Hello! It is already November.

A place in the sun is very comfortable!


Well, as it is coming up to the end of year, people become busy day by day.

However, we should not forget presents for important person.

(These days, I write a lot of posts about gifts. I know that I have a lot of gifts to send. That's why...)


Even if you have no time to buy an item, you can get the items in anywhere, and receive it at home through online shop.


"I haven't sent a wedding gift to my friend yet!"

"Her birthday comes around the corner!"

If you are in trouble, please leave it to Japan Design Store!



Today, we would like to introduce kettles for this cold season.

Of course, kettles work not only cold season, but whole year!

1.Pot? Kettle? "Pottle"

One Pottle from Noda Horo can color your kitchen.

It is light and cute! In addition, you can boil hot water over open flame.

When you make tea or coffee, you can boil hot water, and serve it directly to the dinner table.


Pottle has cute 4 colors; Blue, White, Orange, and Yellow.

Actually, My friend gave me Yellow Pottle as a wedding gift! It is very cute.

So, Pottle would be great wedding gifts.


2.Retro but modern Amukettle

Amekettle has the form of "the kettle."

However, it is not old-fashioned.

These kettle is best size for making tea, it can contain 2L.

Since it is made of enamelware, it hardly gets the smell of tea.


Amukettle has 4 colors, too.

In addition to Blue, White, and Red in picture, we have Black.

Amukettle would be suitable for housewarming gifts.



3.Japanese tradition Nanbu tetsubin

Last, we would like to introduce Nanbu tetsubin from Azmaya.

This has been long-selling item in our store.

The reason of its popularity is its modern design!

Nanbu tetsubin is a Japanese traditional craft. Nevertheless, Nanbu tetsubin of Azmaya has very simple and stylish design.


The most important feature is that cast iron kettle make water delicious!

It can make water mellow.

Moreover, Nanbu tetsubin can supply iron.

Therefore, it would be great gifts for pregnant women, or who suffered from anemia.



These are our kettles.

By the way, you cannot place hot kettles directly on the table.

So, we recommend stylish trivet, too.



This wooden pot mat is Nabeshiki house from Sunao Lab.

The set of Nabeshiki house and Pottle look like an interior goods in Nordic country!




If you look for the items for housewarming gifts, we have a special page!

Please look here!

Unique housewarming gifts from Japan!




Let's make your important person surprise with your great gifts!