As a celebrations of wedding, wedding anniversary, 2 pairs of chopsticks or a pair of rice bowls have been popular.

Both items are indispensable for Japanese people.

These sets are also good for the presents for parents or parents-in-law.



In Japan, 2 pairs of chopsticks are popular gift for couples.

In addition to the chopsticks set, our customers often send a pair of rice bowls.


↓This set get great popularity!

[Set] [Paulownia box] Fujiyama box / Ichi-Fuji Ni-Taka San-Nasubi set / Floyd

This set includes 2 pairs of chopsticks, a pair of rice bowls, a pair of small dishes and a pair of chopstick rests.

So, it is a perfect set for Japanese dinner!


Like this, how about sending a stylish gift set for your dearest people?

Let us introduce our recommended gift set of 2 pairs of chopsticks and a pair of rice bowl!

1. [Handkerchief wrapping] Butterfly 2 pairs / Chopsticks set / Green & Yellow / Floyd 


[Dish cloth wrapping] [Set of 2] Flower rice bowl / Hanakazari / Azmaya

At first sight you see this set, you cannot help saying “how cute!”

The chopstick set is Butterfly 2 pairs from Floyd.

The rice bowls are Flower rice bowl from Azmaya.

If a couple like cute stuff, we recommend this set.

2.[Set] [Paulownia box] Clear gold thread / 2 pairs of Chopsticks and Chopstick rests / Hakuichi


[Set][Exclusive box] Pair flat rice bowls / Navy & White / Hakusan Toki

This set has stylish atmosphere.

The chopstick set is chopsticks and chopstick rests pair from Hakuichi.

The rice bowls are flat rice bowls from Hakusan Toki.

The combination of Gold, White and Navy make a polished table setting.

3.[Paulownia box] 2 pairs of chopsticks / Hon Kanshitsu chopsticks / Kirara / Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten


 [Set][Exclusive box] Pair flat rice bowls / Folk Brown & Folk Navy / Hakusan Toki

This set has classical and modern atmosphere.

The chopsticks are Wajima lacquer chopsticks from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten.

The rice bowls are flat rice bowl from Hakusan Toki.

It is an elegant set so that all generations can use it.

Extra recommended item!

4.[Set of 4] [Exclusive box] 2 Meibokuwan and 2 china spoons / Beech wood / Large / Sonobe

Both bowls and china spoons have warmth of wood.

Meibokuwan from Sonobe has been popular item since it was released.

This set is great gift for couple, too.


Which set do you like?

Christmas and the next year come around the corner.

It is a good chance to meet people who cannot meet so often.

How about sending a special gifts?

Please imagine the people you like, and select gift items.