Winter is a good season of fish.

How about eating delicious fresh sashimi (sliced raw fish) with hot sake?

In winter, it is fun to have a drink party or home party in warm room.

To make more stylish party, we recommend these cool items!


Today, we would like to introduce great tableware to enjoy sashimi!



1.SUZURI / Slate cheese board / Square Plate / Studio GALA

This is black slate plate "SUZURI" from Studio GALA.

Chefs also use this plate. It is made of high-quality stone.

Just putting some sashimi, and you can make a cool plate like serve in a Japanese restaurant.



2.[Set of 5] [Exclusive box] Inban-Kozara / Azmaya

As a plate for soy sauce, we recommend Inban-kozara from Azmaya.

Blue beautiful patterns are on the white porcelain.

This set of 5, each plate has different pattern.

When you put these plates, your dinner table look more gorgeous.


3.[Handkerchief wrapping] Soy Sauce Cruet / Tokusa / Taisho Roman Glass / Hirota Glass

Soy sauce cruet of Hirota Glass has cute form like a soap bubble.

The opal pattern is produced by a special skill "Nyuuhaku-glass-aburidashi."

To eat sashimi, soy sauce is indispensable.

So, this soy sauce cruet works very much.


4.[Set] [Exclusive box] 1 Katakuchi S Silver + 2 KIKI-ⅡSilver / Nousaku

For sashimi dinner, delicious sake is essential!!

Sake set of Nousaku is made of pure 100% tin.

Shining casting surface reflects light, and make sake looks more beautiul.

Tin can make sake mellow. Please enjoy the great effect of tin.



Now, you can make a perfect sashimi dinner with these tableware!

I guess that you seldom have chances to eat sashimi.

But if you have a chance, please try it with these cool items!