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[azmaya]Mizusawa ubaguchi iron kettle

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We thank you for your interest in Mizusawa Ubaguchi tetsubin.
This item is on back order because of its renewal.
Now, the arrival date is unsettled. Therefore, we cannot receive advance order until the next arrival date.
We are sorry but we cannot prepare the one of the most popular items in our store. We appreciate your kind understanding.
Another atelier “Roji Associates” also offers Nanbu tetsubin. If you look for Nanbu tetsubin, please see the item, too.

Nanbu tetsubin makes water delicious

Nanbu tetsubin is a cast iron kettle made with the skill of Nanbu tekki (ironware). Iwate prefecture is proud of the Nanbu tekki as a representative of Japanese traditional crafts. In fact, Nanbu tekki has long history as 900 years.
The solid looking, jet-black color, and the calm cast surface. This cast iron kettle makes your room more stylish.
The masterpiece of Japanese culture is one of the admired miscellaneous goods.

In addition to the beauty, the cast iron kettle can make water delicious. Furthermore, iron kettle can supply iron.
The more you use the iron teapot, the more delicious the water will be. In other words, you can grow your own cast iron kettle by using it every day.
Here, let us introduce the “Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin” from Azmaya (the name of brand). This cast iron kettle is famous for its modern and polished design.
Please find the fascination and the secrets of Nanbu tetsubin.

beautiful texture of Nanbu cast iron kettle

“Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin” from Azmaya

You may not familiar with this word. In fact, this word describes the feature of this product. Let us explain this word by separating this word into three.
The first part “Mizusawa” is the name of city where this cast iron kettle made. Mizusawa is one of the biggest producing area of Nanbu tekki.
The second part “Ubaguchi” demonstrates the form of lid and the body of the teapot. In the tea ceremony, there are some goods of which the periphery of lid is rise. They call this type of goods “Ubaguchi-gama.” This cast iron kettle has also this type of lid. Therefore, it has the name of Ubaguchi.
The last part “tetsubin” means the cast iron kettle in Japanese.
The cast iron kettle of Azmaya is the masterpiece with modern design and traditional culture.

Nanbu cast iron teapot Large and small

The 5 features of “Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin”

  1. Polished and modern design

    When Japanese people imagine the cast iron kettle of Nanbu tetsubin, most people imagine the iron pot with uneven pattern on the cast surface. Formerly, the craftsmen of Nanbu tekki competed the details of uneven pattern.
    Based on this historical background of Nanbu tekki, Azmaya produced the Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin for fitting contemporary life style. This simple design makes it possible to use in various situations.

    Azmaya offers two sizes of Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin, small and large. Both size have unique knob, Ubaguchi style lid, mat cast surface, and detailed finishing.

    The view from above
  2. Cast iron kettle supply iron

    Recently, many women suffer from the anemia. For those people, Nanbu cast iron supply iron to you. You cannot get this effect from the kettle made of aluminum or stainless.

    We found the scientific evidence for this effect. When the iron surface touch with the water, the iron ion (Fe2+) is generated. Human body can absorb this iron ion Fe2+ only, no other iron ion. Therefore, the iron ion is good for supplying iron to our body. Once you boil the water with the cast iron kettle, 1 to 2 mg iron ion will dissolve in the water. It is said that a human need to take in 12mg of iron per day. So, you can take in 10% to 20% iron out of required amount. References are below (Japanese only).
    Please note that the iron teapot coated with enamel inside do not supply iron. Choose the iron teapot with iron inside if you want to take in iron from the pot.
    (参考論文1:及川桂子,鉄欠乏性貧血ラットにおける鉄鍋溶出物の貧血改善効果,日本家政学会誌 47(11),1073-1078,1996)
    (参考論文2:今野暁子・及川桂子,調理中に鉄鍋から溶出する鉄量の変化,日本調理科学会誌 36(1),39-44,2003)

  3. Make water delicious, make the dish delicious, too

    Nanbu cast iron kettle can remove the chlorine in the tap water. Therefore, the taste of water becomes mellow.
    Comparing with the tap water boiled with usual pot, the difference is obvious.
    The chlorine is removed from the water. So the tea brewed by this iron kettle is smooth and mellow.
    If you pour the water to make soup, of course the soup will be tasty.
    Recently, the water pollution is a big issue in China. Many Chinese tourists come to Japan and buy this kettle to make the water delicious.

  4. Good cost performance

    Do you mind that this iron kettle is too expensive for a kettle? There are cheaper kettles on the market. However, please choose the Japanese product when you pursue the quality.
    In fact, daily use of this cast iron kettle is rather reasonable. At first, the iron teapot is hard to break. You can inherit this iron teapot for your child or grandchild.
    The price of large cast iron kettle is 18,000 yen. Suppose that you use this iron kettle for 10 years. It only cost 150 yen per month.

  5. Large size can be used at IH heater

    Azmaya offers two sizes of cast iron kettle, large and small.
    Large size iron teapot can be used on the IH cooker. So do not worry about the types of your cooker or the receiver’s cooker when you present this item.
    Unfortunately, we do not have English description of this item. Please note that.

    large cast iron kettle on the IH cooking

One more effort by craftsman, “Seasoning” with oil

Since its renewal in 2018, the surface of Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin of Azmaya is seasoned with oil. In this oil seasoning, craftsmen coat camellia oil and liquid of tea stain to the surface of kettle one after another and grill it. This seasoning provides solid gloss of cast iron and oxide film to make tetsubin strong against rust.

By oil seasoning, Nanbu cast iron kettle gets color irregularities. Craftsmen cannot avoid it thoroughly. Please enjoy unique taste of cast iron kettle.

Image of color irregularities of Nanbu tetsubin from Azmaya

How to care the iron kettle?

You may worry that the care of iron kettle is difficult. Never mind!
For iron pan or pot, you need to heat empty pot, or spread oil.
However, this cast iron kettle is much easier to care than other iron utensils. The important tip is “dry while the iron is hot.” When the pot finish boiling, please remove all the water outside the pot. Then remain open the lid and dry the iron kettle with residual heat. That’ s it! Isn’t it easy?

dry the iron teapot by removing lid

Tip for growing the iron kettle “Watch it without touch”

In addition to the dry, there is another important tip for growing the cast iron kettle.
It is “watch it without touch.”
Using the Nanbu tetsubin every day, the mineral of water will adhere as white into the teapot. This is called yuaka, or lime scale. The lime scale inside the teapot reduces the rust and makes the water mellow. The first one month, especially, is good timing for adhesion of lime scale.
At first, you can see red spots inside the kettle. This is not the rust. Please use the kettle without touch the spot. (If the water becomes red or smell of rust, it is rust.)

Unlike other utensils made of stainless or aluminum, there is some tips for long use. But we want you to enjoy the time of care the kettle. It is luxury time when you grow utensils by caring it for long time.
We wish that your morning will be luxury with this cast iron kettle.

Good gift for someone special

For those who spending time slowly, this Nanbu iron teapot is a necessary item for making delicious tea. However, most people already have another type of kettle. So the people hesitate to buy an expensive cast iron kettle even though they know the usefulness of the pot.
This Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin is the best gift for those people. The cast iron kettle is too expensive to buy, but pleasant gift if they get the one.
They can use the former kettles already have as the pot for keeping warm or heat again.


This Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin is requested by Azmaya to Oitomi.
Azmaya is a brand selling detailed tableware or miscellaneous goods. It is established in 1997.
Since its establishment, it states its concept as “products that customers can use and love for a long time, and crafts that do not compromise their technology and material.”
As you can see in this Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin, the items of Azmaya has modern design and the background of Japanese tradition.
You can feel the Japanese culture through using the cast iron kettle.

Oitomi, the manufacture of Nanbu tetsubin

Oitomi is an atelier which produces the Nanbu tetsubin of Azmaya. Oitomi is established in 1848. Since the establishment, it has produced the Nanbu tekki for about 170 years.
This Oitomi is the first atelier that exported the Nanbu tetsubin from Japan to the United States of America in 1954. Since then, Oitomi has been widely known as a representative of Nanbu tekki atelier.

Many other ateliers produce great cast iron teapots or kettles of Nanbu tekki in Iwate prefecture. However, Oitomi is characterized by the integrated manufacturing system. The craftsmen of Oitomi made design, mold, casting, polishing, and finishing. The integrated manufacturing system makes it possible to improve the item, and low cost. That is why Oitomi has won great popularity for 170 years.

Craftsmen of Oitomi

Nanbu tetsubin, lifelong utensil

Do you know that casting items such as Nanbu tekki can be used for decades?
Glasses and porcelain is easy to break. Synthetic resin and stainless may deteriorate.
However, the cast iron kettle is hard to break or come off while you are careful with the rust.
The Nanbu tetsubin is getting gloss as you use repeatedly. You can inherit this cast iron kettle for your child, or grandchild.
What if the cast iron kettle is broken or too much rust?
Never mind. Azmaya can repair the iron teapot if you pay the cost of shipping and repair. Unfortunately, the description and information is in Japanese. Please feel free to contact us when you need repair.

Grow your own cast iron teapot

This cast iron kettle increases its value as it is used repeatedly.
Please grow your own iron kettle for making delicious tea!

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How about stylish teapot with tetsubin kettle?

When you boil delicious water with Mizusawa-Ubaguchi tetsubin of azmaya, let’s make tea with stylish teapot. Japan Design Store offers various teapots or kyusu. Color tetsubin teapot of Roji is Nanbu tekki as well as Nanbu tetsubin. Cast iron teapot of Chushin Kobo has fine weight. Arita porcelain teapot from 1616/arita japan is a cute and big size pot. You can choose your favorite one from various teapots.

Caring tips

  • * Only L size tetsubin is induction cooktop SAFE.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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