Hi, everyone!

Do you know "Hasami porcelain"?

You may have heard of Arita, Imari, or Kutani porcelain.

In fact,  many Japanese people do not know this porcelain.


The reason of this is its region and history.

The producing area of Hasami porcelain is the neighbor of Arita porcelain and Imari porcelain.

In Edo era to Meiji era, (about 200~400 years ago) ceramics were exported in the name of the port or station of dispatch. So, Hasami porcelain was exported as the name of "Arita porcelain" or "Imari porcelain."


However, Hasami porcelain has been got attention now!

Hasami porcelain festival held in Nagasaki attracted more than 320 thousand people during the 7-days period.

With the 400 years7 history and inherited skill, various ateliers start to offer stylish tableware for modern lifestyle.


The feature of Hasami Porcelain is its beautiful white porcelain and blue painting (Sometsuke) by Gosu glaze.




Today, I would like to introduce cute Mamezara (tiny plates) and Kozara (small plates) of Hasami porcelain .


1.Long-selling item! Mamezara and Kozara of Azmaya

These are Kozara from Azmaya.

Small plates work on dinner table every day!

On the beautiful white porcelain of Hasami ware, cute patterns are printed by Inban skill.



Mamezara has the shape of Japanese traditional and auspicious motifs.

Simple mamezara is Dobai-mamezara.

In addition, we have Inban-mamezara, that has blue print on the white porcelain like Kozara.

Mamezara is cute with small confectionery.


2.Like Nordic tableware! Bloom series

These are Bloom series from Hakusan Toki.

Bloom series has design like Nordic tableware.

On the beautiful white porcelain of Hasami, craftsmen draw cute flowers.


Bloom series have 2 patterns.

Bouquet series has a flower bouquet at the center of the plate.

Wreath series has a flower wreath at the edge of plate.


Blue ans white porcelain suits every kinds of dishes.

Furthermore, Bloom series has a lot of types of tableware; plates, bowls, and mugs.

Please enjoy fresh table setting.



3.Cute series! 11 Cats series

All plates have cute cats!

These are 11Cats plates from Azmaya.

11 Cats are the characters of Japanese popular picture book "11 Cats series."

You can enjoy 12 months with cute cats.


Cute cats are drawn with traditional skill of Hasami porcelain.



These are some of Hasami porcelain items in our store.

As you can see, Hasami porcelain varies from Japanese traditional patterns to cute characters' plates.


Let's open new door of Hasami porcelain with cute Mamezara and kozara.