It is getting colder and colder.

Let's stay warm with hot soup or cream stew!


Then, favorite soup bowl helps us enjoying this cold season.

Let's cook a soup with various vegetables!

We can take a lot of nutrition with a cup of soup!

Today, I would like to introduce our stylish soup cup or soup bowl!



1.[A Set of 2 bowls and 2 china spoons] Meibokuwan / Beech wood / Medium bowls with China spoons (Exclusive box) / Sonobe

Meiboku-wan from Sonobe has natural warmth of wood.

Craftsmen shave this beautiful rounded form.

Please feel the smooth surface with your hands.



2.Bowl S / Bloom series / Wreath / Hakusan Toki

Bloom series of Hakusan Toki has cute blue flowers like Nordic tableware.

Bloom bowl can make soup or stewed food look more delicious.


3.Round Bowl / φ160 / White / TY Series / 1616 arita japan

When you eat a cup of soup filled with ingredients, we recommend this soup cup.

Round bowl from 1616 / arita japan is a simple deep bowl.

Sophisticated form and enough depth attract people for a long time.


4.[Set] Petite Donabe / Ame & Orange / Nagatani-en

Donabe is Japanese tradiitonal earthen pot.

Especially in winter, Japanese frequently people use donabe.

This is petite donabe from Nagatani-en.

To be pleasure, this donabe is safe in microwave, oven and over open flame!

Let's try various dishes with this cute pot!




These are our recommended soup cups and bowls.

In addition to soup, you can use soup cups and bowls for various kinds of dishes.

So, it would be great gifts for cooking lovers.


These are just a part of our items. We have more soup cups and bowls!

Please find your favorite soup cup and survive the cold winter.