Today is the last day of November. December begins soon.

When it gets colder, tea time with hot tea becomes more pleasant.

So, I would like to introduce 2 tea sets.

One is Japanese style, and another is Western style.

Each set includes kettle, teapot, and teacup.


This is Japanese winter! Japanese tea set

First, we need a kettle to boil water.

How about this copper kettle?

This is Copper kettle from Azmaya.

Beautiful pink gold color turns to amber as you use for a long time.

You can feel the time with this Japanese masterpiece.


When water is boiled, we need a teapot.

Iron teapot keep the warmth in the cold day.


This is Color tetsubin teapot from Roji Associates.

It is a Nanbu tekki, but has chic blue color.

I recommend this Moon / Blue.

Flat form and blue gray color has stylish mood.


When we finish making tea, let's pour it into yunomi (Japanese teacup)!


How about this glossy and smooth surface one?

This is a teacup from sou sou series of ceramic japan.

These teacups have rounded form and beautiful gloss.

Sou sou series has 2 types of teacup, blue white porcelain and yellowish white porcelain.


With the 3 items, a Japanese tea set is complete!


Black tea lover? Western tea set

If you like black tea, or drink tea in a living room, western tea set would be better!

For those people, we recommend this kettle.


This is Amukettle from Noda Horo.

This kettle is an enamelware. Enamelware is coated with glassy glazed iron of aluminum.

So, it is easy to care, and very light.

Retro design suits Nordic style room.

Blue Amukettle has fresh and chic presence in kitchen.



As a teapot, I recommend this!

This is dobin teapot of SUI series from 224 porcelain.

Modern form teapot suits black tea.

In a wide room of teapot, loose tea leaves jump and extract well.

Tea strainer is ceramic hemisphere at the mouth of spout inside the teapots.

Craftsmen produce the tea strainer one by one.


To drink perfect tea, how about this teacup?


For a cold day, these Knit wear cups warm us.

These are Trace Face teacup from CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN.

Craftsmen carved the mold for Trace Face series.

Mat and smooth texture attracts us.


Red and white pair cups has been popular as wedding gifts as well.


With this Western tea set, we can have a stylish and modern tea time.



In cold winter, please have a good tea time.

Which tea set do you prefer?