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Blue and white bowls of Bloom series from Hakusan Toki

Cute blue and white bowls of Bloom series

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[Hakusan toki]Bloom Bowls

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What a useful bowl! Blue and white dishes of Bloom series

The blue and white dishes, Bloom series from Hakusan Toki has bright lapis lazuli flowers on the white porcelain.
In the Bloom series, Bowl series has various sizes of bowls from small dessert cup to large bowl.
Bloom series is famous for its plates or cup & saucer. In fact, Bowl series has the most repeaters in Bloom series.

The reason of repeaters is the “usability.”
We seldom find bowls which can fit various meals, from dessert to salad.
In this point, the blue and white bowls of Bloom series is superb!
“I would like to get Japanese, but not-too-Japanese tableware.”
“I love Scandinavian style tableware, but I need a bowl for Japanese stewed food.”
For both Japanese and Scandinavian style lovers, blue and white dishes of Bloom series will meet their demands.

What are the sizes and types of blue and white bowls of Bloom series?

Blue and white bowls of Bloom series has 5 sizes; Dessert bowl (Bowl SS), Bowl S, Bowl M, Bowl L, and Bowl LL.
Each size has each roll. So, of course, you can collect all!
For your convenience, please imagine the scene you use the bowls. Then, please choose the best size for you.

The size and use of each bowls of the blue and white dishes

We would like to introduce each size and use of our customers here.

  1. Bloom Dessert cup (Bowl SS): φ100×55mm

    As the name “Dessert cup” explains, this size is the best for fruits, yoghurt, or ice cream. Some customers use this blue and white bowl as teacup with the saucer of Plate SS.

    Dessert cup of Bloom series from Hakusan Toki

    Customers’ voice of the attractive points of Dessert cup

    • For dessert, and for tea

      I bought Dessert cups of Bloom series as many as my family members.
      It’s small and useful! I use it for baby food for my child.
      The blue and white bowls are safe with microwave oven and dishwasher. Now, the bowls are one of the most useful items in our house.
      I always use the blue and white dishes in many ways. I really like this cute Japanese tableware.

    • As a small rice bowl

      I bought this small blue and white bowl as a small rice bowl. Since I’m on a diet, it seems best size for me.
      Small bowl has enough presence on the table. I like it for the size and texture of the bowl.
      In addition to rice bowl, I can use it for yoghurt or nuts.

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  2. Bloom Bowl S:φ125×50mm

    Bowl S is best size for individual bowls when you have Nabe Ryouri. In addition, this blue and white dish is a good size for soup.

    Customers’ voice of the attractive points of Bloom Bowl S

    • I use them as the individual bowls when we eat Nabe

      I like tableware. I have collected various tableware since I started to live with my roommate.
      I did not have good tableware for individual bowls when we have Nabe. So, I decided to buy cute Bloom series.
      The blue and white bowl is the very good size for individual bowls. Now, I use it when I cook stewed food. All above, I love this cute pattern♪

    • Best partner in every morning

      I use this blue and white bowl as fruits yoghurt and cereal every morning. Not too big, nor too small. In some cases, I use the bowl as a small cooking bowl. Simple Hasami porcelain is very easy to use.

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  3. Bloom Bowl M:φ160×60mm

    Bowl M is the best size for stewed food for 2 people. For 1 person, you can use the blue and white bowl as Don and noodles. Since Bloom series fit Japanese and Western style, pasta or bouillabaisse look good with this bowl.

    Customers’ voice of the attractive points of Bloom Bowl M

    • The first one is this. Very useful size

      I have longed for the Bloom series of Hakusan Toki. I could not decide the types and sizes. Finally, I chose Bowl M.
      Blue and white bowls of Bloom series fit any types of cuisine. This size is good for Donburi or noodles for women.
      I liked the cute design. I use them almost every day. My dinner table turned to be gorgeous with the blue and white dishes.

    • I’m satisfied with my shopping

      I was looking for medium size bowl for stewed food. I found cute Japanese tableware, Bloom series. I researched the sizes, and chose Bowl M.
      It is very cute! The dishes look gorgeous.
      Usually, I use the blue and white bowls for Donburi, noodles, and stewed food. My family members eat a lot. But as individual bowl, it is enough size.

      I was wondering the volume of 5 bowls. However, they can be piled up neatly.
      I also like the smooth texture, light, and thinness of the blue and white dishes. It is easy to wash.

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  4. Bloom Bowl L:φ185×75mm

    Bowl L is the best size for stewed food for 3~4 people. How about putting a pile of croquette on a blue and white bowl? Also, it is good size for big salad.

    Customers’ voice of the attractive points of Bloom Bowl L

    • Bloom series is cute!

      I broke the big salad bowl I had used before. So, I chose Bloom series this time. I cooked salad with avocado straightway. It was beautiful! I liked the blue and white bowl very much.

    • For stewed food

      I was looking for a big bowl for stewed food. I already have the plates of Bloom series from Hakusan Toki. I like it since it can make the dishes look stand out.
      It took me a long time to decide one from Bloom series or Tuokio of Arabia. But for Japanese food, the one with the pattern outside seemed good. So, I chose the blue and white dish of Bloom series.

      It has enough depth and size. Also, the Bloom bowl fits well with Scandinavian style tableware.

    • It is wonderful!

      My family is a big family. I bought this big blue and white bowl for serving a lot of stewed food or croquette within one bowl.
      I had planned to buy the Bloom series. So, I decided to welcome the series as a big bowl!
      It is lighter and easier to have it than I expected. The blue flower patterns are very wonderful! I like it of its gorgeous outside with moderate inside.
      Other tableware in my house is white one. So, the blue and white bowl gives great presence at the center of the dinner table. I would like to use it carefully and daily.

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  5. Bloom Bowl LL:φ215×85mm

    Bowl LL is the biggest size in the Bowl series of Bloom series. It is best size for big salad or other dishes. Also, you can use it for noodles.

    Customers’ voice of the attractive points of Bloom Bowl LL

    • As the tableware for home party

      Since I made a new home, I have more time to invite people to my house. Therefore, I bought Bloom Bowl LL for home party with Bowl S. I like it of its cute blue flower patterns.
      It is quite big. But I don’t gain the impression from it that it is too big. I am looking forward to serving stewed food, salad, or any other dishes on the blue and white bowl!

    • I am a collector of Bloom series

      Finally, at long last, I got Bowl LL!! I like the Bloom series. I am collecting the blue and white dishes from the plate little by little. It often becomes sold out when I want it. So, finally, I got the item! As I expected before, it is quite big size. However, I don’t feel “too big.”
      In my house, the blue and white bowl work when we cook salad, or Chirashi sushi. I was corrected to buy 2 big bowls. Thank you very much!

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Japan Design Store offers great sets of Bloom plates

Some customers asked us to send the blue and white plates as gifts. Therefore, we make Japan Design Store original set of Bloom plates. The sets are in white kraft boxes. Please use this set as wedding gifts, or birthday gifts. We are happy to be serve of you.

Bowl L of Bloom series and white kraft box

Bloom series of Hakusan

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