set of 4] Standard set / Noda Horo

If you would like to broaden your cooking, we recommend this set!

Enamel baking pan is useful when you cook fried food.


In addition, this set includes official recipe book. (Japanese description only)


3.[Set of 2] Square / M×2 / Noda Horo

Miso, flour, sugar, salt, bread crumbs...

You can store necessary ingredients in these square enamelware.

Also, you can store handmade jam or coffee beans.


If you send "White series" as gifts, we recommend this item, too!

4.Pottle / 1.5L / Orange / Noda Horo

Pottle = Pot + Kettlle.

Pottle from Noda Horo is a cute kettle!

You can enjoy beautiful gloss of enamelware and bright colors.

How about making a set with this pot and White series?


These are just some examples of the White series and Pottle.

We have more items!

If you have friends who love cooking, how about these items as Christmas gifts?