Last week end, I went on Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) with my friend. ?

We went Tsuruma Park in Nagoya city.

It was already past its full-bloom, but we enjoyed viewing beautiful sakura.


As a lunch, we had potluck party.

So, I brought easy dishes for 4 people in 3-tiered Jubako box.

To wrap Jubako, I used dish cloth of WDH.

My friend gave praise to this cute cloth. It has unique color, and vivid fringe.


As Jubako, I used Japan Design Store original junako box (S size.)

* Now, the Ume-Mizuhiki elastic ribbon is out of stock. So, I used a different ribbon.

The original Ume-Mizuhiki will arrive by April 13th.


Today's dishes

Boiled eggs, tandoori chicken & potato, and Salad with broccoli and tuna.

All of them were very easy to cook.

But Jubako box made them look gorgeous! It is helpful!!


If you have potluck party with your friend, just put some leftovers in Jubako box.

That is enough! Jubako makes them look more delicious and gorgeous.

Jubako is very useful item.

Please enjoy a life with Jubako!