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Retro kettle Amukettle from Noda Horo

[Noda Horo]Amukettle

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Stable and retro kettle Amukettle

Vivid colors and solid stability.
Amukettle from Noda Horo has retro design and comfortable usability.
The designer of retro kettle hopes that,
“I would like customers to choose their favorite colors since kettle works in kitchen every day.”
All colors are so bright that we cannot decide which colors to choose.
For your own use and for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts, enamel tea kettle would be great.

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Retro design and functional. What is Amukettle from Noda Horo?

Amukettle is a stylish enamel tea kettle with glassy gloss of enamelware and stable form.
We would like to introduce this authentic kettle now.

Red and white Amukettle from Noda Horo

3 recommended points of Amukettle

  1. Cute design and colors

    Japan Design Store introduces 4 colors of Amukettle, “Red” “Blue” “Black” and “White.”
    Amukettle is popular for its vivid colors and retro form. Let us introduce some points for choosing colors later.

    Stylish but retro design is loved by everyone regardless of age or sex. This design does not insist itself too much. Simple retro kettle is like a kitchenware for camping or vintage kettle.

    When you receive Amukettle, you will feel relaxed and comfortable atmosphere from the enamel tea kettle as if you would have used it for many years.

  2. Great usability

    The feature of Amukettle is not only rich variety of color and retro form. Everyone uses kettle every day. Therefore, designer pursuit the usability as well.

    First, you can use Amukettle over gas top and induction cooktop (100V / 200V). A few enamel tea kettles can be used over induction cooktop. But for this Amukettle, you can use it at ease.

    Enamel tea kettle Amukettle can be used over induction cooktop

    Next, retro kettle Amukettle is useful size. Amukettle can contain 2.0L (about 67.6 us fl oz) at its full. Generally, kettles for house are 2.5L (about 84.5 us fl oz). If you already have a kettle, you may feel it is rather small. However, 2.0L is very useful size.

    Inside of Amukettle

    When we boil water, 2.0L is not so heavy. Kids can bring it. When you make tea for family of 4 members, 2.0L is enough. We can see that this retro kettle is designed to coexist with usability and cute form.

    The handle of the enamel tea kettle is solid and thick. We can hold it easily. In addition, the handle can be turned to one side so that the kettle can be stored easily in cupboard.

    Furthermore, there is a projected point on the backside of the lid. When we tilt retro kettle to pour hot water, the lid is hard to be come off. We tend to miss this point when we look for a stylish kettle. But if a lid come off when we pour extremely hot water, it is very dangerous. Please see this point when you choose a kettle.

    Backside of the lid of Amukettle
  3. Enamel tea kettle is hard to get transferred smell and easy to care

    As a material for kettle, enamelware is recommended at the point of smell transfer. Enamel tea kettle is hard to get transferred smell.
    You will see the difference when you make tea with enamel tea kettle. When you make a good smell tea, stainless or aluminum kettle easily get stain or smell of the tea.

    Compared to this, the retro kettle is coated by glassy glaze. So, you can avoid the transfer of smell by cleaning Amukettle after using it.

    If you have never used enamelware before, you may wonder that “it seems to be hard to care enamelware.” However, enamelware is not so difficult material to use.
    After boiling water, just dry the pot well. When you make tea with the enamel tea kettle, wash the kettle with soft sponge with detergent. Then, dry the retro kettle well. That’s all!
    If the water remains in the enamel kettle, it may cause rust. The point is dry the tea kettle well after using.

Which color of Amukettle do you choose?

When you decide to get Amukettle, the problem is what color to choose. If you send the retro kettle as wedding gifts or housewarming gifts, it is harder for you.

We see some customers choosing Amukettle. Those who have favorite color or theme color for kitchen, they decide one easily. For example, who said “red is an accent color for my kitchen” or who said “I like blue tools” choose red or blue Amukettle.

Blue retro kettle Amukettle from Noda Horo

Also, some customers choose the color of retro kettle to coordinate with their kitchenware.
“I have red pot of le creuset, so I choose red kettle.”
“For my black Staub pot, black kettle looks great.”
“I would like to make my kitchen in achromatic color, so I choose white kettle.”
Like this, some customers coordinate the retro kettle well with other kitchenware.

Some male customers decide their kettle by their first impression.

And customers who have irresolute character like me (a buyer of Japan Design Store) is hard to decide one. “Red or blue are cute, but cool white or black are attractive, too.” “I usually like red items, but stylish black is so beautiful as well.”

Usually I choose achromatic color items. However, red and blue retro kettle are so cute.

For you, I recommend choosing your always favorite color kettle for you and new attractive color kettle for your friend or family.
In my case, I choose white or black retro kettle for me and send red or blue kettle for my friends who like colorful items.

White and black Amukettle

Kettles are big among kitchenware. If you cannot decide between your always favorite color and new attractive color, always favorite color is better.
And see another kettle in your friend’s house. First impression and the scene in daily life would be different.

Few people get 2 kettles for themselves. So, we recommend always favorite color for you.
(However, there is a customer who choose white Amukettle for boiling water and black Amukettle for making tea!)

Retro enamel kettle would be great wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or birthday gifts

Everyone uses kettle every day. Therefore, stylish retro kettle Amukettle would be great wedding gifts as well. Amukettle can be cool home decor. Who pursuit the design or home decor will like this retro kettle.
In Japanese, kettle is “Yakan.” Yakan reminds us Yakan which means do not fire. So, kettles are popular housewarming gifts in Japan.

In addition, kettles have been popular gifts for men. A stylish man will like this simple and cool Amukettle. You can ask his favorite color, or the colors of his furniture and electrical appliances. A kettle can make kitchen more stylish. He will like and use it for a long time.

White Amukettle on wooden trivet

What is Noda Horo?

Noda Horo is an enamelware maker in Koto ward in Tokyo. It has more than 80 years’ history. The enamelware we introduce are made by skilled craftsmen in the factory in Tochigi prefecture.
Now, Noda Horo is famous for its kitchenware such as baking dishes or stockers. Originally, Noda Horo produces not only kitchenware, but also physical and chemical acid-resistant enamel.

Enamelware is a material that metal (iron or aluminum) is enameled with glassy glaze in high-temperature. The surface of the enamelware is glassy. Therefore, enamelware avoids the growth of various gems or chemical change. So, enamelware is used in hospitals or laboratories.

As a kitchenware, enamelware does not change the taste of food. Also, it is hygiene. Enamelware is hard to get transferred smell. So, it is suitable for store strongly smelly food or strong color food.
Glassy glaze is strong against acid or salt. Great item for storing pickles or jam.

The core material of enamelware is metal. So, enamelware has high thermal conductivity. It can keep temperature. Enamelware cannot be used in microwave oven. But you can use enamelware over open fire and in oven.
Strong impact may damage the glassy surface. But with caution against impact, you can use the enamelware for a long time.

Amukettle was designed by a product designer Fumie Shibata

A Japanese designer Fumie Shibata designed this retro kettle Amukettle. She is a famous product designer who worked as an in-house designer of TOSHIBA.

Ms. Shibata graduated from the department of Industrial, Interior and Craft design of Musashino Art University. After work at TOSHIBA, she established Design Studio S in 1994. Her design varies from electronic appliances, daily necessities, medical appliances, to total direction of a hotel.

Her famous works are “Body Fit Cushion” of MUJI, “Thermometer Ken-On-Kun” of OMRON, and “Next-Generation Vending Machines” of JR. She won numerous design awards such as Mainichi Design Awards, Good Design Award Gold, if Design Award in Germany, Design for Asia Award (Grand Award, Gold Award), Grand Award of JCD Design Award, and red dot design award in Germany. She is one of the lively working woman designers now.

How to use enamelware?

A staff of Noda Horo told us the well use of enamelware. He said, “objects have strong and weak points like every human has. The standard of choosing the objects differ from person to person. But if a person gets an object, we, as a maker, would like you to use it for a long time. Therefore, we would like to introduce well use of enamelware for our customers.”
If you have any concern or questions about using retro enamel kettle, please see the followings.

The characteristics of retro kettle Amukettle from Noda Horo

Enamelware have some places where glassy glaze is not fully covered. Those places are spout, backside of lid or edges.
Also, strong impact or dropping may cause the appearance of iron from the damage of glassy surface.
The places may cause rusting when you remain the water, acid, or salt on that places.
* In the Amukettle case, the mouth of spout is the weak place against rusting.

Iron rusting is harmless to human body. So, you can use the enamel tea kettle at ease by any chance the kettle gets rusted. However, to prevent rust, please dry well the retro kettle after using.

Spout of Amukettle

How to keep the enamel kettle away from rust?

If you use the enamelware well, you can use it for a long time. When a part of the enamelware get damage, it may cause rust. However, you can keep the enamelware away from rust with some tips.
In fact, I (am a buyer of Japan Design Store) have an experience that my 20-years-old enamel kettle of Noda Horo get rusted. Even we handle it with care, we often do “what we should not do” without notice.

So, let me introduce some ways we can prevent from rust as much as possible.
The point is “do not keep the water in the Amukettle for a long time and dry the retro kettle well after using.”
Here, we introduce some Not Good use.

  1. ×NG×Add water and warm the kettle again after boiling some water

    If you add water one after another, calcium or magnesium adhere and store up inside the enamelware. Usually, if you dry the enamel kettle well, it is no problem. However, if water touch again to stored up calcium or magnesium, and if the water includes some iron, it becomes iron hydroxide. Consequently, it may be covered with red rust.

  2. ×NG×Soak the enamel kettle into water for a long time

    When you boil water with the enamel kettle and some hot water remain, do not leave the water in the enamel kettle for a long time. If possible, please use the hot water all at once.
    Also, when you make tea with the Amukettle, do not leave tea bags in the retro kettle. Please move the tea into pitcher, or drink all at once.

    Let me repeat this important point. “Do not keep the water in the Amukettle for a long time and dry the enamel kettle well after using.” (That is also true for the enamel teapot Pottle.)
    It does not mean that once or twice NG use make rust. However, if you repeat them for years, the damage of the enamel kettle will be stored up.

By any chance the enamel kettle gets rusted…

Rust is an object generated when an object in water is oxidized. According to the reference by makers or medicals, “a little amount of rust generated in house are harmless to human body.” Nevertheless, the hot water with rust taste is not tasty. We would like to avoid it.

By any chance the enamel kettles get rusted, please try the following method. A staff of Noda Horo told us.
“If the enamelware gets rusted, please rub the rusted place with the rubber rust remover. After removing, spread cooking oil to prevent rust.”
* Please note that the rubber rust remover is effective to the iron place such as the edge of the enamelware. However, the glassy place may be damaged by rubbing. Please avoid using the rubber rust remover to the glassy glazed enamelware.

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Amukettle from Noda Horo is indispensable item for the world of Japanese kitchenware.

When I see the retro kettle at the first time in an interior shop, I thought it was made in the United States. It looked simple and retro. I was really surprised to know that the enamel tea kettle was designed by a famous product designer Fumie Shibata. For me, Noda Horo is a brand of white enamel baking dish.

Amukettle is a great kettle with usability and design. This retro kettle would be suitable for those who look for useful and stylish kettle. Therefore, I decide to introduce the enamel kettle in our store.

I already wrote above, but the vivid color and retro form is the reason of popularity of Amukettle. A kettle can make your kitchen stylish.
As for me, I chose white Amukettle. In fact, black kettle was so attracted for me, too. I am thinking of sending black kettle for my friend’s wedding gifts.

Vivid color kettles are so cute. However, creamy white Amukettle is very sweet, too. Especially for who likes White series of Noda Horo, I recommend white retro kettle.
We look forward to knowing what colors our customers choose.

For your long use at ease

Kraft boxes for kettles or teapots are just boxes to protect products during delivery. It is rare case, but some kraft boxes already have some dents or slightly broken places on surface when they arrive in our store. Those small dents or tears do not relate to the quality of products.

Also, when we ship from our store, we will strengthen those places with cushion forms to reduce impact during delivery. Please note that damages on kraft boxes are not covered by our exchange or return policy. We do appreciate your kind understanding.

Craft box damage example

Caring tips

  • * Amukettle is an enamelware. The surface of enamelware is glassy. Please avoid strong impact or dropping.
  • * Please do not use the enamel teapot on the stove. It may cause the dry boiling and damage of enamelware.
  • * Boiling the teapot dry is dangerous. Please avoid it. By any chance you boil the enamel teapot dry, do not cool the pot rapidly. Wait for it cool down naturally.
  • * After using Amukettle, clean it with water and dry well.
  • * Please avoid using metal scouring brush or cleanser. They will damage the surface of the enamelware.
  • * The volume of the teapot is full volume. To avoid boiling over, we recommend boiling 70% of the indicated volume.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.