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Hakusan toki

Hakusan Toki

Hakusan Toki is in Hasami town of Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami town has 400 years’ history of porcelain production.
They do integrated production from design to ceramic production. With the good material and inherited skill, Hakusan Toki creates many long-sellers.
Japan Design Store introduces items of “DESIGN MORI CONNEXION” from Hakusan Toki. The items are designed by a designer Masahiro Mori.
The origin of ceramic production for Hakusan Toki and Mr. Mori is followings; “first of all, it is easy to use” and “it gets accustomed to daily life.”
Hakusan Toki treasures that their items will be used for a long time by customers. Therefore, their production begins from the imagination of a scene when people use the item.
Not too gorgeous, nor common. New, but nostalgic somehow. Comfortable in use, and never boring. Such a design is the attractive point of Hakusan Toki and DESIGN MORI CONNEXION.

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