Stylish Jubako Box for Picnic Bento Box

Inari sushi and salad in white Jubako box for picnic

Simple White Jubako box for Picnic and Bento Box

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Jubako box for picnic and bento box

Here, let us introduce white Jubako box for picnic, bento box, and home party. The outside of the box is glossy white and inside is black. It is very chic and modern Jubako box.

Spring dishes within Jubako boxes for picnic

In fact, a luxury hotel in Tokyo uses this Jubako box as afternoon tea set. From daily dinner to a special party, the Jubako box works very well.

4 recommended points of simple JDS Original Jubako box

  • Point. 1. Simple design for any types of cuisine
  • Point. 2. Useful cups for partition
  • Point. 3. Easy to use! Jubako box made of resin
  • Point. 4. With “Red and White Ume Mizuhiki” elastic band

Jubako box for picnic has useful inside lids

Since this Jubako box is for picnic or bento box, this Jubako includes 3 inside sealing lids to avoid dropping juice. (Please note that Jubako boxes are not well-closed containers. If you put juicy food, please do not tilt the Jubako box.)

A woman seals Jubako box with inside lid

When you use the Jubako box at home party or dinner, you can remove the inside lids.
In addition, when you eat bento outside, the lids can be individual plates. Sealing lids works very well.

S and L size Jubako box for picnic

We offer 2 sizes of Jubako boxes for picnic. Please choose your best one appropriate for your purpose or family members.

S and L sizes of Jubako boxes for picnic
Left:L 6 sun (About 18cm) / Right:S 5.5 sun (About 16.5cm)
  1. For Picnic White L 6 sun (About 18cm / About 7 inches)

    Jubako box for Picnic White L is 6 sun (about 18cm). It is good size for a bento box for 3~4 people.

    Jubako box for picnic L

    Partition cups

    Jubako box for Picnic L includes 13 clear cups, 9 equal parts cups and 4 equal parts cups.

    Jubako box for picnic L set with partition cups and inside lids
  2. For Picnic White S 5.5 sun (About 16.5cm / About 6.5 inches)

    Jubako box for Picnic White S is 5.5 sun (about 16.5cm). It is good size for bento box for 2~3 people.

    Jubako box for picnic S

    Partition cups

    Jubako box for Picnic S includes 8 clear cups of 4 equal parts.

    Jubako box for picnic S set with partition cups and inside lids

For your long use at ease

Jubako boxes of Japan Design Store are handmade by craftsmen one by one. Therefore, they may have small scratches, small air bubbles, small extraneous materials (chip of wood, etc.), color irregularities, or places where paint is coming off.

Each box is inspected in the atelier and our store, but it is hard to prepare the prefect box in terms of reasonable Jubako box.

Also, there is a mark of spray coating at the border of Jubako or backside of lid. This is unavoidable since all the boxes are hand painted by craftsmen.
In addition, black undercoating has strong color that can be seen through white color. In our Jubako, we can see some places that black undercoating can be seen from white coating.

An example of color irregularities of Jubako box

We introduce this Jubako box as a casual-use Jubako. Please choose our Jubako boxes with understanding of these features. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Wooden Jubako box for picnic

For picnic bento box, we also recommend wooden Jubako box. Jubako boxes from Matsuya Shikkiten are Jubako of Echizen lacquerware. Since wooden boxes are coated with urethane, you can put juicy dishes as well.

In fact, the Jubako box from Matsuya Shikkiten is used in a movie “Megane (Glasses)” directed by Naoko Ogigami. If you have such a photogenic Jubako box, your lunch time become happier.
In addition to use as picnic bento box, please use natural Jubako box for home parties. We also have Jubako box set with partition.

[About gift wrapping]
* This Jubako box does not have exclusive box. Therefore, we will wrap the Jubako with plastic bag (White or Brown).
If you choose gift wrapping for this product, please choose “Easy wrapping.” Please leave the select of colors to us.
Please note that we cannot offer USD$3 wrapping (wrapping paper / Noshi) for Jubako box.

Image of gift wrapping with plastic bag
Image of Plastic bags of Easy wrapping

Lineups of our Jubako box

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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