Hi, everyone!

Holiday ends, and daily life has started.

When we tidy up Christmas decorations, the room seems a little lonely.

Then, let's decorate a room with flowers!


During cold season, we spend most of time in house.

Flowers and green brighten up rooms!

A life in house become happier with flowers.


Where in the house do you arrange flowers?




1.Entrance hall

[Japan Design Store original / Jubako box]

Entrance hall is a place we leave home, and enter the home.

Flowers in entrance hall see us off, and welcome us gently.

In addition, guests are welcomed with fresh atmosphrere.



Kimura Glass / Bello

When we cook, we are busy in kitchen.

During cooking, green or flowers relax us.

Some vegetables can regrow in a water.

So, you can make a small garden in your kitchen.



3.Living room / Dinner table

1616 arita japanFlower vase

Living room and dinner table are the gathering place for family.

Flowers or green enliven the conversation.

Also, flowers make us feel the season.

Have a happy & relaxing time with your family.

4.Tokonoma (Japanese alcove)

syoryuSuzugami 18cm

Tokonoma is Japanese alcove. We can see tokonoma in tea ceremony room or guest room.

Flower in tokonoma makes refined atmosphere.

You can feel Japanese unique atmosphere with flowers in Tokonoma.



These are our recommended flower vases for each place in house.

If we have a stylish flower vase, we cannot help arranging flowers in it!

If you look for stylish flower vase, please see here!


Enjoy a life with flowers in your house!