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Way of preservation is important for good rice

Japanese people eat rice every day. Every bite of rice produces great taste. Rice makes our healthy body.
In fact, rice is very deep food. There are various kinds of rice, ways of washing, water, heat…. Once you start to pursue the rice, you cannot find the goal.

When we get good rice, we would like to eat delicious rice. But what should we start with?

To eat delicious rice, the first important thing is the way of preservation. Rice is perishable food just like vegetables. So, the way of preservation changes the taste of rice.
We recommend the home for rice; wooden rice container.

Fresh and smooth wooden rice container of Azmaya

We would like to introduce “a home for rice,” wooden rice container of Azmaya. This paulownia rice storage is planned by Azmaya, and produced by Matsuda Kiribako in Saitama prefecture.

The wooden rice container of Azmaya is called “Sashimono.” Sashimono is a box made of solid natural wooden board without nails or any other metal fittings.
Craftsmen of Sashimono produced this wooden rice container one by one. Therefore, the sliding door of the lid can be opened and closed tightly. You will be surprised to touch this precise sliding door.

The sliding door of wooden rice container has enough width so that you can take in and out the rice easily. The door can be closed tightly. So, the wooden rice container can shut the air.
Also, the upper lid can be removed easily. So, you can clean the inside of the box.

What is Azmaya?

Azmaya is a brand produces Japanese traditional crafts, tableware, and daily necessaries. It was established in 1997. The representative of Azmaya Mr. Kumada recognized the fascination of Japanese crafts and culture from his long life in the United States. And he established Azmaya.

They state their concept as “products that customers can use and love for a long time, and crafts that do not compromise with the skill and material” and “there is a utensil which can be used for 1000 years if it is used carefully.” Under these concepts, Azmaya develops and improves the products with craftsmanship in Japan.

As we can see in this wooden rice container, the products of Azmaya are characterized by their modern but nostalgic design with Japanese traditional culture or inherited skills.
The wooden rice container will make you realize the origin of Japanese manufacturing and aesthetic sense based on Japanese traditional culture.

Feel the long history of wooden rice container

The wooden rice container of Azmaya is very fresh and smooth. It has even solemn atmosphere.
The Kasukabe city of Saitama prefecture has more than 300 years’ history of paulownia-wood chest of drawers. The craftsmen who built Nikko Toshogu, a World Heritage of Japan started to produce paulownia-wood chest of drawers.

This wooden rice container is produced with inherited skill of craftsmen. You can feel the long history of paulownia-wood chest of drawers from this wooden rice container.

Why is wooden rice container appropriate for the preservation of rice?

The great feature of wooden rice container is simple and polished design. Just put wooden rice container at the corner of your kitchen. The detailed paulownia box has great presence.

In addition to the design, paulownia has great function.
The wooden rice container is made of solid natural paulownia wood. In Japan, people have used paulownia box as the preservation box for precious items. For example, Japanese people have stored precious kimono in paulownia-wood chest of drawers.

Paulownia wood includes many antiseptic and insect repelling ingredients such as tannin or sesamine. Also, the fiber of paulownia wood is porous, so the paulownia wood is light. The porosity makes the humidity control. Therefore, great features of paulownia keep the rice away from insects, mold, or humidity.

This wooden rice container has freshness of paulownia with great function.

Wooden rice container of Azmaya has 2 sizes; 5kg and 10kg

Azmaya offers 2 sizes of wooden rice container; 5kg (about 11lb.) and 10kg (about 22lb.). For couples or live alone, 5kg is best. If you would like to preserve the rice for family members, 10kg is better.

5 kg wooden rice container has 22.5 cm (about 8.8 inches) of height. So, you may be able to store the wooden rice stocker in the refrigerator.
If you eat some kinds of rice, you can use 2 wooden containers.

Wooden rice container as celebration of wedding

In Japan, rice has the meaning of rich harvest or prosperity of posterity. Sending rice or rice container has the wish that “the bride and groom can spend a fruitful life” or “the new couple will not suffer from starving.”
The wooden rice container of Azmaya is a suitable item for celebration of wedding. The wooden rice storage is filled with the skill of Japanese Sashimono and the aesthetic sense of Japan.

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