It is a comfortable sunny day.


The last day, I went a good town.

In the town, there are shops of Northern European stuff or cloths.

Most remarkable item for me was small vases on tables.

In a antique clear glass, a herb or a small green was arranged.


On a table in cafe, or rest space of garden, I saw those small green.

They relaxed me so much.


Then, I got an idea. "I think I can try it with my tableware!"

So, today, I recommend a life with small green.




Basic arrangement "Small green"

First, I just imitate the glass I saw.

In a clear glass, I arrange some mint.

By the window.

On the kitchen table.

Ah, that's cute!

Thin glass makes beautiful contrast stand out; the contrast of transparency of water and green color.



Next, I try to make small green in Japanese style.

Put some celery in Soba choko cup.

Blue and white tableware gives fresh atmosphere.

We seldom use the top of celery.

So, it can be small green in a cup.


Applied arrangement "Small dried flower"

Next, I try to arrange small dried flowers.

First, put some dried flowers on a glass plate.


Small is cute!

Hand-blown glass has gentle atmosphere.


Applied arrangement② Small flowers

We would like to get a big bouquet for a special day.

However, in daily life, small flowers are enough.

This flower vase can contain 1 flower.


1 flower is best for this cute flower vase!

You can try this with flower in your garden.


I can hardly wait for the spring!


Now, can you understand the world of "small green"?

You can try it with your own tableware and a few green or flowers.

Let's try it!




Today's tableware

Clear glass: Bello from Kimura Glass

Soba choko cup: Soba choko from Azmaya (Left: Arare, Right: Rain)

Glass plate: kasumi from fresco (Glass plate Ivory S)

Flower vase: Still green from ceramic japan (Jam S size)


We have a special page of flower vase. Please see here!