Japanese Jubako Box for Osechi

Japanese Jubako box for Osechi from Japan Design Store

Gorgeous Osechi with Bright Jubako Box

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Make a simple and modern Jubako box for Osechi

Japan Design Store original Jubako box has been popular as Jubako for Osechi.
We make a special order to a studio of Echizen lacquerware where produces lacquerware for Japanese style inn or Japanese restaurants. Craftsmen make Jubako box one by one.

When we started to sell Jubako box for Osechi, we only introduced 1 size and 3 colors. But now, we make 2 sizes and 9 colors of Jubako boxes to meet the needs from our customers.

Various Jubako boxes from Japan Design Store

Why Japan Design Store produces Japan Design Store?

Jubako box, or 3 tier boxes are indispensable item for Japanese New Year’s Day (Oshogatsu.) However, it is difficult to find a simple and modern Jubako box in reasonable price.
In fact, our buyer looked for an ideal Jubako box for more than 10 years.
Finally, we decided to make our original Jubako box since we cannot find the one.

Simple design of Jubako box for Osechi

We pursue the simplicity for the Japan Design Store original Jubako box for Osechi. So, we cut traditional patterns or colors that can be seen on traditional Jubako box.
Our Jubako box has simple and stylish design, usability for daily life, and elegant atmosphere for a special day.

You can find the stylish and useful Jubako box only in Japan Design Store. If you cannot find an ideal Jubako box, please look at our Jubako box.

4 recommended points of simple JDS Original Jubako box

  • Point. 1. Simple design for any types of cuisine
  • Point. 2. Useful cups for partition
  • Point. 3. Easy to use! Jubako box made of resin
  • Point. 4. With “Red and White Ume Mizuhiki” elastic band

Which do you choose L or S?

We prepare 2 sizes of Jubako boxes for Osechi.

Comparison of 6.5 sun and 4.5 sun Jubako boxes for Osechi
Left: L 6.5 sun (About 19.5cm) / S 4.5 sun (About 13.5cm)
  1. For Osechi L 6.5 sun (About 19.5cm / About 7.7 inches)

    Jubako box for Osechi L is 6.5 sun (about 19.5cm). Usually, this size of Jubako is used for dishes for 3~4 people. When you use one box, it is good for bento box for 1 person.

    Osechi within Jubako box L

    Partition cups

    This Jubako box has 13 black cups, 9 equal parts cups and 4 equal parts cups.

    9 equal parts cups and 4 equal parts cups for 6.5 sun Jubako box
  2. For Osechi S 4.5 sun (About 13.5cm / About 5.3 inches)

    Jubako box for Osechi S is 4.5 sun (about 13.5cm). Usually, this size of Jubako is used for dishes for 1~2 people. When you use one box, it is good for small sushi or dishes for 1 person.

    Osechi within Jubako box S

    Partition cups

    This Jubako box has 8 black cups of 4 equal parts.

    2 tiers of Jubako box with 4 equal parts cups

9 colors of Jubako box for Osechi

We prepare 5 colors “Carmine, Greige, Jet Black, Gold, Silver.” From these colors, we make 3 types of 3 tier boxes with 3 different colors.
In addition, we have Ichimatsu, which is Japanese traditional pattern. (Ichimatsu is only for L size.)

  1. Carmine

    Carmine is one of the representative color of Japan. Red and white is the auspicious color combination from ancient era. Carmine has chic and modern atmosphere.
    Warm color Jubako box tempts our appetite.

    Jubako box Carmine from Japan Design Store
  2. Greige

    Greige, or Nibi-iro is light gray. It is different from white, beige or gray. Superb color brings elegant ambience.

    Jubako box Greige from Japan Design Store
  3. Jet Black

    Jubako box of Jet Black is black in both inside and outside of the box. Jet Black Jubako has beautiful gloss and modern atmosphere. Black color makes dishes stand out.

    Jubako box Jet Black from Japan Design Store
  4. Gold

    For Gold Jubako box, craftsmen add pearl-like paint in gold color. Therefore, it does not have too gorgeous mood. Gold Jubako makes Osechi look more beautiful and add elegance on the dinner table.

    Jubako box Gold from Japan Design Store
  5. Silver

    Silver Jubako box includes a little Beige in silver color. So, this silver box has cool tone as well as warm climate.

    Jubako box Silver from Japan Design Store

In addition to these 5 colors, our buyer makes 3 Jubako sets with 3 different colors. Each color is Japanese traditional, but with some colors, it provides French chic mood. Modern Jubako boxes make Osechi and table setting look more and more stylish.
Furthermore, we offer Ichimatsu pattern. Ichimatsu pattern is a kind of checks. With gold and Jet Black, we make a gorgeous Ichimatsu Jubako box.

2 Jubako sets with 3 different colors

For your long use at ease

Jubako boxes of Japan Design Store are handmade by craftsmen one by one. Therefore, they may have small scratches, small air bubbles, small extraneous materials (chip of wood, etc.), color irregularities, or places where paint is coming off.

Examples of small scratches or air bubbles on Jubako boxes

Also, there is a mark of spray coating at the border of Jubako or backside of lid. This is unavoidable since all the boxes are hand painted by craftsmen.
Each box is inspected in the atelier and our store, but it is hard to prepare the prefect box in terms of reasonable Jubako box.

We introduce this Jubako box as a casual-use Jubako. Please choose our Jubako boxes with understanding of these features. We appreciate your kind understanding.

3 tier Jubako box is very profitable set!

You may find a Jubako box (not a stacked boxes) in other shops.
However, our 3 tier Jubako boxes set is very profitable.

Osechi in Ichimatsu Jubako box

Our Jubako box set for Osechi L includes 13 partition cups of 9 equal parts cups and 4 equal parts cups. In addition, Ume Mizuhiki band is set as a service. (Jubako boxes for Osechi do not have lid inside.)
* Jubako of Ichimatsu set has 7 black cups, 5 cups of 9 equal parts and 2 cups of 4 equal parts due to the size limitation.

Jubako tied with Ume Mizuhiki elastic band
Image of Ume Mizuhiki band

If you have interest in Jubako box, we recommend 3 tier Jubako boxes set.
Also, you can purchase additional partition cups if you want.

Various types of Jubako boxes from Japan Design Store
[About gift wrapping]
* This Jubako box does not have exclusive box. Therefore, we will wrap the Jubako with plastic bag (White or Brown).
If you choose gift wrapping for this product, please choose “Easy wrapping.” Please leave the select of colors to us.
Please note that we cannot offer USD$3 wrapping (wrapping paper / Noshi) for Jubako box.

Image of gift wrapping with plastic bag
Image of Plastic bags of Easy wrapping

More items for Oshogatsu? Here they are!

For Japanese people Oshogatsu, or New Year’s Day is very important. In addition to Jubako box, we have some more item to color and celebrate Oshogatsu. How about celebrating New Year’s Day like us?

  1. [JDS Original] Glass Kagami Mochi “Puku Puku Kagami Mochi”

    * Glass Kagami Mochi “Puku Puku Kagami Mochi” is sold out! Thank you. *

    Japanese people decorate Kagami Mochi during New Year’s holiday. Kagami Mochi is a set of 2 rounded rice cakes. We believe that Toshigami (God of year) dwells in Kagami Mochi.
    This Kagami Mochi “Puku Puku Kagami Mochi” is made of glass. Every year, you can decorate Kagami Mochi easily.

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  2. [JDS Original] Japanese Mizuhiki wreath

    * Japan Design Store original modern Japanese Mizuhiki wreath is sold out! Thank you. *

    Japanese people put Japanese wreath (Shimenawa, or Shimekazari) on entrance. Shimekazari shows that the home is a sacred place for Toshigami.
    Our owner and a designer Yu Hayase designed this Japanese Mizuhiki wreath. We wish you a wonderful year through this Japanese wreath.

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Home decor for Oshogatsu

To welcome new year, Japanese people clean house and prepare a lot of things. Let’s decorate home decor for Oshogatsu. In addition to Kagami Mochi and Japanese wreath, we introduce various traditional crafts for Oshogatsu.

Lineups of our Jubako box

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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