Jubako is 3-tiered boxes as a lunch box, or Osechi ryori.

Japan Design Store original Jubako can be used as both!

(In general, jubako for Osechi is more gorgeous than that for lunch box.)


In fact, jubako box can be used as a tray for flower arrangement!

Today, we would like to introduce gorgeous flower boxes with Jubako.


4.5 sun Gold Jubako box

For a gold Jubako box, I arrange white and light green flowers.

As  an accent, I add gold ribbons.

It's a fresh and modern coordinate.

Calm and fresh flower arrangement can be set on entrance or bedroom.


4.5  sun Red Jubako box

For garnet jubako, I arrange pink, purple, and white roses.

A cute but elegant arrangement is complete.

Set the arrangement on gold tray.

It looks more gorgeous and luxury.


6.5 sun Black Jubako box

For a large black jubako box, I arrange various colors of flowers.

It has happy and cheerful atmosphere.

Let's make a flower box like a special gift!

Just putting some flowers, artificial flowers, or preserved flowers into a jubako box.

You can make beautiful flower box like a special gift.

When you would like to enjoy flower arrangement in different way, we recommend Jubako!